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  1. Anybody else feel the same that this League 2 is rank rotten and that Edinburgh City and Peterheid are the best of a very average bunch...shame we had to change Managers as think Gus"s experience and his knowledge of the squad he assembled would have taken us further up the league. Nothing against Roberts but just think Gus could get more out of a squad...only time will tell but IMO we have gone off the boil both defensively which could in part be due to enforced changes and in mid-field where I still think we are searching for a better blend.For me McKernon is very average and flatters as he runs around chasing shadows and likes nothing better than punting upfield like they do in the Juniors and Roberts has potential but positionally is weak and tends to take too many touches..so both for me are technically deficient in an area where we have previously excelled.Maybe an additional player in CM at the expense of a wide man would help as being played through too easily. We need to start winning again soon or we will find ourselves spiralling further down towards the relegation pit!
  2. Edinburgh City v Peterhead

    Seen both teams this season and not overly impressed by either but rest of league is pretty awful so unless either implode they will never have a better opportunity of promotion.
  3. Lol..only adding to what an earlier poster had said about Lachlan leaving...if both these rumours are true then IMO something isn't quite right as both have featured this season and both done well. Smart and Lachlan can play various positions and that has to be an asset for any squad or maybe they are fed up with either lack of opportunity or being played out of their natural roles.Hope these rumours are just that as both have shown that they can easily play at this level.
  4. Heard Smart Osadolar has also left the club?...if true that him and Gavin have left that doesn't sound good as only in Dec and players already disenchanted.
  5. Cowden v QP

    Think Roberts has made it quite clear by his squad selections since taking over who he rates and who he doesn't...believe majority of squad is fit with exception of a couple of players so I would expect to see some players move on over the coming weeks and potentially a couple of new faces. Essentially this is Gus"s squad and Roberts will have his own thoughts albeit if he hasn't given some players an opportunity to play how can he make that judgement...Gus had a pretty good eye for a player so we could end up losing some decent guys.
  6. Cowden v QP

    Lets see how many stay around after Xmas as a pool of 26 plus is far too many and now trialists appearing means Mgr cant fancy a number of players who aren't even getting stripped...why has Smart vanished or is he injured?..Lachlan seems well out of favour and surely he can freshen up middle of park and provide experience?...Ali Miller is he not a LB?..Brendan Sharpe?..Daniel Nimmo an imposing CB may be a better option to Magee?..and whatever happened to the other Kindlan as don't think he has featured at all. A few of these could do with some game time especially when some players are struggling for form?!
  7. QP v Peterheid

    Sorry but think you will find that a reckless tackle is an offence that merits a caution even if no contact!..IMO he got that one right but overall he had a poor game and Peterhead got away with countless pushes and obstructions which he should have clamped down on early in the game.
  8. QP v Peterheid

    Dom had just been booked couple of minutes before and then lunged into a needless challenge inside the oppositions half...regardless whether there was contact or not it was completely avoidable and hopefully he learns quickly from that mistake!
  9. QP v Peterheid

    Take that result all day long but not getting carried away...Peterhead never turned up and QP scored 2 flukey goals.
  10. QP v Peterheid

    QP have the capability to beat anyone in this league but will need to be at it for the full 90 mins...shape and personnel may need to be tweaked for this game although doubt Mark will want to change things too much having had some early successes with his playing philospphy. IMO some of the performances latterly have blown hot and cold and he has got away with a couple of results..lets see what transpires and heres hoping we send them home with nought!
  11. Queen's Park v Annan Athletic

    Agree with improved second half and think the young lad East has struggled when starting games and has been far more effective coming off the bench...also feel the two central midfielders have too much to do and not enough help from the wide guys hence the huge gaps that Annan seemed to waltz through in the first half.
  12. Queen's Park v Annan Athletic

    No wonder the highlights were slow in being posted-very poor fayre is being polite for that performance.
  13. Actually think Kindlan & Lachlan deserve game time at some point as both have performed well this season and don't think the midfield has been great over last couple of games...if we cant dominate that area against the bottom sides then we may struggle against the better teams.
  14. Rovers v QP

    Think Manager called it right,we were clinical albeit Rovers were better than I expected or were we just a bit slack which made them look ok. Still another 3 points in the bag when you don't play great is very welcome.Thought our subs contributed and Smart maybe unlucky not to start after knocking in a hat-trick for the reserves and although East laid on the first goal he was poor for the rest of game..also, wondered if Lachlan may have been preferred over Fotheringham.
  15. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    IMO Ek outplayed City for most of game and aside from some poor EK defending there was only one team that deserved to progress...City were very one dimensional playing lots of long punts which is typically league 2 footy.