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  1. Broony88

    FM 2020

    Leigh Griffiths signs for Rangers before the start of the third season. Wonder how the bears would welcome that news. " yer clubs alive mate dinnae beat it"
  2. I Would be surprised if Mccrorie was allowed by his parent club to play two games in two days.
  3. Two years ago yes, now not at all. From what I've seen his game has improved another notch from last season.
  4. Broony88


    Bump. Anyone still watching this ? Having Mike back was brilliant but only one episode was disappointing, It needs wrapped up as it's just not anywhere near as good. Watchable but only just.
  5. Two years running I've been in this still and fucking forgot about it. I was nailed on the winner as well.
  6. They wouldn't have a clue what to do once they got there but they would be bloody quick in getting to the incident.
  7. He looks ahead of holt but I thought it looked like semple was maybe playing him on in the centre but hard to tell from those angles.
  8. Great highlights as always, Morton goal that was disallowed looks onside but not quite sure how the ref missed Sutton blatantly leading with an arm in to McCrories face. Sutton had absolutely zero chance of playing the ball and was a nasty one.
  9. But could potentially keep above mentioned clubs afloat for years to come, add in the media exposure to these teams and the experience for their players. Also would give the union bears and green brigade new grounds to wreck.
  10. Would prefer that in the Scottish cup.128 teams in the first round proper and just a free for all draw.
  11. The first was about the 4th he has palmed or punched straight to an opponent for a goal. No benefit of the doubt here. Would be more disappointed that we had two players following it in and no Morton defenders in sight.
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