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  1. No it wasn’t. In any meaningful sense, South Broomage is essentially the same size as it was in 1967 after Spam Valley was builtYou’d be lucky if more than a couple of dozen houses have been built since then, and less than half a dozen since the 1990s. I was LHS, and there was a healthy FFC support at the school. Other than that, you are spot on.
  2. For you, “eternal optimist”. For everyone else, this reads as “recreational substance user”. So, just as we re-wrote the history books last season when we collapsed from first to fifth, you now reckon Cove are going to go one better by taking no more than 24 points from a potential of 42 points, while we take 45 points from a potential 45 points. Lets just say we stay in the land of credibility and miraculously win 10, draw 3 and lose 2 (ending up with 62 points). Cove would then have to win 3, draw 3 and lose 8 of their remaining games.
  3. The only slight incentive of finishing second (not that we will) is that you avoid Championship side until the next round (if you make it). If we have a good enough side, then ultimately the difference is slight.
  4. I actually think Rennie might be accepting of going into the Montrose game with Dowds, Kaiba and Watson as his anchor points for now. Sure, he will be looking for more, but that “score one goal more, concede one goal less” mantra (if it works out that way) might be enough to turn those 2-3 and 1-2 defeats into 3-2 and 2-1 wins.
  5. If we picked a Holt & Sheerin “Nightmare XI”, it’s a bit special that the first name on the team sheet would be “Holt”.
  6. All of it done while they emptied the Lottery winner, and realised there was no punishments for running up massive debt and then refusing to honour them. They remain the only “club” to use administration as a business model to spend money they didn’t have. Dundee followed the same model, but the Launderers were the first to use it.
  7. Holt is probably too scared to look at the changes (and improvements) since the day and minute he left the club. It will be a subject he will try to avoid completely. Sheerin on the other hand will see it as the fruit of his hard work, but will be a bit annoyed that winning games is only being achieved by scoring goals rather than by controlling territory.
  8. Ach, he scored against Celtic at the week-end, so that’s a nice end to his final season as a player.
  9. Certainly Hall McKay & Miller seemed to morph into a critical mass that the introduction of only ATS wasn’t enough to break, but the introduction of Watson should hopefully limit the damage that McKay and Miller can inflict…….but McKay especially needs to be kept on a short leash. Watson and Dixon should at least give the front line a fighting chance of out scoring the opposition.
  10. Nah, any CB who has their tongue sticking out the side of their mouth when trying to trap a ball is deeply suspect.
  11. No sign of the Keena story on the Official Site yet, which seems strange given that Sligo have announced it as well as the Irish edition of the Sun.
  12. Sorry BPM, you have been ever so gently whooshed.
  13. It was a great cross, but probably the only one he delivered. Can you imagine the carnage if Dowds and Kabia had even half a dozen crosses like that to compete for in a game. Different positions I know, but Dowds and Kabia channel a bit of the Baptie-Irvine zeitgeist, then who knows what might come of it.
  14. Kaiba was totally left field, so if we do bring in one or two defensive players, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if it’s players that haven’t appeared on the radar up to now. I get a sense that MR is most definitely not “one of the boys” a la M&M. Being a bit detached like that can be a huge positive. I always remember Bobby Lennox saying one of the most impressive things about Jock Stein was that he was never pals with the players, and when he entered the dressing room, everyone just shut up and listened. Command and control was his, and no-one ever questioned it.
  15. The really interesting thing with a combination of Dowds and Kiaba is that defences in this league won’t really have come up with a goal scoring combo like them. Dowds scores 4 in the last three games, Kiaba scores two on his debut. Both over 6’, both carry an aerial threat. That’s all well and good, but they need the service. If they get it, they just might be the goal machine we need to counter the concede machine at the other end of the park. Now get Hall and McKay replaced by competent defenders, and yes, we might start to gain a big chunk of momentum, and that’s a difficult thing to stop at this point in the season. Not only do we have to be better than QP, we have to be better than whatever sits in 9th place in the Championship.
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