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  1. Wouldn’t say he would even be on the bench, would currently be fourth choice striker but fifth when Robinson is fit. Makes sense to let him come back and reading a few comments online I think he will be back sooner rather than later.
  2. I am not suggesting for a minute that Clancy has cheated but how has he and the assistant on that side managed to miss that. I thought the only decision to make was if it was a penalty/free kick. Was a clear red as he was about a week late so an attempt to play the ball was surely out of the equation.
  3. A few times we looked hesitant, the first goal Willie is doing god knows what ? And then the second Liddle unchallenged manages to get stuck underneath and miss the goal keepers kick out. If he wins that header the goal doesn’t happen.
  4. I must admit from the very start the only word that entered my mind was the one above.
  5. Killie were value for a two goal victory over the piece but they hadn’t managed to get the second goal up to that point. Nditi has developed a bad habit of committing silly needless fouls and this is another one (I am not including last weeks refereeing shambles). Being honest we just aren’t very good and are lacking in quality in a few positions, but those two decisions the last two weeks are nothing more than complete incompetence from terrible referees. Has the standard become much worse in general or are we just unlucky getting these huddies?
  6. I’m 40 yards away and can see that’s outside the box surely a ref 10 yards away can’t be conned by the massive swan dive to get in to the box…oh wait he can.
  7. A good day with this being the highlight.
  8. Nah no foul given, ref maybe unsighted and linesman bottled it. Skyline has replied below and I know the exact tackle you mean now, looked like he got the ball from the away end. Don’t even really remember much noise from the home end complaining about it ? More groans about him staying down after the tackle I thought.
  9. I will wait to see this on the highlights as I can’t remember it at all. Was a free kick given ? Some of the shouts from near the queens fans were laughable. Cameron went for an acrobatic attempt late on and a pars fan screamed for him to be booked for diving . Good to see Pybus hasn’t lost the ability to run around a lot and do absolutely nothing.
  10. Please please please sack him before it’s too late.
  11. I’m not sure what’s been worse Niyah Joseph’s first 45 minutes or Coves keeper time wasting in the first half.
  12. Another visit back here so soon after the last one.
  13. If he had stood still and not done anything it likely wouldn’t have gone in, he punched it behind himself in to the net.
  14. Franz Beckenbauer has posters of Willie Gibson in his bedroom.
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