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  1. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    IMO Ek outplayed City for most of game and aside from some poor EK defending there was only one team that deserved to progress...City were very one dimensional playing lots of long punts which is typically league 2 footy.
  2. The Jelly Beans v The Bloo Brasil

    Agree definitely an opportunity lost for another home victory and the missing of so many chances in the 1st half was quite ridiculous..this squad todate has shown much promise apart from upfront where a solution is needed asap.Dont think aside from Peters who is out injured that there is a recognised goal scoring forward in the squad...unless sorted pronto a top 4 finish will be a real struggle. Good to see McLaren on the bench but unsure where he will play as believe his preferred position is centre back although think he can fill in at RB. Lachlan is versatile and has helped out in defence but hope he can offer something different in midfield as need some precision with final thro balls which todate has been missing.
  3. Thought my previous post referring to exchange of verbals was clear enough as to why Smart was withdrawn...keep up please!
  4. Rose tinted specs or what???..QP were by far the better team in first 45 mins and should have been at least a couple ahead. And as for the ref well I could go on and on about how poor he was and how he let Annan away with incessant fouling. As said In a previous post IMO Smarts best game so far and Annan just couldn’t cope with him...wasn’t impressed with Annan and QP gift wrapped the 3points with some really poor second half defending...definitely a lost opportunity for QP and the first time this season that the defence has been exposed. Come on the QP we can do better.
  5. Smart having his best game so far and causing Annan all sorts of problems...still not enough for McPherson and his continuous ranting at Smart resulted in an exchange of verbals and Smart being withdrawn. Thereafter we had no threat upfront and game was lost. That being said our defence in second half were poor especially thro the middle where we couldn’t cope with Annans speedy forwards.
  6. Yes wasn’t the level of performance we’ve seen recently and very few cohesive passages of play but none the less great to secure the 3 points. Shouldnt lose sight of the fact that Gus is still without a fully fit squad and is getting good early results and performances from a bunch of guys with very limited experience at this level. I do however feel for some of the team who are on the receiving end of his endless touch line antics...must be a steep learning curve at a time when they just want to build their own confidence. Doubt he will know his players well enough at this stage to appreciate the effect this constant bawling may have on their performances...after all what may motivate and improve one player could have quite the opposite effect on another. Should say I am by no means a quiet and retiring type myself but how much can a player take on board during an active 90 min game and especially if it’s all so one dimensionally critical.Think I only heard one positive shout during the whole game when Dean tried an unsuccessful forward pass. IMO think Lachlan’s performance was effected by Gus constantly dictating how he should play and without naming others there were a few who seemed to struggle with the constant negative barking. Hopefully in time everyone can learn and improve as after all I believe there is potential in this squad.
  7. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    CCs are another great example of a really well run community club and imo have a bright future. Think their recruitment this year is better than last and albeit I’ve only seen them once this year I was very impressed. Agree they could finish top 3-4 but just need to see if they can keep up their promising start.
  8. Pretty sure there’s goals in this squad and once the team settles down to playing teams of more equal standard we will see more chances being created. So far I’ve liked the look of those forwards that have been used and they all seem to bring something different to the game. We will just need to wait and see who is preferred up front and whoever it is will need good supply from both the middle of the park and the wide players.
  9. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Never an easy trip and a good 3 points on the board.
  10. McBookie Title odds

    Think Cumbernauld Colts who are very underrated may be a surprise package as only seem to have lost one quality player to the senior ranks but have quietly added a few very decent players with maybe one or two still in the pipeline.
  11. Cumbernauld Colts FC 2018-2019

    Great opening day victory for the Colts against an improved Gala team.
  12. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Great result but very worrying for Selkirk to lose by such a margin. How can a team who got to league cup final and finish 5th last year be so poor?..huge job in hand and only team last year to lose by such a margin got relegated..too good a club and hope they get sorted.
  13. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Opening games of the season can throw up some surprise results but can’t see EK losing this one..hoping for at least a 3 goal margin victory to put down an early marker.
  14. West Premiership predictions

    Pollok must come good at some point but need to start well. Hope one of the promoted teams can spring a surprise and for me that could be Cambuslang as they have some quality players that just need to gel and go on a winning streak...hard league to predict with a lot of strong squads.
  15. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Why not try Bradley Walsh,knocking on a bit now(pushing 60ish) and better known for his acting ability but sure he could still play the part of a wayward footballer desperate to play with like minded desperados..hope your season is the usual big disappointment!!