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  1. What’s Calum Antell up to these days ? Actually scrap that idea.
  2. Collum came to speak to Bullen and said it’s in a nothing area and the ball was flying five yards out the park and he didn’t attempt to handball it to take any advantage although it was a strange thing to do from Gibson. I couldn’t see from my side but did we have a decent handball shout in the area near the end of the half ? Collum managed to miss a clear shirt pull then the player let go just as Junior went down.
  3. I wasn’t blaming him I was just curious as it didn’t even look that powerful a shot.
  4. Hard to blame East in any way but I would like to see If Rae was going to get to the ball from the shot. Heartbreaking way to go down but it has been coming and we didn’t deserve to stay up.
  5. Looked a bit more than that to me especially from one angle. Shaw knows exactly what he is doing a little nudge/ push is fine but that’s a two handed shove and he doesn’t get his head on it without it.
  6. Didn’t notice it in normal time but equaliser looks like should have been ruled out, shaw shoves Hamilton down before he heads it on goal. Looked a penalty at the end either but think Killie deserved the win over the 90 mins. Arbroath didn’t turn up second half at all.
  7. Maybe he has got lucky but I think Beaton has got that decision for the goal spot on, from the other angle looked a foul but from the Arbroath end he takes a step before throwing himself down.
  8. Killie fans howling for that pass back and still booing 30 seconds later
  9. Trying to claim Colin Steven is anything other than a complete buffoon is not going to stick I am afraid. The worst referee I have seen at Palmerston by a distance which isn’t easy considering the amount of incompetent officials we get at this level.
  10. The second one was a definite yellow, the one in the first half from behind the goal looked like Willie clearly got the ball but maybe had to come through the man to do so ? From our angle it looked a great challenge and probably was a few years ago.
  11. So this pitch hasn’t been altered but the old one was ? I’m assuming there was never such a gap between stand and touch line when it was a grass pitch ? So over the years Kilmarnock have shortened/ narrowed the dimensions of their pitch ?
  12. Has it aye ? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3724897/amp/Kilmarnock-shrink-pitch-size-tactical-reasons-manager-Lee-Clark-looks-arrest-poor-start-season.html
  13. First off I have absolutely zero idea what made Willie think playing Niyah Joseph in centre midfield was ever going to be a good idea. First thirty minutes we couldn’t string two passes together and the ball was just coming back as quick as we could clear it. Apart from Roys shot that was well saved we did nothing of note, Rae kept the score down although he didn’t really pull off any saves I wouldn’t have expected from him. Second half it was like a different team had appeared, instead of sitting in we got the game by the scruff of the neck and pressed a bit higher up the pitch. In turn that brought a few mistakes from the Killie defence and keeper with their passing. Will need to see the highlights to see how close Johnstons chance was at 1-1, looked a great opportunity but from high up behind the goals was difficult to tell how close he came, should have been working the keeper. People mentioning a foul on Todd just before the winner, I thought he had ran out of ideas and was praying someone was going to bring him down before just falling down, surprised he wasn’t booked for diving. Then again the referee missed possibly the clearest yellow card I have ever seen when Todd skipped past McGinn breaking in to space in the opposition half and McGinn just pulled his shirt. I don’t think Killie could have had any real complaints had we held on for a point, they were pretty dreadful in the second half and we had them on the ropes for a 15/20 minute spell where one or two chances fell to the wrong men.
  14. The defending is dreadful in the lead up but it’s an extremely tame header that he should be either catching or being able to divert away from danger.
  15. As much as I like Josh Rae and it’s harsh to criticise after how many times he has saved us lately, but what is he doing for that goal ? That’s a howler.
  16. He spent the whole first half last Saturday saying Greenock instead of Morton or Greenock Morton every time. He is a massive downgrade on Finlay Jack but fair play for stepping up when a volunteer was required.
  17. Summed the commentator up that he couldn't even get the qots cup winning 'keepers name correct. What cup would that be ?
  18. No wonder all that energy he has wasted sprinting to grab the ball every time it goes out for a throw in or our free kick. I wouldn’t say it’s been our worst performance of the season as there are plenty of candidates for that award but this is certainly a contender.
  19. Would much rather have seen McKechnie over Folarin, he looked quite handy against Arbroath and not been seen since.
  20. Can we take Roy off please ? Strange choice from Gibson to play with ten men, bold move considering the position we find ourselves in. 2-1 Dunfermline now
  21. Very surprised the bbc picked the final day game before things became slightly clearer. Maybe they had to announce all the games being broadcast at the same time.
  22. Fully understand it must be a nightmare trying to commentate on players he doesn’t know but telling Paton and Debayo/Junior apart is fairly easy.
  23. If that second half tonight is anything to go by it’s set to be a classic. Was hoping Gibson had motivated them enough to see the back of those extremely turgid displays.
  24. Thought that second half was as poor as we were under AJ, sat deep with a decent wind at our back and carried almost zero threat on the counter. Josh Rae our motm again, not sure why we switched away from the 4-4-2 that had worked so well.
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