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  1. They won’t want a ST crowd only. They desperately need PATG. A limit of (let’s say) 2100, and someone somewhere has stated 2100 ST holders, so no PATG. If then 1400 ST holders turn up, and they have no PATG facility, it won’t look good. They will definitely want an attendance limit well in excess of ST numbers (whatever they actually are).
  2. One might get there given a bit of time, the other could be given a decade, and he’d still not come good. May be the case that Sheerin reckons he is worth a go based purely on nuisance value and work rate. Sheerin’s interview was a master class in humility and respect. Even his handshake with Lewis at the end was very well judged. Compare it to Hartley’s ignorant “shit on my shoe” attitude to Lewis a couple of years ago. Easy decision for supporters to make regarding who they’d back between Holt and Sheerin.
  3. There’s more goals to be had here. Cove looking really fragile. Just no more of last season’s folding like a pack of cards please.
  4. Signing him is probably worse than hanging on to Hall. Clearly he is way out of his depth. I know it was decades ago, but I have played with and against far better players in the amateur leagues. A totally baffling decision to give him a contract. Just hope Sheerin has the common sense to accept he is crap and doesn’t keep playing him simply trying to prove he is right. The guy is never a full time footballer.
  5. Getting booked in the first 5 minutes is his version of Lewis bursting a gut chasing a ball that he knows he has no chance of catching…..it’s their way of showing commitment.
  6. Well if they want to fully adopt the loser’s limp, Sheerin will getting told to just take 13 players so offering up a sob story about not even being able to fill the subs bench. Having read the “second statement”, it feels like the Chairman stood back and let Neville Chamberlain have a go. The Club put forward a measured and logical case to the SPFL and asked them to provide us with a summary of the medical advice they considered when reaching their decision. No such advice has been provided and consequently, this club is now at war with Germany.
  7. You getting them mixed up with Livvy Launderers?
  8. Hall and Wilson have clearly shown that the mighty FFC ain’t a feared of a rotten player or three. If not O’Ware, then Holt’s development squad still has five or six players left. I am sure he will be offering up one of those to Paul Sheerin. (Where “offering up” means “reject him if you like, but there’s no money for anyone else, but you have the final say as the first team squad is your responsibility, not mine”).
  9. To be perfectly honest, FFC have tried that system in each of the last three seasons.
  10. That’s it for me too. The right grown up in the Boardroom who isn’t hamstrung with all sorts of confidentiality t&c nonsense could be good, but there’s as much chance of ending up with a Boardroom fan boy/girl who are in it for their own benefit, and will of course, deliver nothing beyond massaging their own ego. That’s always the risk. Stuart Adam or a Kenny Jamieson type, then great. However, a fan boy type would be disastrous.
  11. Everyone named Gary at FFC would be a step in the right direction.
  12. I think he came from McLachlan Street in Stenhousemuir.
  13. Great wee story if true. I can’t recall if our PA was decent or awful or even if it was changed out at some point in the 1980s? Clearly it could never perform as their sound system for gigs. Must have had some sort of function, but can’t think what….if it’s PA stuff like Tannoy speakers.
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