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  1. Believe me, it would be much better to have Franchise FC bottom and gone from the top flight (and ideally, gone from Scottish football entirely). A crowing Fitzpatrick is nothing compared to the antics of that mob. I keep thinking that the sword of Damocles is going to come down on them, but it hasn’t happened yet....but hopefully one day it will.
  2. Now, here’s a thing. In 1970/71, PF played in Stirling Uni (kind of). Who knows how, but five of us Larbert High pupils got to attend, and interview them after the gig.......and we had to wear school uniform. It was of course, utterly cringeworthy. Mason was decent to us, Gilmour was kind of ok, Waters looked on us a sub species irritation, and Wright never looked in our direction. Sadly Syd Barrett was no longer with them. We had to write it up for the annual school magazine as an article entitled “Careful With That Axe Eugene”. *groan*.
  3. Best when played in sync with The Wizard of Oz movie. Now there’s a special experience.
  4. 13 years. Our preparedness for first league games has been second rate, and has cost us dearly time and time again. Still, it means we are closing in on a (unwanted) Guinness World Record.......and achieving it in three different leagues. In a shortened season, first game points are vital, but I am sure MR will be making everyone aware that we can’t be expected to compete against big clubs like Partick Thistle.
  5. ....but a camel ain’t going to win the Epsom Derby.
  6. Yep. Might have to be structured so that only two or three make the critical decisions (given that a camel is a horse designed by a committee).
  7. Christmas is now the latest marker seen as ultra critical for the economy. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is nowt before then.
  8. To be fair, he was exceptionally good at pointing and looking worried. He also had the “sad wee face” thing down to a tee. An absolute imposter of a man. He will only ever succeed in the Jim Leishman way.......bags and bags of imaginary money aboard a gravy train for a season or two. Difference is Leishman is a pretty decent chap.
  9. Let’s be honest here. McKinnon would gladly take this entire season being scrapped. He would be off to LinkedIn spouting on about how he put a team of Invincibles together, and cruised through the entire campaign not losing a single game and not conceding a single goal.
  10. Said it before, will say it again. With QP he has been given time and money to effectively overwhelm L2. With us, money wasn’t the be all and end all.......he had to have some decent qualities as a manager, but he didn’t. We played 11 games against sides he had previously managed. We didn’t win a single game. The only stat he referred to was “games unbeaten”. Not titles won, not games won......just how many games he didn’t lose. A truly awful manager, a fake of the highest order.
  11. Too big for our needs, but a scaled down Tynecastle would suit us perfectly. Love their steep stands, and it does generate a cracking atmosphere.
  12. QUOTE The new role will primarily be focused on ensuring that the Managers are provided with the highest level of support to enable staff and players to compete and perform at the optimal level both now and in the future. The new Head of Football Operations will also be tasked with the development and implementation of a carefully planned football strategy, which will include the creation of a new structured scouting and football analysis network in addition to the re-establishment of a youth development pipeline.UNQUOTE Open to being wrong, but I see nothing in that wording that says Gow is going to be selecting players to be signed. Now that might be taken as read in terms of the role, but equally, not spelling it out in any of the above might well be deliberate because that’s not in the job description. The keywords are “support, strategy, structured scouting network”.
  13. Maybe something more likely is an Outback Steak House.
  14. That money will syphoned off in a heartbeat.
  15. Celtic won’t support anything that involves points deduction or forfeit of games as punishment for something that they feel is as likely to happen to them as anyone else.
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