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  1. Sorry, but I certainly am not buying into the “better options” for McGlynn than FFC.

    His time at Raith was done, and he was absolutely tainted there by the Goodwillie affair. That particular race was run, and I do not believe there was any gig open to him that eclipsed our offer. Raith were not interested in a fight to keep him.

    Other than his 8 month stint at Hearts which ended in him leaving in the February for the usual reason (poor results), Manager of FFC is arguably the biggest gig of his career. I do not think other better gigs were on the horizon, and no, I do not buy into staying at Raith as being one of them. The man is in his 60s. He is looking for the best deal he can get. He is not looking at career progression.

    If we are indeed paying Championship wages for players, then it stands to reason that we must be paying Championship money for the management team too.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Chubbychops said:

    Kept up for 3/4  of a season. Unlucky folks

    The bigger club comes through in the end.  Dunfermline is about twice the size of Falkirk. It was inevitable.

    Love how these gimps hate Fifers but I'm scratching my head as to what their region is....  Is Central a real region?

    That’s a Fife education for you.  Does that explain the neediness too?

  3. 3 hours ago, ShaggerG said:

    I don't think there's any chance that they'll cut McGlynn's budget by that figure if there's money available to sustain it, certainly won't be funding the academy to that extent at the expense of the 1st team. The only infrastructure that I could see them improving would be the pitch simply because it's nearing the end and (I believe) there's a substantial grant available if we install a new one soon.

    Nah, I think our floodlights are in need of modernisation too. Not gazillions of ££££, but it will still be a significant spend.

  4. 41 minutes ago, ShaggerG said:

    Any chance you could post a link to this? I can't find it in the FH anywhere.


    The term “running on empty” is certainly there within the article. Now, was it McGlynn’s words or the journo’s words?

    It’s hard to say as grammatically the use of quotation marks are very inconsistent, but the OP of the phrase certainly didn’t make it up. There is mention of hamstring and knee, but clearly there is also “running on empty” in relation to McGinn as well as “leggy” in relation to the team.

  5. For me, the “catch the Fifers” game is over, and it’s now all about nailing down 2nd place. Whatever happens beyond that is pretty much out of FFC’s control.

    Clearly, two consecutive league defeats cannot be allowed to turn into three. We need to get second place guaranteed asap (and hopefully we’ll before the semi final and the play offs).

    Anything less than a win here, and like it or not, that will start to look like a significant wobble, and that is something that needs to be avoided.

  6. 1 hour ago, 19QOS19 said:

    I'm sure there are other fans just as boring. But if you don't bother going into actual match threads and instead bizarrely discuss matches exclusively in your club's thread then you're probably not exposed to many other supporters...

    Sadly, no. “Other supporters” head to this thread with monotonous regularity. Why they can’t stick to the match thread or their own club’s thread used to mystify me, but the common element seems to be a form of neediness……..but generally, only when the other side win. Had we won yesterday, you would have stuck with the match thread, or your own club’s thread.

  7. This is the first season that we have actually managed to eclipse M&Ms covid season.

    That season ended at this point. This season, we have 2 points more, we have scored 2 goals more but we have conceded 12 goals more.

    Most other seasons, losing 6 games isn’t great, but you would expect to still be in the title race, but not this season. Back to back league defeats needs to be nipped in the bud pretty quickly.

  8. When you look at the permutations for the play offs, if Airdrie finish 3rd, I for one will be very nervous about those two fixtures.

    If they finish 4th, and it’s Cove, then I think they will beat Cove by a healthy margin.

    I just have a feeling that to get through the play offs, at some point, it will be Airdrie standing in our way.

  9. Yeah, I am also firmly in the “this will be tough” category.You just had to watch Liverpool demolish Man U 7-0 for a record breaking outrageously brilliant result where everyone connected to Liverpool were all floating along on cloud 9. They then go to relegation threatened Bournemouth and get beat.

    Our cloud 9 was Monday’s result against Ayr. Getting everyone’s feet firmly on the ground so that QotS is not our Bournemouth is absolutely crucial.

  10. 7 hours ago, Proudtobeabairn said:

    This has to be the lowest priority gripe I've read yet.

    Aye. A massive engineering project that would probably cost more than the stand cost to build. Probably a 10% cut in capacity (unless the back three rows were exclusively for people less than 0.5 metres tall.

    A totally bonkers flight of fancy.

