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  1. Tbf though Mckenna defended like that for the previous 90 odd minutes so hard to tell if he had chucked it or not. Currie was far from the worst performer yesterday regardless of the score. I’m not for a second blaming the guy for yesterday as it wasn’t his fault but his saves to shots on target ratio must be fairly poor. Ayr game aside where he just seemed to save/get in the way of everything he faced he just doesn’t look like he fills the goals to me. That first goal definitely caught him off guard but it’s not even close to the corner and he gets a decent hand to it. I actually missed the Annan and St Johnstone games but heard he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory. Big few weeks coming up that’s for sure.
  2. The boy that ripped him for arse paper couldn’t score though, the two in the middle have to do more. McKay escapes a little blame for me as if he commits himself to go and help Mckenna (who badly needed it) he leaves the boy alone at the back post. I think he maybe thought if I stay here I might be able to cut out the cross.
  3. I noticed the name and thought we had someone with a similar name on our bench first half of last season (never got on the pitch though). Yes we let him go in the summer and he was obviously fired up going by his twitter post.
  4. The other option I thought was - Muir at right back one of the McKays probably Dave but on the right hand side please as he was all over the place at times. East left centre back preferably but if sticks with the two McKays then would like East at left back. Gibson at left back. Yes it’s far from ideal but I think I would want Willie on the park, he looked lost in centre mid so has to be right or left back for me. He actually filled in quite well at left back last season when needed. We badly need a right winger and probably another central midfielder with some more grit. Wilson will help but will he be fit for majority of the season ? Cochrane isn’t good enough, too slow, absolute powderpuff and his passing yesterday at times was dog shit. The 90 minutes yesterday won’t define our season but unless we drop the main culprits for next week they will no doubt think they are bulletproof and turn in that nonsense on a consistent basis.
  5. Watch his tracking back/positioning for the Clyde second goal, almost as embarrassing as McKennas efforts to stop the header for number 4.
  6. Where to start with that absolute embarrassment ? Summed up by the fact that the Clyde left back looks one of the worst footballers I have seen for a long time but Danny Lennon (a proper manager) hooked him before he caused too much damage. Then at least 5 of our own players said you think he was bad “hold my beer”, funnily enough I wondered if a few of them were still hungover from last night. How McKenna, Connor Murray and Cochrane lasted the 90 minutes was beggars belief. We had Muir, Gibson and McMahon who couldn’t possibly have been any worse sitting twiddling their thumbs on the bench. It’s too early to panic about relegation but in a few weeks time it might not be. Left before the red card so can’t comment but sounds like it was a moment of madness which leaves us even shorter for next week. I was looking forward to league 1 this season as it was a fresh start and I maybe wrongly assumed we would be more competitive. I hope to god I’m overreacting and we will improve.
  7. Annan will be the unseeded mistake I assume.
  8. A draw and penalty win for Raith would see them qualify ahead of us.
  9. What was the queens penalty given for ? Couldn’t really see from our angle and assumed was blocked by a hand.
  10. I don’t think it’s Afolabi, I didn’t recognise this guy at all and looked a bit like the boy pictured a couple of pages back. The trialist tonight was played upfront and not midfield though so maybe not the same guy. 10 year deal for Lewis Gibson please .
  11. So majority of those chances were after the first 20/30 I mentioned, yes we were shit but my point was they definitely weren’t much better than us if anything.
  12. One was a free shot from 18 yards with nobody really putting him under pressure, we had the Duffy mix up where only luck got them out unscathed. Robertson also had a shot charged down from about 11/12 yards when in acres of space. I didn’t claim we were all over them but I thought we shaded the game very slightly and didn’t deserve to be 2-0 down on the balance of play.
  13. Said to my mates in the ground (home end) that there really wasn’t that much between the two teams. All around us waxing lyrical about the players and manager was a bit baffling as we probably shaded the chances and game in the first 20-30 minutes and found ourselves two down. Two poor teams is the reality of it but Ireland were clinical and by the end probably deserved the win.
  14. In the same boat, nothing on Hesgoal tonight.
  15. Good luck, he showed some flashes of a player being in there somewhere but wasn’t given enough of a chance and mostly when he did he was poor. League 2 maybe closer to his level, who knows we might resign him when we get there.
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