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  1. That’s because they both had to do the “Learn to Speak in English” module.
  2. Sorry, but I certainly am not buying into the “better options” for McGlynn than FFC. His time at Raith was done, and he was absolutely tainted there by the Goodwillie affair. That particular race was run, and I do not believe there was any gig open to him that eclipsed our offer. Raith were not interested in a fight to keep him. Other than his 8 month stint at Hearts which ended in him leaving in the February for the usual reason (poor results), Manager of FFC is arguably the biggest gig of his career. I do not think other better gigs were on the horizon, and no, I do not buy into staying at Raith as being one of them. The man is in his 60s. He is looking for the best deal he can get. He is not looking at career progression. If we are indeed paying Championship wages for players, then it stands to reason that we must be paying Championship money for the management team too.
  3. It’s not really pedantry questioning something that makes no sense. I appreciate the humility of your response though.
  4. That’s a Fife education for you. Does that explain the neediness too?
  5. Nah, I think our floodlights are in need of modernisation too. Not gazillions of ££££, but it will still be a significant spend.
  6. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-fc-manager-john-mcglynn-reveals-his-skipper-will-be-rested-for-home-game-against-kelty-hearts-4076769 The term “running on empty” is certainly there within the article. Now, was it McGlynn’s words or the journo’s words? It’s hard to say as grammatically the use of quotation marks are very inconsistent, but the OP of the phrase certainly didn’t make it up. There is mention of hamstring and knee, but clearly there is also “running on empty” in relation to McGinn as well as “leggy” in relation to the team.
  7. For me, the “catch the Fifers” game is over, and it’s now all about nailing down 2nd place. Whatever happens beyond that is pretty much out of FFC’s control. Clearly, two consecutive league defeats cannot be allowed to turn into three. We need to get second place guaranteed asap (and hopefully we’ll before the semi final and the play offs). Anything less than a win here, and like it or not, that will start to look like a significant wobble, and that is something that needs to be avoided.
  8. Sadly, no. “Other supporters” head to this thread with monotonous regularity. Why they can’t stick to the match thread or their own club’s thread used to mystify me, but the common element seems to be a form of neediness……..but generally, only when the other side win. Had we won yesterday, you would have stuck with the match thread, or your own club’s thread.
  9. This is the first season that we have actually managed to eclipse M&Ms covid season. That season ended at this point. This season, we have 2 points more, we have scored 2 goals more but we have conceded 12 goals more. Most other seasons, losing 6 games isn’t great, but you would expect to still be in the title race, but not this season. Back to back league defeats needs to be nipped in the bud pretty quickly.
  10. When you look at the permutations for the play offs, if Airdrie finish 3rd, I for one will be very nervous about those two fixtures. If they finish 4th, and it’s Cove, then I think they will beat Cove by a healthy margin. I just have a feeling that to get through the play offs, at some point, it will be Airdrie standing in our way.
  11. It was woeful, but it was also very predictable.
  12. Aye, our Lewis is very much the FFC memorabilia superstore these days.
  13. Agreed, but we ain’t Liverpool either. The psychological parallels are valid though.
  14. Yeah, I am also firmly in the “this will be tough” category.You just had to watch Liverpool demolish Man U 7-0 for a record breaking outrageously brilliant result where everyone connected to Liverpool were all floating along on cloud 9. They then go to relegation threatened Bournemouth and get beat. Our cloud 9 was Monday’s result against Ayr. Getting everyone’s feet firmly on the ground so that QotS is not our Bournemouth is absolutely crucial.
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