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  1. More likely is Glen Campbell, and he is dead. Besides, there’s that “Campbell” name again. *shudder*
  2. Let’s face it, if Holt is left to interview and select a new head coach, if it turns out to be a fantastic appointment, the Board (with Deans at the forefront if he’s still there) will trample all over him to make sure the press know that they were the enablers of this wonderful appointment and the Board guided and supported Holt through our “rigorous selection process”. Forget which genius said it, but essentially “you can get all sorts of wonderful stuff done provided you are happy for someone else to shove you aside and take the credit for themselves”. Of course, if it’s another utterly awful appointment, Holt will be thrown under the bus, as it was he and he alone who was responsible for the appointment.
  3. We have been promised “a rigorous independent process” with a bunch of checks and balances. All we know is that applications were being submitted to Gary Holt. Thereafter, beyond receiving an email, I don’t think we have a clue as to who and what is involved in the interview and selection process. Is it solely Holt? Is it Holt and Deans? Is it the entire board? What’s the “independent” part of it? Is it exactly the same set of questions for everyone? We will probably never know........unless he or she is hugely successful, and then all and sundry on our Board will be alluding to the crucial role they played in all of it. If it’s another horrific appointment, then Holt will be thrown under the next available bus, and we will be told the appointment was his, and his alone.
  4. I still can’t stop laughing at Deans saying Holt was handed “the near impossible task” of getting 2 points from 4 games against Partick, Montrose, Cove. and Airdrie. Like it was something only Ethan Hunt had a chance of pulling off. Another “no blame here, we are the BoD, and we decide who is to blame, and we are unanimous that it wasn’t us, so stop harping on about it”. Just incredible. Holt really has nothing to do with this....he is irrelevant. The BoD are happy to have him there as a punchbag. It’s the Board that needs to fold. Nothing will change until the Board is changed. Their master plan seems to be that they will use the master plan from last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Never mind, sling up endless 50-50 adverts and everything will be fine. Maybe go for a re-brand as the Falkirk 50-50 Club....just drop the “Football” bit, and stick to what you see as important.
  5. That’s it in a nutshell. For now, they will hide behind Rawlins in the hope that no one gets near enough to tell them the truth. A statement isn’t going to cut it this time. This all needs to stop.
  6. We just can’t keep on accepting appeasement of managers getting the heave as proper governance. There is zero accountability or responsibility at FFC. If the Rawlins are buying into this, then sweet Jesus, the UK BoD must be the masters of spin. Either that, or the Rawlins really aren’t smarter than the average bear after all. Tinker around the edges, chuck the punters a bit of red meat every now and then, and we can carry on as if nothing happened. Enough already. We have all had enough of it.
  7. That Deans statement is beyond belief. So Gary was handed a near impossible task of getting two points from 4 games.....3 of them being against part time sides. I am certainly not buying a wee half arsed apology as anywhere near good enough. I am sick to death of the “it wisnae us” default position of our board. For me, that statement was akin to looking down on the smouldering wreck of a season, and deciding “yeah, let’s add 5 litres of unleaded and see what happens”. Even the simplest of things will be chewed to bits by this crew. “That’s it done lads, I have put out a statement, carry on, we are golden”.
  8. Yep. I think it’s fair to say we are fast tracking our way to “sleeping dwarf”
  9. ^^^^^^ He used the “champ” word. Toe curling cringe.
  10. Now think about this for a minute. Supposing SA & MR decide to call it a day, and sell their shares. That opens up some issues, the biggest of which is that as I understand it, the BoD have to agree to the transfer of share ownership. The two kings of the MSG cannot just sell them without BoD permission to do so. So who would be terrified of the prospect of that happening? My guess is a good few of the BoD.......especially if it comes with a threat to their position on the Board. If that scenario played out, we might see a new major influence at play. If that scenario emerged and the BoD blocked it, then the battle lines will be drawn, and we might well have the 3rd Battle of Falkirk on our doorstep. My guess is the current board will try to force through a decision on the next manager in double quick time in an attempt to diffuse anger and keep themselves in their much loved positions of power. All hypothetical and all guesswork but who knows. Time will tell.
  11. Probably just a slow acceptance that amidst all of the chaff on social media, there was a serious and consistent thread that the shit really was about to hit the fan. Just looking at the way players carried themselves in the matches since the restart simply screamed out that there was trouble at t’mill.
  12. Hopefully there’s a 3rd way. Certainly the Rawlins Hallmark love letters will now be consigned to the file marked “wish we hadn’t actually come out with that gushing pish”. Any attempt to upwardly manage the Rawlins will now be dead in the water.
  13. There was a very strong email from someone in Polmont.
  14. It’s just everything we look at right now. I wanted another look at the first Airdrie goal last night that ShaggerG forecast to perfection. So to YouTube for Airdrie v Falkirk, and you are faced with this....it sums it up so well.
  15. It was less than a year ago that we were served up this stuff. Yes Mr Chairman, we certainly did our talking on the pitch. Amazing how many of those “habits of bad people in football” now seem to have taken root at FFC.
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