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  1. dreadful game in dreadful conditions...pitch didn't look great and may have contributed to lack of quality from both teams!
  2. score seemed to flatter the Rose but decent opening encounter
  3. just watched highlights of game against Stirling Uni....some game and plenty chances for both teams and looked as if could have gone either way?!
  4. Good result which keeps the momentum going...
  5. good to see some quality friendlies coming up against BSC & EKFC...be a far better guage of what level this new team is at?
  6. You forgot to mention the "souless cage" they call their stadium mate. That's rich coming from a nomadic outfit like East Stirling....Merchiston Park to Firs Park to Ochilview to Falkirk Stadium and starting off with a name like Britannia??...apparently an offshoot of a local cricket club!! Also, the first club ever to be relegated out of the national league system...so maybe have a wee look at your clubs checkered past before jumping on a new outfit that is still very much in its embryonic journey.
  7. Absolutely-the quality of their innovation will be their virtue and like most things in life this should be judged over time!
  8. well we'll need to agree to differ on this one...I'm all for innovation and they are already established within the pyramid structure after only a few years!! Met plenty of your type over the years who are stuck in the old ways and can only dish out negativity at others who at least are attempting something new....anyway hope they do well,only time will tell.
  9. Totally disagree with your very parochial and extremely harsh summary of what this club is trying to achieve...more power to Chris Ewing and the Braves for attempting something different and hope you prove all the doubters wrong! My advice to you is stick with the same old Shire...never try anything new and in a few years hopefully vanish and never to be seen again!!
  10. Good bunch of boys who have found their level...
  11. he was the right back tho once the formation changed and played their regularly for previous clubs according to his stats-anyway apparently moved back up to Lowland League.
  12. McGregor and Lachlan have also departed and I believe both have new clubs...
  13. He had no option but to bring in 4 new defenders as 4 had decided to move on?!..I believe it took the Mgt too long to work out an improved team set-up and by the time the New Year came it was almost inevitable where the team was heading. So many players wanting to move on isn't a good sign for any club and I wonder why this has happened?...also a very big job in hand with so many new recruits...here's hoping for a better season than last!
  14. hopefully the new squad can gel quickly and play more like a team as imo last years squad was more like a team of individuals who never appreciated the sum of its parts!
  15. Glens are losing the best part of last years team...some really good players moving on which must be a worry moving into this new fitba era?!
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