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  1. Is there a supporters' bus going up and would there be any seats available on it at all?
  2. I couldn't attend but congratulations to everyone involved in the Hall of Fame/Centenary evening, especially Jim McCormick who is a legend in his own right, but has been too modest to acknowledge it. Hope he gets the message now!
  3. "Putting in a shift". Sorry. Loping round a park and being involved for about 20 minutes if you're lucky is not a shift. Tell that to the men and women working a 12 hour stint at a hospital and putting up with far too much shit - sometimes literally. Also far too many commentators cannot pronounce the word substitute because they've forgotten the second "s". Bad habits.
  4. What was the reason for moving away from Boghead? Was the land sold for building houses?
  5. I see East Fife have been drawn away to Bohemians in the Irn Bru Cup quarter final. That would have been a trip and a half!
  6. I wish they bloody well would - attendances have been falling and we've got the best striker this club/league have seen in years. So frustrating.
  7. Is this the guy who played for Swindon then got nicked by Kenny Dalglish (Blackburn) just before they went up into the top division? Whatever it was called at the time.
  8. Just to echo other people's comments, that the pitch at Partick looked stunning. I know it's early on in the season, but even so. Partick used to have awful problems with their pitch in the past-has anything different been done?
  9. Are the non Scottish teams going to be kept apart again in the Irn Bru Cup second round draw? They've all been given the low numbers which kind of points towards that.
  10. Yesterday's first half Queens versus yesterday's first half Ross County should be a goalfest! So, 0-0 then.
  11. But that's when goals were proper goals - when the ball went in them, they stayed in, so you knew a goal had actually been scored! Hampden's were massive!
  12. Fantastic result for City, on the back of what is turning out to be a good season. You would think that the council should now be looking at an alternative solution to City having to groundshare with The Spartans. Although, living in Northampton, I know how much council folk are removed from the real world. Keep it up City!
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