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  1. I think you can try to ask, but we have all seen anything that they view as controversial being smothered at birth. They will have the wagons circled as per usual.
  2. That will be stage managed from start to finish to ensure every firework turns into a damp squib. That overused word “toxic” really looks to have found a new home in all things FFC. The biggest issue for me is that the MSG don’t seem to be offering up a sensible path for the change the club desperately needs. It doesn’t need “investment”, as more money would just get blown on the same sort of warped decision making of the last decade.
  3. We are the Arsenal of Seaside 1. Too many players happy to pick up a wage, and not overly fussed if we win or not. Someone questioned whether it was managerial or players that were the problem. Clearly it was both. McKinnon had gathered a group of weel kent faces around him, and an atmosphere of no great demands on the players had taken hold. Some of them seem perfectly happy to piss on M&Ms chips, and really aren’t up for anything too demanding. It won’t change any time soon.
  4. I don’t know about “the kindest start imaginable”. I don’t think it comes anywhere close to McKinnon getting a honeymoon period of two thirds or more of a season and then getting away with his “put on a wee sad face and look worried” routine was more difficult than what M&M have had to face. Truth is, McKinnon might well have signed a bunch of “names” with hardly any of them overly bothered if we win lose or draw.
  5. Aye, but come on, surely he is still worth a punt.
  6. Irvine was the stuff of legend but only when he was in the same starting eleven as Crawford Baptie. That combination seemed to to be magical or calamitous. There were a couple of Forfar 6-4 and 4-6 games that were great to watch.
  7. See, being shite or not shite is not an indicator of entertainment. We might not see the likes of Manè Firmino or Salah in full flow, but this league can serve up enjoyment as much as any other, and that’s why this level of football survives. It’s not always about the quality of football.
  8. Think that all stems from McKinnon’s less than thorough approach. While we aren’t asking for Wallace’s Gullane sands training, it was clear the players were delivering what McKinnon was prepared to accept.
  9. That for the rest of the season is all that matters. The only good smile on a player’s face is when we score and win. As you say, we’ve seen all the bonhomie stuff before.
  10. Aye, he let the ball come across, and McGhee fast asleep as Oakley wandered past him. Bit of a combo. Dallison should have cut it out, but McGhee could have put it away for a corner if he been paying attention to what was going on.
  11. Opening day gaff versus ICT was McGhee, not Dallison. Totally switched off and allowed Oakley to breeze past him at the back post. Not to say Dallison didn’t screw up every game, and Oakley rag dolled him a couple of times, but the goal itself was 100% McGhee.
  12. Wow. First gig away to Jamshedpur. Tough start.
  13. Have managed to write off most of it apart from the 0-3 going on 0-13 game against QotS. That memory is going to last a long time.
  14. Aw diddums. My heart’s pumping custard for you.
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