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  1. Edinburgh Festival now virtually certain to be a casualty. Wouldn’t be surprised if this now impacts on the start of Season 20/21 (even if the current season is terminated now).
  2. When I were a lad, I remember gathering up enough money to take my “gf” to the pictures. Logan’s Run it was. Science fiction twaddle, but a decent yarn. Never thought I’d ever experience someone proposing Logan’s Run Lite as a form of government policy.
  3. The latest death forecast is predicated on doing what we are doing. The “stuff it, let’s allow it free rein” would kill ten of thousands, and globally, millions. Your philosophy when extended to all medicine would see typhoid, polio and TB rampaging right across the planet. I am quite sure if a disease takes someone close you, then you are happy to shrug your shoulders and write it all off to fate. Andrew Neil is paid handsomely to attack/question/provoke government policy and politicians themselves. He is not my moral compass, and he would be horrified to think individuals adopt his writings as such. He is an agent provocateur. He is not Yoda.
  4. Wow. I can visualise Himmler and Goebbels and Eichmann and Hitler nodding sagely in agreement, but you’d be hard pushed to find too many others applauding.
  5. Unfair criticism given the recent passing of Kenny Rogers. No-one ever saw MC and KR at the same time, so there’s a 50-50 chance that the demise of one is also the demise of the other.
  6. Most of them will be dead. Small comfort I know.
  7. A bit off topic, but a couple of nights ago, I downloaded a documentary on the BBC iPlayer. It’s called The Flu That Killed 50 Million”. It was made in 2018, and at the start, states that the learnings should help everyone if and when another pandemic strikes. It really is a pretty incredible documentary. Seriously worthy of an hour of everyone’s time.
  8. It all goes back to Lex Gold and his buffoonish lying to the point where he said that Falkirk couldn’t use Murrayfield as that stadium didn’t have sufficient hard barrier segregation between sets of fans. There he is now, an 80 year old man who sold his soul to peddle a lie like that. Maybe his 30 year civil servant career taught him that lying was ok. Utter scum of a man.
  9. It seems the U.K. response is to accept that the spread is inevitable, and their control strategy is to try and level load the demands on the NHS over the summer months. Some say the big measures taken elsewhere will just result in a massive spike further down the line as a Joe Public will tire of restrictions after a short time frame. Sure there was also mention of this becoming seasonal, so it’s never going to be eradicated. Governments want/need to be doing something even when it’s something they can’t control. The loo roll hoarders and demonstrating the same traits. They are trying to exercise “doing something” about it in any way they can, and for now, that’s hoarding household consumables. No-one knows if their is a best strategy. That will only become clear in a few months time I suppose. Watching talking head political arseholes on TV trying politicise this to their advantage boils my piss far more than the current U.K. strategy tbh.
  10. About the only suggestion with legs is the cancellation of the Euros for 1 year, and allow the seasons to be played out into the summer months if possible.
  11. There will no league winners or relegation. Think about it. It gives the “establishment club” another season to prevent Celtic repeating the nine in a row malarky, and two seasons to throw money they don’t have at preventing ten in a row. It keeps Hearts (the wee establishment club) safe and sound in the top flight. There are no downsides for the loyalist clubs as Sevco are already out of Europe thanks to BL, but they can argue that they’ve not actually been eliminated and therefore they are joint Europa Cup winners.
  12. Ending the season early will be a tempting option for the top flight. This will, of course, be accompanied by a statement that there will be no relegation or promotion. It’s a great way for the top flight to keep Hearts safe and sound.
  13. Whatever policy they come up with, there will be loads of ways in which it can be ripped to pieces for being ineffective. For example, is Braehead shopping centre a gathering of more than 500 people? Will it being expected to close? Of course not. Sturgeon saying it’s to protect front line services. It simply won’t work.
  14. I do enjoy all of the endless talking heads that in particular, Sky News roll out with their sage advice to work from home. I am sure guys who work offshore but who are on field break will be delighted. Their back to backs much less so. Some fabrication engineers might find it a bit difficult getting a lathe or a CNC machine into their garden sheds. It’s amazing how many of these nuggets think “work” involves nothing beyond typing into a computer. Stopping feeds to pubs is quite easy as they are all on completely different contracts to the domestic ones, and signals can be killed very quickly.
  15. I didn’t realise that taking away context in a footie forum and simply quoting the score was all it was about. Makes match forums utterly pointless.
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