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  1. Vietnam leading Saudi Arabia at half time in the same group.
  2. Holland v Brazil at France 98
  3. Should have read this thread a few hours ago
  4. Similar with the buildings in Vietnam. Every 4th floor in the modern apartment blocks are "KT" which is usually the gyms and swimming pools. Not sure about the bigger numbers. They always have floor 13 as 12A too.
  5. Better looking for young players that are already winning full caps. Haland is surely going to score hundreds of goals in his career.
  6. Who needs to worry about Corona when you can have the home crowd behind you.
  7. Great night and a great goal from Vietnam last night. A win on Tuesday would almost finish the group off with Indonesia in Hanoi being one of the last 3 fixtures next year.
  8. Rent free? The amount of hours of your life you've wasted on this forum is hilarious. Your probably also on the verge of a mental breakdown. Enjoy.
  9. My first thought when seeing the Man City score was that this thread will be unreadable for a few weeks
  10. Been trying to learn Vietnamese for a year. Just managing to get some decent conversations going now. Listening seems almost impossible.
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