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  1. Haven't seen Pollok but saw Meadow last weekend and IMO they were very lucky to bag the 3 points...should be a decent battle tho to see who sits top?!
  2. Glens were never at the races in the middle of the pitch and IMO were always out numbered....Sean & Gavin needed an extra man to help and this seldom happened...we need to dominate this area and I believe a tweak to the formation is needed if Glens want to win the midfield battle.
  3. Raining goals will have helped boost confidence levels and with the return of some important players we should see an improvement come the weekend....hopefully as a team Glens can defend better and the midfield need to be tighter as a unit which will give added protection to the defence. Meadow are a decent outfit and are sitting pretty in the league but Glens are more than capable of a good result.
  4. Its all about opinions and we all see the game differently...hope things do improve over the coming weeks but still feel we need to improve how we manage the 90 mins when we have so many casualties! Agree we are now having some healthy debate!
  5. I totally get that there are a number of absentees and the squad is stretched so why isn't the team set-up in a way that makes it difficult for the opposition?...extra man in defence or midfield and forfeit an advanced player! We never threatened Clydebank all game and got a dubious penalty and yet we were overrun in midfield and wide-open at the back...surely a game-plan to frustrate the opposition with bodies behind the ball would be more sensible whilst there are so many injuries!....just how I see it and may be a way of trying to manage games whilst in this predicament?!
  6. Referee was very poor today for the Glens but regardless their defence was shocking?!
  7. Clydebank deserved their victory albeit don't think they will come across a softer defence all season?!
  8. Bizarre why EK are still bringing players in when season has already started?...is this panic measures already and surely players need time to adapt to new surroundings?...IMO EK making too many changes and how on earth can you expect consistency of performance and into the bargain keep all players motivated!
  9. Think that Sectional League cup at the start of a season has taken its toll.....far too many games within a short period of time and at a point when players have just returned and still not fully up to speed?!….afraid this was always a potential issue and maybe Glens should have managed their squad better?...why not include some promising 21"s instead of treating it so competitively?
  10. Really hope the Glens can learn how to see a game out...imo think the squad lacks real experience and their play seems one dimensional with no alternative tactics!
  11. Everyone knows that good teams are built around solid defences?!….think the Glens may suffer more humiliating defeats in this league unless they acquire some quality defenders or adapt their gung-ho offensive style!
  12. Took this game in with a mate who is a big Rob Roy fan...he was very impressed with the Glens especially in the second half. We left just after Glens late winner and heard that a Glens player got red carded at the end?
  13. That the extent of your contribution?...obviously limited verbal dexterity...lol
  14. 38 players diagnosed with cancer in Washington and of those 34 were goalkeepers...
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