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  1. Shaker should play in goals for Lossie. No team would score past him
  2. Will be interesting to see how they get on against Lossie and Strathspey. I think they can push for a 16th place finish
  3. Lossie could be fighting Fort for 2nd bottom place this season. Good start for us but having watched highland league football for over 30 years that was probably the worst Lossie team I have ever seen. On a brighter note, good to see Shaker has finally bought himself a fitba top that fits him
  4. Did well against Wick and Strathspey, do they hold the record for the least amount of points in a season?
  5. I’m sure the Broch support will turn up in good numbers, not sure about the Formartine support though. Rothes deserve to host a cup final like any other team. Forts turn next season.
  6. Did you win the league at PRP that season, was at the cup final between Keith and Peterhead at PRP, can’t remember who won and can’t remember if it was the same season. Was at the vale/fort game a couple of seasons back when they beat us 2-1 they looked like a decent side, was a really poor home crowd, social club next to ground was empty, thought to myself how do they get by.
  7. Was a harder league back then, did Peterhead win the league that season? Was some good battles between Vale and Peterhead back then for a while our games with you guys were more heated than games against Buckie.
  8. It’s all gone Pete tong.
  9. Not good to see, looking at the league table they don’t have many games to play catch up on. Couple of winnable games coming up for them in December. Keep the faith
  10. How long will it be before the new Buckie club shop closes down
  11. Good point for Rothes last night. Vale won with ease last night, no sign of Shaker in the social club again, must have been hiding through the back like last season.
  12. I'm pretty sure the owner follows Formartine these days along with his hanger ons, they were all decked out in Formartine hats and scarfs at the last Vale/Formartine game,they will maybe jump ships again now we are improving
  13. Castle Bar used to be good back in the day, a few of the Vale die hards including myself used to be in there every Saturday night, been well over 12 years since I last had a drink in there, had some cracking nights and sing songs with the '"Valley Crew'' after cup finals and other big games, the 90s and early noughties were the best laughs, when we won the league for the first time a new type of fan started to appear at PRP, most of them have vanished now and its the die hards that are left
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