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  1. Does he really need to though? It's not as if our lack of goals is a secret is it? If he comes out and says all our forwards are shit, where does that get him? None of them respond to a rocket up them. He knows the forwards aren't good enough, we know it and the players know it.
  2. Absolutely spot on. There is no way Scotland could either financially or politically afford to solely invest in these projects. We COULD borrow money if we were an independent nation, but would the public accept the level of investment required in order to get a faily decent return, but over 25-30 years? I doubt it. What could/should be a sensible 'investment' by the government would be to both take a small minority stake in some of these projects at inception and sell down stakes once financial close is reached. The proceeds then become a self funding development fund. Of course, that's politically difficult too. As above, getting the tax revenues from these assets is by far and away the safest and most palatable return for the government. The perception is that offshore windfarms are a simple project that is only a few million pounds as per the first generation onshore windfarms, but these offshore windfarms are absolute beasts. Not even the large companies building them can afford them solely.
  3. Royalists will lap it up, then completely ignore any news that follows which pishes all over their royal family and British institutions. Like Trump in America, BoJo and his cronies absolute rip the piss out of the views of their most ardent supporters and bizarrely they can never see it.
  4. For its faults, the BBC gives us exactly what we need. The view that often enrages all of us and often conforms to our views. To that end it does its job. Take GB news as an example of what News should not be. Clearly politically aligned. No BBC and that is just a glimpse into our futures. The attacks on the BBC are a replication of Brexit. Whip folk up into a rage about something they had no concern with before. Ask yourselves the question, who gains in the BBC is fully or partially privatised? Is this governments issue with the whole BBC or just the news bit? What does need to be addresses though is the impartiality or more accurately the professionalism of some of the BBC journalists. Take a look at a lot of the senior journalists and who their spouses are or were. Why did the BBC not break the 20th May party story despite having multiple sources? There is too many cozy connections there, but that's no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  5. I see the logic in what you are saying in that even a moderate increase in wages might be enough of a temptation to move sidewards in the same way Tanser did. However, I think McCart is fairly ambitious and he would see that move as a stall in his career. TBH the last 6 months have seen a stall and regression, so it may well be that a move down south is less likely than would have been thought in the summer. His dad will have all sorts of contacts, so he will possibly have more options that another player either similar abilities to him. Might sound harsh and like a dig, so it's not really meant to be, but would a player of his age see Dundee as much of a draw? In his lifetime he will only know Dundee as a yoyo club with a chequered financial history.
  6. Oakeshott is a vile vile woman and that fact I was on total agreement with her lazy night on Boris etc equally surprises and disgusts me. Shows how universal the feeling is. On some human level I feel for the tories being wheeled out to defend the indefensible and then I remember they are all complicit in this clusterfuck. Apologists who now care more about whether the top tories may turn on them and how that will impact their standing in current government, than how they will be viewed in the future.
  7. There is going to a squid games like minibus rolls up outside parliament and when Bojo gets in, he sees Andrew Windsor and Novak Jokavic sitting there out cold. Its at that moment BoJo knows the day isn't going to end well.....
  8. I think if we paid £150k for deas and got that or more for McCart, I'd say it would be a good bit if business. If we do sign Deas, we could be in a very unusual position for Saints of being potentially close to being able to field a majority of starting 11 born in Perth. May, Gordon, Wothersoon, Deas all realistic and potentially Sinclair and Northcott in a year or two.
  9. Fair point and completely true. But, whoever takes over will undoubtedly be tainted by association with Bojo. The shine is well and truly off all of them and so wings are clipped. Arguably, a fractured conservative party is good for democracy when they have such a large majority. Factions will be more willing to oppose the government. Of course when BoJo is booted out, he will not stay in parliament, he's too self centred for that, so another by election which may reduce the majority even more.
  10. It's funny as either BoJo goes (which is good for all of UK) or he stays and DROSS and the entire Scottish Tories are cut off by Westminster tories. The status quo (as much as it is terrible for UK) is clearly a massive boost for the independence movement.
