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  1. Talking with a family friend last night, and we were discussing what (I thought) was Sheerin’s biggest issue……..he had failed to make the transition from youth coach (results don’t matter) to first team coach (results are the only thing that matters). Then I had this wee niggling memory of something I thought Sheerin had said on the official site. Turns out it was Fergus, not Sheerin, but it addresses the the first team directly, and might just encapsulate what is going on. So, “even for the one team at FFC for whom results are vital, development and performance are still the focus of everything we do”. That reads to me that development and performance are more important than results (even for the first team). It’s not interpretation, as the first team has deliberately mentioned as being subject to this “approach”. Don’t know who sanctioned the “Falkirk Approach”.
  2. The outside world won’t forensically exam is track record with us. Remember the “good things wot we have dun” list? Variations on that are the things that will be presented to prospective hirers.
  3. Yeah, so mental that Deans jingles the “Chairman of Falkirk Football Club” tag line everywhere he can to pick any little non exec or consultancy gigs that he can. To think any of them are there solely for the benefit of FFC is (as you put it) mental.
  4. Just listened to his post match, and “stuffy” and “sacrificing talent at the top end” clear signals that two up front will never darken his door again. Saying having his side expected to score two and three goals in order to win matches is unrealistic. “Gaining territory”……..it’s cringeworthy. Sadly, it looks increasingly as if he has no clear plan on what to do. In the 3rd tier of Scottish football with a full time side other than “be stuffy” and not have at most one player up front. Clearly both he and Holt really are away with the fairies. Does he have the awareness to grasp that saying a full time side in a part time league have to be stuffy and sacrifice any threat up front in order to get anything from games is utterly brutal.
  5. I would guess that is the plan. It’s up to each individual to understand the scale of our demise under the stewardship of Gary Deans, and even more so once he had his hand picked yes men by his side. The previous Q & A has shown that the Rawlins will indulge in all of the falsehoods and meaningless nonsense that will be rolled out. I expect the toytown PR group to be in full swing. If people buy into it, then the club we see before us is the club we deserve. Be clear on one thing. Every single person on Deans yes men Board is there for what they can get out of it. Never forget that.
  6. You almost got there with your 4-6-0. I think he’ll go for the Largs nuclear option of 5-5-0. As Shagger said, the conversation inside his own head will be “I told you it wouldn’t work. Aye, alright you told me. Let’s start off with baby steps because we need to walk before we can run. Let’s get up there and grab a point. Let’s be the stuffiest team in the league.” Team selection will be along the lines of Martin, Mutch, McCann, Miller, Hetherington, McGuffie, Hall, McKay, Lemon, Telfer, Dixon. On the bench: Krasniqi, Keena, Ruth, Ross and someone else.
  7. ……and when you look at their infamous “Good things wot we have dun” list, pick out how many line items can be objectively measured, and how many are open to subjective interpretation. Our Board thrives on the subjective….it lets them roll out their PR expertise to bullshit it. The league table is different. It’s the objective view of how good or bad we are. They won’t want to go near the objective stuff on Tuesday. Just remember, that trumpet blowing about 19 new shareholders…….ten of them are club related. Of the other nine, one chap has bunged in £30k, and the other eight have invested an average of £450 each. That is an example of the PR for Dummies spin that they think they can get away with. Let’s watch their PR skills try to convince everyone that a dog shit is really a Mars Bar. Oh they will try.
  8. His head is still in youth football. He sees it as all being about educating the players, and instilling the outdated irrelevant Largs cookie cutter model. I don’t hate the man. I don’t even dislike him, but my God, I really don’t think the reality of what is going on has dawned on him yet. He is in some sort of coaching book trance.
  9. Yes they do. The same people presided over the record breaking collapse from a league leading position last season with absolutely no casualties whatsoever, so they fully expect to sail through this mess untouched. Much as it pains me, the ST sales have made them feel that they are bulletproof and can get away with anything. They want money, lots of money, but not at the cost of them losing control.
  10. The shares thing is MR and SA I presume. It’s not quite as simple as them selling up to whoever they think has the best interests of the club at heart. Despite their large shareholding, neither of them are on the BoD. Accordingly, they cannot simply sell their shares because our constitution forbids it. The current BoD have to give their blessing for the shares to be sold, and then have the right to block a sale to anyone they don’t like. So do we think Rawlins, Deans, McFarlane, Colborn and Wright are going to allow SA and MR to sell their shares to the Patrons or Navy Blue? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. About the only thing SA and MR can do is to side with the lesser shareholders and vote down our BoD at an AGM or EAGM. It’s a mess, and while it’s clear to everyone that the current incumbents needs to be swept away, it’s not easy to do. Make no mistake, this BoD have put their own ‘let’s play at being big shots” ahead of the club’s well being. For that alone, they need to be cleared out.
  11. Ah, but only the carrot of a three year deal would bring a player of Brad’s calibre to L1. Yet our mob are still trying to sing the praises of their fabulous new recruiting system when in fact, given the resources thrown at it, makes Hartley’s “bought unseen” squad seem almost not so bad.
