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  1. Suspicions of match fixing/deliberately getting booked at Dundee. I for one am shocked, there is never any drama or criminality going on there! Dodged a bullet as we have been heavily linked with both players in recent years. It's all about levels isn't it, we have cup wins, consistently top flight, World Cup players, financial security etc etc etc.... and soap. They have mediocrity, criminality and a mid table championship clash to prepare for.
  2. While I agree he would be better suited to today's game, he was naturally hyped when he played. Evidenced by the fact he spent the majority of his career is Scotland aside from some middle of the road/lower English teams. Naturally there will be hype around young scottish players, especially those who play in Glasgow, but all to often the hype is just that. There is a well worn hype path: get a few games for Rantic, be hyped as the next best thing> touted for Scotland >given a couple of caps >binned by club for dud foreign player> punted to Fleetwood/Swindon/Birmingham> return to mid table Scottish team and then a stint on sportsound followed by a wee try at a lower league side then all repeat.
  3. The club really doesn't help itself sometimes. Either don't bother trying to play on the pitch and promote it or follow through on what you have said you'd do. To move both games is worse than not even attempting. Side note, but I do wonder how long the club continues with the women's team as is. We absolutely should have a women's team, and make a proper go of it. But, as it currently stands, the club is half arsing it. Getting better, but until this season, the women's kit was the mens from 3/4 years ago. It's Jeanfield women in all but name and colours, so for the betterment of the women's team, maybe they should return properly as part of Jeanfield? On the actual McD pitch, you could see before the WC break that it was starting to cut up. Looked dry if anything to me. I'm not sure it can be blamed on the pitch works in the summer. I suspect it is not well maintained and/or protected throughout the season.
  4. In a way, thet these guys cannot get in the side is a good thing. Is an indication of the guys ahead of them performing well enough. Like others, I expect Mahon will be amongst those who move away in January, either on loan or permanently. Given the relative success of known entities in our league, its fair to say any replacements will likely have played in the SPFL already or are currently in either the premiership or championship.
  5. I'm not sure there will be anything possible that a Saints player could realistically achieve in the near future that could top anything Spoony has already achieved at the club and this call up just further cements that. I'd expect he will at least get some game time over the 3 games, so will be the first to actually play at the world cup. To grow up a Saints fan, not only play for the club, but to then to have the club success he has had and now a world cup, let's all be honest, he is living all of our footballing dreams (obs dark blue instead of red at WC for most).
  6. I can only hope this is the last we need to see of crawford at McD and he is away early Jan. I'll be kind and say most of the players looked a bit knackered after so many games in a short space of time, but a few, Gordon being the main one, looked right out of sorts. Hallberg too was stinking. Draw probably a fairish result, but has to be said, the ref was shocking. Aye, there was the getting in the way a few times snd some poor decisions (a couple for Saints when clearly a Saints player twice put it out for what should have been Motherwell corners), but a couple of random VAR checks that probably went a bit unnoticed. Spent a fair chunk of the game in the breaks in player with his hand to his ear. Not for the first time we have seen him bring very poor in games involving Saints.
  7. There was an alternative angle that Utd produced that showed the challenge from the George fox side, which wasn't available in real time for VAR. Can't find it again, but saw it somewhere and it's less damming that the others. Still think even with that, when a VAR decision is made, it should not be over turned after the game. The whole mantra is 'clear and obvious' and you cannot argue either the Watt decision or even the James Brown one is a 'clear and obvious' mistake. I'd set a time limit on a decision being made. The red card in the Saints Killie game was a nonsense that it took so long. Even though it benefitted my team, if you cannot decide that it is a correct decision or not in 30 seconds, then it is not 'clear and obvious'.
  8. I thought the same. Either that or they have turned it up! I live in hope that if it has been, it is phase 1 of a general upgrade that includes a video screen.
  9. And of those games, this is by far and away the least appealing. If we can maybe go into half time at 0-0, the away fans will be howling, which makes for a tense 2nd half. Maybe get the Jackie McNamara suite ready for Gio come 3pm
  10. Could you not fire up a reasonably large temporary stand behind the goal? From memory, there is a fairly large space there thst you could put some sort of 1k sized structure there. For games vs St Johnstone, County, United and Livi 2.5k would do. Vs St Mirren, Killie and Motherwell, being local, it might be quite restricting, but workable. But, would you be able to alternate games with Hampden for the lesser Glagow teams, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs?
  11. I haven't seen it back, but at the time I didn't think Brown could ha e had much argument. Has to be said, the ref was absolutely terrible today. The big decisions aside, there was a lot of strange decisions in that game, for and against both sides. Said it before, but the recapture of form by May is excellent. He looks so much sharper, hungrier and confident than he has in a long time. Having a striking partner clearly helps, but I suspect there are other factors beit coaching/life in general that has him in a good place. Killie seem a decent side going forward and when they get the ball out wide, but kind of felt like the defensive and offensive players were playing a completely different game plan if that makes sense... from an outside in view maybe McInnes has a game plan and approach that he can't quite get the players to follow every week, although I suspect when it clicks, Killie are a very decent side.
  12. There may well be, a few have said as such, but doubt there would be the required c40 needed to move against the government so they lose the confidence vote in parliament required to trigger a GE.
  13. Give it to Boris. Will cause chaos, but f**k it. Let the whole project burn. All those that voted for this chaos are entitled to it and watch the whole thing drag the UK into the gutter while we go our own way. I'd rather Scotland left on good terms with a strong UK too, but if they knowingly going for Boris again, then hell mend them all.
  14. Blackford unusually missed and opportunity with her answer. He should have said that her confirming it means thst it won't be happening. His response was as if she hadn't committed to it, or unless his response was deliberately to ignore what she actually said. The biggest crime by Truss is thst she somehow makes Hunt look good!! Don't know about others, but as much as I enjoy the specter of Truss being ripped apart, I have an increasing feeling of fear and dread that this is the best we can possibly front up as a country and we are all suffering as a result. I'm not sure how much more the average person on the street can take anymore. They play politics, we play real life.
  15. While it means some saints fans will miss out, it is 100% right that Hibs prioritise home fans. Should be the priority for all clubs. That's twice in 2 years Hibs have done great ticket pricing in games involving saints. Hats off for the initiative. I'd like to think that, in part, the choice of fixture is due to the good offers saints have for visiting families ticket at McD as well as the obvious not cat A opposition.
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