  11. Possibly on Rudden we are being a bit risky and maybe negotiating a PCA behind the scenes? That way, we kind of hold advantage over Partick over a fee. Although I'd rather we just went out and agreed a fee to get him now. Any ideas what we offered and what Partick want? Surely cannot be a massive gap... You'd think that we want as many in before Hearts as possible. Aside from getting fresh legs in, we will need to see once we have the new guys playing what other gaps do we still have.
  12. Exactly this. They will leave him in place to soak up all the abuse and then the new bod will come in and claim all is anew.
  13. The one thing that is overlooked in his rotten attempt at a defence is that IF it was a work meeting as he claims he originally thought, why did he bring his wife? Regardless of it being his back garden, what if they were discussing sensitive information that she would have no right to hear. Either it was (and it was) a party and he broke the rules or it was a work meeting and he broke the rules by having his wife there.
  14. I'm surprised Zahawi and Patel are such long odds TBH. Hard to look much past Sunak, Truss and Gove being those that the tories would go for. Hunt is too far a departure for the Johnson esque packed tory party ideology at the moment. Its not much of a list though. All have baggage. My outside punt is Patel as after Truss, she is the most Thatcher comparable and the love a bit of that mould.
  15. Total stonewall by all tories trotted out to try and defend BJ. Wait for investigation blah blah blah. However, by doing do and using the defence that these latest allegations will slow that down, indicates that the investigation hasn't already been told about this party. If that is the case, they/he are lying to the investigator which should be the final nail in the coffin. What is very telling is the total lack of support from any senior Tories including empty front bench in the HOC. That suggests that they no longer support him.
  16. Have thought similar too. He any everyone around him know his days are up, but no danger he is going right now. He cares too much about how people will view him into history. Like pre Christmas, they will think they just need to wait for the news cycle to move on and he is in the clear. That and hoping that because it was nearly 2 years ago people will not care. To some people, that will be the case, but unlike normal times, we can all pinpoint what we were doing around that time, it affected every single one of us and we can all look back to photos and messages from that time as a prompt. As you say, they will of course be battling behind the scenes for a new leader who will be seen to sweep away the wrong doers as soon as they come in and start to rewrite history. For a reference, look at the shift from May to Johnson and how revisionist people were and how the perception was created of an entirely new government.
  17. Cannot begrudge zander. He is hitting the peak age for a keeper and if he both wants to push on and set himself up for life financially, he needs to move now. I'd like to see what some if the young keepers like Sinclair could do, but will need to have an experienced keeper if we stay up. Parish may get the no.1 spot if we go down.
  18. Nothing will come of this. Not because it is in any way excusable, but because those who could do something about it are either implicated themselves or just don't care. If it was a piss up at downing Street on the same day that Prince Phillip got buried, then it would maybe cut through with those who could do something about it, but until then.....
  19. I think she has always been a bit bonkers, but has got worse as she gets older. There is part of me that thinks some of the politicians of her generation from NI kind of miss the days of the troubles as it gave them a cause to fight for or against. Sort of feels like some of them became a bit stunted in later life. No suggesting she would advocate to go back there, but I'm sure if they were honest, they probably in a way miss those days. Particularly when I'd imagine 90+% of non NI under 30's have no idea or care as to what side is what and what they stand/stood for...
  20. Am I right in saying that the current set up is the longest there has been since the start of the Premier league? We must be pushing 20 years of the split? I remember the starks Park game and feeling optimistic that we had a really good team built up. Did we not miss some really good chances in that game?
  21. What I hadn't appreciated was just how close so many teams were that season. I remember Killie were the team we could realistically catch, but a single win away from joint 6th and getting relegated is nuts! Still hold a grudge vs Killie and Mark Hateley to this day.
  22. It is a personal choice, but then the unvaccinated cannot complain when there is a rule in place that does restrict them. Not going to get into how transmissible covid is having the vaccine vs not, but in my view and I accept it is a sweeping generalisation, the folk who tend to refuse the vaccine without good medical reason tend to by complete and utter tubes anyway. Agree though that daily testing is the best solution in football.
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