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  1. I would say that is a bit of a result for us.
  2. Absolutely dreadful, wouldn’t handle the step up. He should be happy just to play at this level, probably should sign a 4 year deal here.
  3. I seriously have no idea why I stuck the Hanley bet on 🤷🏼‍♂️.
  4. Was a bit of a sweat.
  5. This saved my day, was an absolute shocker otherwise.
  6. I think the ground may just be a bit on the good side for Native River, he does have form on it but his style is usually to make it a real stamina test for the horses in behind him. He will also likely have company for the lead in Frodon which could be detrimental to him early on battling for the lead. Champ has never lost over 2 mile 5f+ with good in the ground description, we know he has the stamina after last year. I have him 14/1 antepost and hopefully with a clear round he will be bang there. Pricewise has tipped up Captain Kangaroo in the county hurdle, 33/1 in to 14's overnight (still 22/1 on the exchanges), wouldn't be surprised if its single figures by the off. Has some nice form lines with bumper runner up Kilcruit this time last year. Was carrying 12 stone on last few outings now handicapping running off 10 stone 2lbs.
  7. Now we are cooking with gas...
  8. He seemed to be looking right at Dapo while shouting, how that’s only a yellow is beyond me. He could have seriously injured him grabbing him round his neck and throwing him to the ground.
  9. Andy Graham’s tackle is an absolute joke, he then jumps up and starts shouting at Dapo. 🤷🏼‍♂️ The handball after that is a joke, everything went against us today.
  10. He did turn a blind eye to a blatant dive though, makes it worse player diving was already booked.
  11. Starting to think the admins were a bit quick in banning Messi Scott. I’m sure he would have a very fair and balanced opinion on our current squad and form.
  12. Also Zander Clark between the sticks and Chris Kane leading the line.
  13. Good point with the players we were able to get on the park, Jones was absolutely electric with his pace and direct style. Thought Halkett was lucky to stay on the park, not saying the foul was a straight red but he has ran 10 yards to scream in the referees face. He was always being booked for giving a foul away in what was a dangerous position on the park and possibly the last line of defence. In saying that the referee let hearts players away with shouting and screaming at him with every free kick given away, going by Neilsons post game interview it’s easy to see where they get it from. Hearts will win the league and probably by double figure points, really does show how poor the standard in this league has become.
  14. Just the goals but they are on the spfl YouTube channel.
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