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  1. Decent goalscorers in L1 are a real rarity. When your are in our situation of desperately in need of two never mind one, you tend to end up with someone from the Championship who scores less than 10 goals in a season, and isn’t considered good enough, or you get someone who has scored less than less (a lot less) than 20 in L2 or even the lowlands league. Anyone in L2 who scores more than 18 or so tends to get an instant upgrade to the Championship. However he does it, McGlynn is probably going to have to be seriously inventive and put together a combination that just clicks, and that no-one has considered before. It isn’t going to be easy, that’s for sure.
  2. I think the Kevin McAllister Stand was a very good start in showing up that mob for what they were. Mid December to June enabled the creation of something that the previous mob did everything in their collective brainpower (which thankfully, wasn’t all that great) to block for two years. No doubt the club getting itself back on an even keel is something else for them to try and wish away.
  3. The lad has real potential, no doubt about it. Very pleased that we haven’t dithered, and hopefully he turns into a release that Aberdeen bitterly regret.
  4. That’s a moonlighting Brian Graham. No doubt about it.
  5. Yes, his track record isn’t good. He seemed to pull the same trick at St Mirren. He is also involved in Livingston, but probably dealing with like minded souls there. I think he was also meant to be sponsoring the Lowland Leagues(?). I haven’t heard how that panned out for them.
  6. Being a half empty kind of guy, I wasn’t expecting a shedload of signings unless two shedloads left the club. That’s pretty much how it has panned out. The upside to it all is that McGlynn seems to at least have a good grasp of what is needed to turn things around (at least partially). No “oh ffs” signings so far, and hopefully none to come. I guess we can do little more than tread water for the next week or two until we are likely to find out what kind of horse we are running this season. Pretty certain it won’t look anything like last season’s Pleasure Beach donkey.
  7. It might be a player called Graham Bryan. Not sure if he even exists, but if he does, it might be him. My source is next door neighbour’s Alsatian.
  8. True, but looking at the Killie game, we weren’t beaten by a better standard of football, we were beaten by silly errors and the physicality of the opposition. We desperately need a bit of physical presence in midfield, up front, and at RB too.
  9. I am sure if signed, John McGinn will make sure people spell FY’s name correctly.
  10. What he can do is take the money for a year and still enrol himself into some sort of night class so he can find another job when his contract expires. In fact, he might be able to enrol himself in some afternoon classes and get himself out there as a personal trainer.
  11. Yeats is the one and only player I have seen in the last four years that if signed, has the potential to become saleable asset.
  12. Still my favourite quote from last season after I had written that he runs like Bambi scampering to get back to defend. Someone came back and said “Naw that’s not right. He runs like wean chasing a balloon”. That is so utterly perfect a description of what he is like. The guy looks miserable.
  13. Several tricks missed. Paying full price option during early bird period would be one. The option to split additional contribution any way you likes twixt club and charity would have been another. Adding seats seems to have been a serious issue for many. Just have to hope they learn from it, but the above is the sort of stuff you’d think would become apparent during beta testing.
  14. I am making the reverse journey going from main, and back to the Crunchie Stand. I think a new card will be issued at some point.
  15. Can’t leave out Stokes from the Hibs connection either.
  16. Yes, those were the new shirts, and they carried the Crunchie CI Logo, Kevin McAllister Stand, and the date. Don’t know about the numbering though, and that definitely had nothing to do with CI. The idea had been (maybe still is) that the shirts be gathered up afterwards as collectors items (one to Kevin) and the other 19 to be sold off either by CI or the Club. The feeling within CI was that having already forwarded the additional funds accrued to the Foundation in pursuit of a sensory centre within the main stand, or failing that, a deserving community beneficial project attached to the club, then the shirts would best be dealt with by the club. The CI group felt that as of midnight last night, it was “mission accomplished” and that CI cease to exist. No-one had any desire to hang around the club beyond the event, and I am sure the club were happy for a nice clean ending too.
  17. The scoreline last night was an irrelevance. The important things all happened up until they scored their second via a very jammy deflection. Once the kids and untested trialists came on, it wasn’t really a contest. The Killie players knew it too, and the big guy who scored their fourth was near enough embarrassed by it. He knew who he was up against, and it was young boys. The heartening things were to see a completely different style of play, and players from last season actually giving 100%, and players from last season who couldn’t kick their own arse turning in decent performances. That was the things to take away from the game given that most of our new defence were sat in the stands with minor injuries. Like it or not, Killie are a top flight side and fielded a strong eleven. Ultimately, their fitness and their physicality was the difference between the two sides……not the style of football.
  18. I think their contracts have expired whereas Carroll’s runs until December.
  19. Thanks to the Killie support who made it through to our Crunchie Stand game. Added plenty of noise and atmosphere to the occasion. Cheers.
  20. We stayed with Killie for 70 minutes, but in the end, their sheer physicality dominated in the closing stages. We had a definite and clear style of play with no failures to speak of. Killies 3rd goal was 100% avoidable (as was their first). For the 3rd, a total lack of communication saw a ball that was a straightforward collect for the keeper being hoofed out for a Killie thrown in. Straight away, it was launched into the box for near enough a tap in. Silly goal to concede. Their fourth was a straightforward dominant header unchallenged. Killie were like a team of giants. We had next to nothing, and the number 9 sub looked seriously out of his depth by either wanting far too much time, or just not controlling the ball. Their first was just horrible set piece defending, their second a really jammy deflection that left their guy with an easy finish. Williamson was ok, but the same flouncy defensive qualities looked to be unchanged. Sean Mackie and the number 14 our best, with Hetherington and McKay the most improved. We still have absolutely zip up front. Thing is, we still have three or four starters still to come in, but where the goals will come from is the glaring shortfall. Oh, and Nesbitt and McGuffie both worked their socks off tbf. Effort certainly wasn’t in question. Certainly need to shift some out before we see more signings.
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