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  1. They’ve gone further than Scotland ever have, and won two group games which Scotland have never achieved. By that achievement alone, I’m afraid they just cement Scotland’s place as kings of the WC excuse makers.
  2. The French might well have a “wealth of riches” in terms of squad depth but today has proven that the depth isn’t 20 players deep. Clear to see why 9 of their starting eleven usually sit on the bench.
  3. Watching this less than stellar WC, other than Engurland, sand dancers don’t seem to be the type of player anyone else cares for.
  4. He is a phenomenal 5 a side player. Really class. 11 a side…….not so much. He is the very definition of the “one good game in five” player……but you know that by now. Thing is, he was gone because of his contract situation. From our sand dancer select, he was arguably better than both McGuffie and Nesbitt, but admittedly, that’s not a particularly high bar.
  5. You are sorely in need of a comfort blanket. Kevin Keegan levels of tirade.
  6. The Cup draw is pretty uninspiring……I think that’s the main issue. Probably exactly the same for the Alloa punters too. It’s one of those games where it wouldn’t be a great surprise if we absolutely strolled it and won by a couple of goals, but equally, it wouldn’t be a big shock if Alloa beat us.
  7. Yep, just giving my memory a jog, and I think it’s a player my old man did see many times…….Kenny Dawson…..so post war…..late 1940s. There was a Jerry Dawson too, but I think he was a goalie.
  8. Doug Baillie was a centre half. There was another guy that my Dad spoke about (pre-war or even earlier) that my old man said took a big run up and battered it. When he missed at the Hope St end, the ball tended to end up on the far side of the railway tracks. Jocky Simpson(?). Something like that. I think it may be the case that he was before my Dad’s time.
  9. I know it’s 17th century football, but as a wee kid, Doug Baillie was an intimidating penalty taker. I remember my Dad telling me of a conversation he had with big Doug regarding his penalty taking technique. Basically, Doug said “I take a big run up, and I am aiming to take the keeper’s head off his shoulders, so his head is what I aim for, and I just batter it. If I miss him, then the ball is in the back of the net. It’s as simple as that.”
  10. There may well be some concerns with this approach wrt security of repayment. Any loan should be to the club to do with as they please (within reason obviously), and with the club liable to repay it…..not the FSS. I don’t think the FSS should be borrowing money at all. There is no need for a middle man in this (if it is indeed what is happening). The FSS can use their monthly subs in the usual way, and accrue shares in the usual way. The whole point of this is to give the club the funds it needs to cover costs until next season…….it’s not about making the FSS liable for a loan to acquire shares earlier……that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and I don’t see what advantage it would give to the FSS.
  11. It was an appeasement appointment, and in simple terms, Sammy was set up to fail. Wrt Commercial Managers, under no circumstances should a salaried plus commission Commercial Manager be elevated to the BoD. It drives entirely the wrong behaviours.………and it wasn’t KK’s departure that damaged commercial revenue…..it was Totten’s departure (and especially the manner in which he was marginalised by Deans). Totten was a relationship builder, KK wasn’t.
  12. Maybe the extensive camera work at the WC, but there seems to be a massive increase in the number of fouls that involve a player being stamped on the foot as opposed to the old school approach of a kick on the shins or a simple trip. Is it pure co-incidence, or is it a type of foul less likely to draw a booking while at the same time being a neat way to leave a painful mark on an opposition player? Maybe it’s nothing at all, and it’s just the slow motion replaces making it more visible, but it does at least appear to be a kind of foul that’s on the rise.
  13. But of an aside, but do you still get those official films of the WC? The ones from the 70s and 80s were magnificent as they had all sorts of unique camera angles. I guess TV tech has surpassed all of that stuff now, and there’s no longer a need for an “official film”.
  14. Provided that the pointless games are between diddy teams, then more often than not, those are the more entertaining games. My first WC of note was 1970. It was magical. Part of that magic was seeing players you had never heard of before. The grainy image of Gordon Banks save from Pele (for me, still the greatest save I have ever seen), and in the final, the memory of Pele rolling the ball to his right for Carlos Albert to lash home Brazil’s fourth will stay with me forever. Worst WC? South Africa by a country mile.
  15. Proper garbage this. Don’t know what’s worse…….this, or listening to the Engerland pundits self installing themselves as clear favourites to win the tournament.
  16. It’s an issue because of a couple factors. I guess firstly it comes down to when the manager nailed down his starting XI…….clearly no later than Friday. This week it probably was more sensitive purely down to an issue with Donaldson. Secondly, when was the starting XI rolled out to others……again, no later than Friday. I guess this isn’t unusual, especially if the manager wanted a training session with the changes in place. If it happened last week, then I doubt it was the first time that process was followed, but the first time (we know of) that there has been a grand reveal. So why this week? I don’t think any of this has any bearing whatsoever on what an opposition manager does. It simply demonstrates that info that was not for the public domain on Friday then turned up in the public domain on Friday. It’s not about the consequences of the leak. It’s about the act of someone deliberately revealing it that is the issue.
  17. As things stand, it’s hard to see any benefit to the club in the Rawlins selling their shares. Not a penny would come into the club. I am fairly sure that the Rawlins have set aside any plans for further investment in FFC. I don’t think they grasped just how much of a dumpster fire we were. Anyhoo, even if they wanted to unload their shares, any such sale has to be approved by the BoD.
  18. I think it’s no more than possible. It certainly isn’t probable. I am sure the bookies wouldn’t have us anywhere close to being odds on to be promoted this season. At a guess, I would reckon we’d be something like 4/1 at best, but in truth, probably longer than that.
  19. Just weird that what we thought was the most improved part of the side (the defence) is now arguably the worst. Don’t know if it’s so many changes, but we look capable of throwing away games really cheaply. The midfield isn’t great other than when Yeats and McGinn are really on it. We know we are creating a fair amount of chances and blowing most of them, and away from home, that is going to cost us dearly as long as the defence keeps on conceding lousy goals.
  20. What an arithmetically challenged clown you are. Clearly your insights into McKay’s performances have escaped the majority. One bad game…...
  21. For me, Henderson is no more a centre back than my better half. I remain utterly convinced that as long as Nesbitt is a Falkirk player, L1 is where we stay.……..and so much for McKay coming good under McGlynn. Nesbitt’s assists may satisfy some, but he really is a complete waste of a jersey. There is absolutely no chance of this group of players winning this league. Our worthy players list consists of Donaldson, McGinn, McCann, Burrell, Lawal, Yeats and I guess, Morrison. Beyond those seven, we have nothing but makeweights, and makeweights that simply can’t be carried by the rest.
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