  11. 7 hours ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

    If you go onto the Falkirk website and click on tickets, then go to the page for Falkirk v Dunfermline, it offers you tickets for the Kevin McAllister Stand, Match Sponsorship, Hospitality, VIP Boxes and Main Stand Seating. At no point does it say that these tickets are for home fans only. Even if it did say that, "abusing the ticket site" is just a baffling way to say that folk are buying tickets for the "wrong end".

    Anyway, ticket for the KM Stand successfully purchased - do I need to let the stewards know about the drum in advance, or will they usher me in through a side gate when I arrive?

    Nope, they’ll usher you out through a side gate about 5 minutes before kick off.

  12. At some point in the future (almost certainly before the next World Cup), there is going to be a major transition. FSS continuing to grow within that timescale will see all existing unsold shares become FSS property.

    FSS will be the single biggest shareholder, and can only grow that shareholding by either buying back existing shares (with no money to the club) or the club decide to go for another share issue (inevitably diluting everyone’s existing shareholding).

    Or, a transition. No more share issues…….FSS future revenues would go directly to the club with no tangible return. I would imagine that to be more of a club membership thing? Kind of “I have my ST, I have the occasional hospitality, and I am a member of FFC (a club can have members yes?), and a combination of commercial revenue, football league revenue, ST & PATG revenue and FSS/FF(?) revenues (effectively being a club member) would square the circle in terms of income.

    Where the FSS and Falkirk Forever differ, I don’t know, but once all available shares are acquired by FSS, then I would imagine FSS would have to transition/morph into something else. Would it ideologically still be a stand alone thing, or would it simply merge into whatever FF is going to be?

  13. 1 hour ago, Grant228 said:

    And despite these three new stands you've just had pages of discussion about how these stands don't protect you from the elements, maybe time to build them again? 

    You said the stand built in the 60s had terracing, the main stand never had terracing. 

    The North Stand did have terracing, however has never had bucket seats. 

    And this is all a bit silly because EEP is quite simply, a far superior stadium to TFS. It would be rather silly to try claim otherwise when there's been pages of discussion on this thread about the problems with TFS. 


    Now get those main stand sections handed over, thank you. 

    ……..and here you are, back to your petulant “my Dad’s better than your Dad” pish. You are one seriously needy fecker. Don’t they like you on your own club’s thread?
    The one thing that overarches all of this is your mob reneged on their debts……..right down to the registered charities that you also failed to pay. Stadiums come and go, but 0p in the £ is with you forever.

  14. 3 hours ago, Fae_the_'briggs said:

    Probably the same as Falkirk fans often asking what they think the away attendance will be for games at TFS (especially when playing the Pars) 

    To be fair, the main driver for that is to work out how many pies we need for the home end versus oats and silage for the visiting end. Nothing more sinister than that.

  15. 5 hours ago, 10menwent2mow said:

    Hugh Keevins will be fucking fuming at this draw. 

    Keevins still scrambling around hoping the OF smile and nod and grant him some relevance. Of course, he has had no relevance (or even an opinion worth listening to) for the best part of two decades. He is just a chap, a very ordinary chap, but has the phone number of a journo that he hopes will give him a few column inches.

    Just an old school OF sycophant hoping someone somewhere thinks he has something to say that is more relevant than a Tesco check out assistant. Clearly he doesn’t……but most folks knew that already.

  16. 42 minutes ago, Shodwall cat said:

    They'll bully a few teams I'd expect just by their  physical size. It's clear that bullen has brought the need to start with a team of 6 foot plus players from his days in England.  The amount of football they played was certainly minimal though.  Corner plan was simply to hit the ball as high as possible into the box it would appear whilst they continuously missed out the midfield with long lumps up the park.  Teams will get sucked into that when if you get the ball down and play a bit of football they can struggle to match you.

    I was absolutely convinced they would bully us all over the park. Thing is, Bullen clearly hadn’t done his homework. How many times have we seen our midfield evaporate, and not offer up much in the way of protection to the back three or back four?
    Ayr kept on pinging long balls up the park, so their midfield didn’t really have much of a say in things, and that was a huge bonus for us, and a huge tactical blunder by them.

    In Akinyeme, they have a huge talent (in terms of the Scottish lower leagues). Why they chose to provide him with zero service is something only Bullen can explain.

  17. 14 minutes ago, Ecosse83 said:

    Ooft how has Mcglynn managed to turn is around this quickly and get to Hampden? 

    Jve never really thought about finances but how much will this be worth to the club? 

    Once the finances are pooled, I think it should be in the £250k to £300k bracket.

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