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  1. By an absolute distance, I'm absolutely gutted he is gone. Hopefully the board can negotiate with Morton to do a swap deal for Dobbie.
  2. He left and came back so was likely here as an 18/19 year old.
  3. I didn't think your keeper was that bad but the defending was pretty poor at times. I was pleasantly surprised by how poor most of the Raith side were last night, Nisbet was more interested in trying to foul doyle all night rather than playing football.
  4. Agreed, I would pick a side stand over behind the goals any day of the week but the railway stand is too low even in the back couple of rows. Main stand at Montrose is one of the best vantage points in the lower leagues and better than some in the top league.
  5. It's miraculous he played so well as rumour has it he had an undershirt for every goal up to 50.
  6. Unlucky Montrose. Without Dobbie I think we would be down today but he is unreal. That banner is so true "This Love Will Last Forever".
  7. Unless Petrie is blind I think he might have an idea, if he watched any of our previous games this season he will have picked up on it. We cannot defend crosses no matter what the goalkeeper/defender combo is.
  8. Michael Doyle will play but he needs binned/rested til our fate is confirmed. It was hard to stand out at as much worse than the others last night but he, Aird, Todd and Dykes managed to quite easily. Four absolute passengers last night, if Aird plays Saturday just stick us down.
  9. You do know that's not how the advantage rule works yeah ? He could easily have come back and shown him a red. I can't even recall the tackle as I was viewing the last 15 minutes through my fingers. We are an absolute rabble, get doon!!!
  10. Dykes has had two very good chances and hit the target with none of them. Been marginally the better side but two league 1 teams on display.
  11. By exciting you surely mean absolutely shite ?
  12. Literally anybody that has ever seen a game of football, fresh ideas required.
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