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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    It will all depend on how much sway our Martin still has over policy. I think we all know he is happy with FFC bimbling along as a mid table second tier side neither threatened by relegation, nor having to make financial commitments wrt pushing for promotion. I suppose if relegation is looking like a distinct possibility, then a decision might have to be made. Remember the “Paul is restructuring the playing side of things such that the club never finds itself in this position again”. That is now up there with “Our Time” in terms of false prophecy.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Yep, bottom or second bottom around Christmas would see him gone.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    There are quite a few that never gave him a chance from the start. I actually think he'll turn it around, however, I doubt we'll be up challenging for the title so no doubt some fans would want him sacked .....and that’s purely down to everyone’s interpretation of what “turning it around” actually means.For some, that could mean 2nd, 3rd or 4th. For others of a less demanding nature, 6th or 7th might be seen as a significant rescue act given what we have witnessed so far.
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I don’t think so, but there’s a bit of incredulity over how a man who pulled us away from disaster last season with some clever mid season loan players has, when given pretty much carte blanche to rebuild the playing side completely, ended up with a bit of a misfit, misfunctioning group of players with as many doubts over their quality as there is over Hartley’s baffling tactics and team selections. Given the time to scout, assess, and sign up replacements (since November last year apparently), then it’s no surprise that people are a good way down the path of having doubts about the whole exercise. I don’t think the majority have given up on him, but the majority are all starting to ask the same uncomfortable questions.
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    The irony isn’t lost on me that Hartley came in last season and rescued us from the dire straits of what most of us saw as the worst performing Falkirk side since Totten’s infamous “should have been relegated” side. The rescue mission complete, Hartley has now apparently put together a side that on LC and League action so far, looks like the worst performing Falkirk side* since Totten’s infamous “should have been relegated” side. *Haber, Greenwood and Irving excepted.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Not seeing anything at all in that interview. Obviously obliged to give it, but clearly doesn’t enjoy the process. Anyway, he seems to have recovered his composure a wee bit, and describing the start to the season as “slow” is I think, the only term he could use to diminish the reality of what we have all seen. Anyhoo, he now has 10 days to regroup, rethink what he is doing (and either stand by it, or change it), and get after 3 points against QotS. He knows losing that game will effectively kill off a realistic “win the league” campaign before its even begun, and a draw won’t take away any of the pressure he is undoubtedly feeling. To lose the game has to be for him, damn near unthinkable. It won’t cost him his job, but will cost him his credibility as a manager. Just about every manager will have lost three in a row, but it’s all about the context in Hartley’s case.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Maybe he decided to play Russell to give him more game time. I'm not confident with Kidd at right back so I'd maybe take the opportunity to give a new signing game time over playing a guy who is backup for the back ups It’s pretty hard to be confident of anyone in any position at the moment with the exception of two or three. I don’t think there’s another manager in Scotland (even the eejit at DUFC) who is in bigger danger of losing his job than Hartley......and that’s saying something given FFCs liking for not firing anyone. We all want him to turn it round. I am unsure if he can do it quick enough, or if he can even do it at all. He probably has til the end of the year to sort it out.
  8. Dumb Tactics vs Dumfries Queen

    Not far off. We are not a bad bunch when it comes to giving a manager a bit of time to sort out the best set up for the team, but we have also become really good at spotting early on when things are much worse than that. I think Queens offer us the best opportunity to stop the rot, but if you beat us, then Hartley is in major trouble, and I think his nervous interview showed a man who knows he has probably got too many things wrong to recover. I reckon a defeat in the next game will see him blame all around him from the players to the tea lady. He is also aware that he isn’t going to get another meaningful gig in the near future (probably Raith Rovers if the timing is right). He can have no complaints as he is wholly responsible for what we are now seeing on the park. As mentioned by others, it’s very telling that the most convincing arrivals are the signings and loans that have come our way late in the day. Hartley has seen what he has in training, and much as I hate us making panic signings, I think that’s exactly what has happened.
  9. Dumb Tactics vs Dumfries Queen

    His post Partick interview was one seriously rattled manager, make no bones about it. Whether he admits it or not, his career as a manager is perilously close to going down the tubes. Watching his body language on the sidelines was a wee bit reminiscent of Ally MacLeod in Argentina.
  10. Dumb Tactics vs Dumfries Queen

    Any team that comes to our place, and sets up with a nice and simple 4-3-3 attacking formation is going to score goals for fun if Hartley persists with the four centre half defence. So far, the opposition haven’t twigged it, but someone will, and then it could be a major rout, and the end of Hartley.
  11. Dumb Tactics vs Dumfries Queen

    Hardly the last chance saloon for Hartley in the employment stakes, but if he chooses to dig in his heels and serves up the same guff formation as the last two games, then the BoD might stand by him (what else could they do?), but the support will lose all trust in him. Yes, it’s early, but to date, his beloved first choice set up has failed miserably in both league games. Only when he changes it in the second half have we recovered a bit of dignity, but never really looking capable of winning the games. Not for one moment did we think we would be the Championship’s equivalent of Liverpool, but equally, another season of a team that gifts goals and struggles to score them at meaningful times in the game wasn’t high on our expectation list either. Hartley managed to fix it last season. He has now managed to break it again. Thing is, fixing it this season such that we limp home in 7th or 8th ain’t going to cut it. I think he is a worried and rattled manager, and tbh, I think he deserves to be.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    ....and lose to QotS, and watch the sh1t hit the fan. If he goes into this with one up front and praying for a point, he really is making yet another mistake.
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    If Hartley doesn’t t accept that his signings aren’t good enough, but blames the players for not doing what they told, and he believes he is putting the right players in the right positions, then unfortunately, we are dealing with an ego Egotistical managers in any walk of life will be tolerated if they deliver results. If they don’t, then their tenure is likely to be very brief as they will have far more enemies than friends.
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    .....and that is key. If you sign a bunch of decent enough players at this level, and play them in positions they understand, and in which they can perform to the best of their ability, you will have a decent enough team, and the whole might well be better than the sum of its parts. If however, you take those decent enough players and mess them about in the way Hartley has (and I suspect he does this to justify the “manager” tag), you are going to get the first half disasters we are currently being served up. He needs to get the message very very quickly, and be prepared to question his own actions as much as the players.
  15. Partick VS Falkirk

    Hartley’s managed to get himself caught between a rock and a hard place, and the squeeze is on. You don’t need a PhD is football to see the things that are wrong with the way he is using players, yet he seems to be the only guy who doesn’t get it. He changes things second half to near enough the setup most supporters want to see from the get go. I don’t know if he has enough humility in him to realise when he is getting it horribly wrong, because he really can’t seem to face up to the possibility that it’s him, not the players who could be the problem. There’s a world of difference between backing a manager who is losing games, but is doing the right things, and backing one who is losing games because he is doing the wrong things and shows no sign of wanting to change. He doesn’t seem to get that the second half improvements we are seeing are because he has to abandon his nonsensical “system”, and go with something simpler that the players understand.