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  1. I'm the same. I want to take the running to the next level but enjoy my beer too much. Going to look at diets to see what would be best to improve the running. Just canny give up the beer though!!!
  2. I've got a Garmin forerunner 235. It's been great going out without my phone but I'm not sure the gps is 100%. It seems to underestimate by 1-200 meter per 10k. Quite frustrating when your doing races. The garmin Fenix range look brilliant but not cheap.
  3. Language wise Finnish is pretty different too. I work with some Finnish guys who say a lot of people resent Swedish being one of the official Languages. Road signs are in both languages. Finnish is a mad language. One of the Uralic languages. This link is cracking for a breakdown of European languages. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_language_families#/media/File:Languages_of_Europe.svg
  4. My non-technical survey looks like Brookes, Saucony and Asics are the popular choices. I'll probably try a few different ones when I head up but Brooks GTS 16 for £74 look like the best value. I like giving my money to the likes of Achilles Heel too.
  5. I hit the 700km mark with my asics and fancy a new pair. Going to head up to Achilles Heel and get properly fitted. I fancy last season's Brookes GTS. Brookes still a popular choice out there?
  6. Aye its a bit milder now but last week was a bit dodgy in bits. When it starts to get to the -2, -3 range then it can be very dodgy.
  7. Was 4 seconds of pb and never made sub 45 at Bella 10k but was a great course. Some work by all involved.
  8. I'm heading up for the Bella 10k this morning. Looks a fast course. Hoping for a pb south of 45 but Friday nights session is still hanging about... will see. Not sure if the 12 start is good or not so. I think in my recovery state it's not bad.
  9. I've heard about the 'list' but not seen it yet.... any links?
  10. Brooks Adrenaline gts are the ones I've seen a fair bit.
  11. Brooks seem to be the shoe of choice. The Asics gel ones are very comfy but I'll give brooks a go for my next pair.
  12. That's my big problem. Gave up on music a while back but will try again. Biggest problem was making up a playlist. I've got Spotify but yet to find a playlist on that. Getting too old....
  13. Haha guy with the pram is very hard to pass at some bits. Luckily he beat me last week...
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