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  1. Nah, we’ve been playing the false CB system.
  2. Opporchancity of a win, try as I might, I can’t deny it. EF will score, of that I have no doubt, but for once (or twice) Rennie’s attack minded bias should see us to a 1-3 or 2-4 win. Probably the only fixture that the current defence (even at their worst) should not be able to screw up…….famous last words, I know, I know.
  3. I remember when Gornik played at Brockville and Lubanski scored a couple. Dream of us reaching the heights where big teams want to play friendlies against us instead of a game against Camelon Juniors They absolutely read us our horoscope that night. Didn’t they go and gubbRangers at Ibrox shortly afterwards? Lubanski was so far ahead of everyone else.
  4. Well I for one don’t. The defence is as bad as ever, but at least there is an emerging style of play, and we are scoring goals (albeit not enough to overcome the goals that the defence seem happy to concede each and every week), but still, things have improved. Who would you consider to be an inspiring coach after a month or so in charge?
  5. Upset that Deans & Co are gone? Who is it that populates this element…….Deans & Co? I would love to hear the logic behind that upset.
  6. There’s the thing………”if true”. There have been so many reveals on the Goodwillie stuff on here, and not a single one of them has come to pass. It’s a bit of a struggle to clamber up to the moral high ground regarding a signing that hasn’t happened. We’ve been here before, and yet again, it hasn’t happened, but this time, people are headed for a moral judgement that we haven’t signed him only because we can’t afford him. Based on what? Someone saying it’s so on P&B? Really?
  7. We have been living off of “if we do this” or “if we do that” for a few years now, and never actually do it. The three “ifs” that we finally need to come our way are “if we can stop shipping 3 goals a game” and “if we can convert more than 50% of our chances” and “if we beat QP twice”, then yes, we will reach the play offs.
  8. The thing is, even if we bring in enough to miraculously get us into the play offs, that isn’t an end in itself. The odds today against us finishing 4th is probably 10/1. The odds against us overcoming Airdrie and Montrose and then the 9th placed Championship side is probably another 10/1 shot.
  9. Conceding two goals less per game versus scoring two goals more per game would tend not to change outcomes too much. The biggest gain seems to be from scoring one more and conceding one less in every game that brings us the biggest benefits which is probably why Rennie is seeking to improve both areas. Dowds and Morrison is very much a work in progress (with Morrison needing major help to turn him into a decent finisher), but it might come good. The defence………well I think it’s pretty obvious that the only way to concede a goal less in every game won’t come from coaching.
  10. Not really. Livingston will probably go for him. He is overweight and appears not to have applied himself in training. Think he has always been hard work to keep on the straight and narrow. To “release” him, Celtic will have either paid up his contract (best part of 500k), or they will have negotiated a % of that for a release at the end of January. He won’t be appearing in L1 any time soon. Another guy that brings undoubted talent (when he chooses to apply it), but also comes with a shed load of demons.
  11. I think it was Lewis C who mentioned “a new face” by next week. Clearly we need more than that, but if it’s one more CB to replace “goal a game” McKay, then even a single competent recruit might make a big difference. Certainly we cannot keep going with Hall McKay and Miller. Add in Martin, and I am genuinely struggling to come up with a worse Falkirk defence in near enough 50 years. The last six games have seen that gang concede 18 goals……in L1.
  12. Nah. 8 minute interview after watching another clown show from a defence that he and Miller have been drilling all week. He’s getting something out of the mid and front players, but Miller McKay and Hall seem to be uncoachable. Would imagine M&R are raging watching the same crap from the same defenders week after week after week, so not surprised emotions are a bit raw after that.
  13. We are due a natural progression from either Hall or McKay of an own goal. Not a memorable one.…..just a sclaffy attempt at a clearance, and slicing into their own net.