  12. If anything changes, it will be the departure of Sheerin. It’s the easy thing to do. That’s the bone that will be thrown to the dogs, and it will fix nothing. As long as the horrific Chairman, one or two of his lapdogs and Holt are still there, it remains a badly fractured club. We are as close to dead in the water as at any time in the last half century. Come in Gary Deans, your time is well and truly up.
  13. No because it is too stage managed. A group boycott is the only way and perhaps a bit of chanting outside before and during the game. So you get the Board and the Club you have now. If it’s stage managed, those that go will be sure to shout it out. Everything this mob touch is stage managed. If everyone takes the view that because of that, they aren’t going to offer any resistance or register their displeasure, then happy days for Deans & Co…..they will just continue hoovering up any little earners they can based on being a Falkirk Chairman or a Falkirk Director. MR and SA remain the two people who could bring it to a shuddering halt. Doubtless they have reasons for not doing so, but it’s hard to fathom what they are. For perhaps the first time in my life, I am open to the phrase “we are in free fall” having a ring of truth to it. …….registering, walking in and telling them where to ram it isn’t an approach I would object to either.
  14. We said this before the season started. It was why Sheerin was coached into saying he had “the final word” on all signings apart from four or five. Holt would have engineered that to ensure that if things went badly, he was suitably distanced from Sheerin. If things had been flying along, Holt would be very visibly looking to take credit for it…..of course, Deans would have come out of hiding too. Now that it is unraveling, Sheerin is the patsy. Stainrod and Proudtobeabaird will join Bantabairn in having very little to say. Who knows, the Board might well let them hide in the same cupboard as them.
  15. Absolutely. It’s clear that Deans picked a Board where talent and fitness for purpose came nowhere on the list of priorities. “Do what I say” was the only thing that mattered. So he and a number of others now need to leave the building pronto.
  16. Remember folks, you have to register to be allowed in to the Q&A on the 19th. Voices need to be heard, and blazer fillers need to be emptied. Worst chairman in at least two decades appoints a head coach who is potentially the most clueless in five decades. Quelle surprise. Meanwhile, the rest of the Board shuffle around looking for someone to hide behind. Get registered!
  17. If Sheerin is watching that Partick performance tonight, I reckon he will be raging at the way McCall has set out his team. I am sure he’ll feel that McCall has failed to apply the teachings of Largs.
  18. I intend being there. These things for me tend to be more about watching the top table’s reaction to questions more than anything else. For them and the things they are doing, this is not about engaging with the support, it’s about throwing up enough of a smokescreen to get through it. There will be plenty of people asking awkward questions. I think just about everyone knows our mob lie without batting an eyelid (I suppose they will go for calling it “spin”), but it’s nothing more than good old fashioned lying. I fully expect to hear lots of lies on the 19th……I think just about everyone does.
  19. This “worry yourself sick about the opposition” first took hold under Elvis. I heard one of his tactical talks at Stirling Uni, and it was all about the opposition threat and how to try to nullify it, with absolutely zero discussion on how we were going to win the game. It’s pretty clear that Sheerin has bought into the same Largs guff. Sadly, it’s hard to see him putting Ruth and Keena up front as he views it as a betrayal of how he thinks the game should be played. If coaching youth, he still wouldn’t bring on a second striker, and would take a defeat rather than give up on his system. The only upside is that he knows he can’t do that with the first team, but he only changes in order to try to rescue a situation. In the short spells of two up front, we have scored four times and conceded none. If that fact alone doesn’t convince the guy, then all that is left is the jeopardy of losing his job. I think we will win this game 2-1, but it won’t be pretty.
  20. That’s the frustrating part. Sheerin is not the cause of our ills. That belongs firmly with our BoD. However, Sheerin is making it pretty easy for them to lay the blame at his door by his frustrating team selections. For me, he near enough jumped the shark when expressed his disappointment at the manner in which we rescued a point at Montrose. The nagging doubt is just how much meddling is going on behind the scenes by Gary Holt. I have never felt overly convinced by the manner of his appointment (and even more uncomfortable with the people who appointed him). Getting beat by Airdrie would pretty much put the tin lid on Sheerin’s time in charge (if he ever was really in charge of anything). I think we will win with another unconvincing display.
  21. The triumph of hope over reality. I am at the stage where I think Sheerin will do everything he can to ensure Ruth is our top scorer. Keena has become the modern day pound store version of David Fairclough.
  22. It’s a home game, so a draw would not be a great result tbh.
  23. If Airdrie leave with 3 points next week, then the alarm bells will be ringing big time. Thing is, they would only be ringing for Sheerin, and he is a symptom, he is not the illness itself, and never will be as long as upstairs are allowed to carry on as they are.
  24. I do not know if that’s true or if it’s not, but as the losers in a previous “balance of probabilities” finding, then I would tend to fall on the “it’s true” side of the fence. A man charged with “a near impossible task” last season ( and failing in a manner that defied credibility) backed to the hilt by our middle management accountant and his yes men once again seems to fit the bill as someone that our Board would allow to keep the keys to the sweetie shop.
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