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  1. Is Alan Horne still with Bonnyrigg, I hadn’t seen his name on recent team sheets?
  2. Completely agree, Brett’s tackle was hard but fair and a good referee would have taken into account its early in a big game and by booking him you set the tone. Hard to defend them when they have the communication sets as well, it make the referee going over to his linesmen more dramatic and added to the anger from both teams. I hope the license is granted, Bonnyrigg will be a great addition to the Lowland League as a team and bringing a fan base as well.
  3. A brilliant game for the neutral, the scenario when it went 2-1 Broxburn and both teams needed a goal made for a brilliant last 20 minutes. The ref having a nightmare added to the excitement although the incompetence of the linesman added to his issues. I was at the other end of the pitch and couldn’t see if the Bonnyrigg keeper handled the ball outside the box, the way the players protested made me think they didn’t disagree it was outside the box but rather the red card was harsh.
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