  14. Wrist isn’t too bad, but if it’s a bone in the hand, it can be a long time to heal due to the low blood supply. My better half took 4 months to heal a fracture twixt thumb and forefinger. If it’s in a cast, then good for recovery, but there are limits to cast hardness in terms of being allowed to play. At best, he is going to be three to four weeks away.
  15. I will wait until 4:50pm tomorrow to decide if I am disappointed. Were we to win tomorrow (unlikely as that might seem) then I will leave the disappointment on the shelf for another day. Winning tomorrow would be an off the charts amazing result for the current squad. That much is true. From this point forward, the mission statement is dead simple.………Catch Queens. We have them to play twice more, and we probably need to beat them in both games.
  16. I think David White (with the best of intentions) took on more than he could chew. He is Chair of the Trust at a time of major upheaval, and so has a pretty full dance card there, and possibly/probably the Football Club Boardroom now comes with a bigger workload than anything experienced previously. If so, then he has done the decent thing in stepping down so that someone else can give it their time and experience. Ronnie Bateman is in his mid 70s, and I think his presence was more to do with transitioning from the old Board to the new, and as Club Secretary, I am sure he would have been required to train up a potential replacement. He is indeed MD of a packaging company, so is still real world employed with real world demands on his time. If there’s any other valid stuff beyond that (like your potential in fighting), then I certainly have not heard anything at all to support that theory. Maybe others have?
  17. It’s not considered the most difficult window without good reason. Having said that, at the first time of asking, Hartley used it well prior to his “lazy summer” disaster. I suppose the introduction of Sinclair and the re-born Dowds have had a major impact, and regardless of how bad Dumbarton were, there was no way we would score 6 goals against any side without them. Remember December…..one goal for, eleven against. Rennie and Miller seem to know what they are about, and look capable of getting a new tune out of the front line, but we all know that our defence as it stands, is going to kill us.
  18. Rather than “naive”, they would have to be as arrogant, self serving, and incompetent as the last lot in order to repeat their behaviours. It isn’t going to happen.
  19. Who is this Keenan? Now you have come up with a variation saying Dowds will be playing Championship next season. Is that now the Campbell thing with the Premiership story now abandoned? You have gone through just about every imaginable permutation including FFC relegated to L2.
  20. Desperate to play for Campbell……….a pre contract with a Premiership team to be announced soon. Which is it? As I said, Dowds has come back to a completely different structure. He is a smart guy. He will know that. Like many, he had serious issues with Holt and Sheerin. They are no longer there. Everything else you have offered up is sweetie shop gossip.
  21. ……..and that is no exaggeration, they really did chuck it that day. Said before that I hate the phrases “downed tools” and “lost the dressing room” but the Queens’ game was when the players probably handed out a big fat chunk of both.
  22. I think it’s the 2nd Queens goal, and there’s Hetherington, jogging along, watching it all unraveling in front of him. That moment was when he was done for me.
  23. Fergus has made his decision. At the end of the day, there’s a couple of dozen Scottish clubs above us who have managed well enough without his services. We will get by too. If his allegiance was to Holt more than the youths he was charged with developing, then he has done the honourable thing, and left.
  24. Everything sweet for the top flight, and tough on everyone else. No justification for Monday that couldn’t be made for Friday.
  25. A Dowds- Morrison partnership might develop into a wonderful thing. Certainly against Dumbarton, Dowds could do no more, and while Morrison is far from being a natural finisher, hopefully KM can help him. For a first game together, they were pretty good, but of course, that was against a backdrop of an absolutely wild Dumbarton defence. Sadly, it repeatedly comes back to Hall and McKay, and their ability to undo anything that our attackers can muster. Tbh, they were as bad as Dumbarton’s defence, but the difference was that we had a couple of players doing really stupid things whereas Dumbarton had four or five. I still struggle to predict a winning result as one win doesn’t make for a trend. A pretty dismal Dumbarton still netted twice, so it’s almost inevitable that we will concede at least twice on Saturday.
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