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  1. Between Wallace, Love and Byrne we should have scoring options never mind from elsewhere in the team. Gemmell gives us a completely different dimension in attack, and I think we're getting more than a Mark Lamont signing here. Also, bear in mind that there seems to be a dearth of strikers at this level, at any wage.
  2. Surely there must be a massive Brexiteer vote for The White Company.
  3. Weren't all the comms down at the club at the weekend ?
  4. The thing that struck me about the Perth hustings was that the audience was probably more politically balanced than any Question Time the BBC has hosted in Scotland over the last decade.
  5. I'm hearing on the quiet that he has interested a couple of clubs other than ourselves, and it may well be that he'll go to whoever comes up with the best deal. In his short time on the park on Saturday he certainly looked the part at this level even if he is 37. We shall see.
  6. I can think of a 96 year-old woman living in a central London residence with 240 bedrooms who is totally relaxed about this.
  7. According to the man himself he feels fitter than he has done for years as a result of rigorous training, and when I saw him on Saturday at Coatbridge he certainly looked in pretty decent shape. Just saying.
  8. I don't disagree but people don't buy papers for information or illumination, they buy them to validate their already-held prejudices. Just like America, there are now very few swing voters out there ready to be influenced by the press or the media in general. Thought has largely been replaced by ignorance and bigotry. And that is right up the Tory street.
  9. 'Individual player reports' and 'travel with team to games'. That could be interesting
  10. How very Dumbarton - a good three points on the opening day of the league season and not a greetin-faced post in sight
  11. Things are actually improving in a few directions off the park IMO, and Tam Carson and yourself have done a wee advertising job on here today. But it's in the nature of fans to fear the worst and look for problems, sometimes where none really exist. It will be interesting to see what turnout we get tomorrow, because I think the club has done pretty well in encouraging folk to rally round.
  12. I guess my post went into your 'Too Difficult' folder.
  13. Wouldn't it be the dogs if the French or German ladies put the Lionesses to sleep in the Euros ?
  14. I can't agree. He's a bit of a one-trick pony, once the defender realises that Orsi drops his shoulder and always goes outside he is quite easy to contain. He certainly gives his all but IMO his overall influence on games is minimal.
  15. Really? In forty years the only two competing forces in the UK economy have been inflation and interest rates, the latter being an increasingly crude tool to control the former. Nothing like enough regard has been given to structural and geographical imbalances like a desperate reliance on financial services, a grotesque housing market and the overheated South East of England. Not to mention corruption in the City of London, rampant tax avoidance, soaring inflation in executive pay and dividends, excessive corporate profiteering coupled with chronic underinvestment both in people and infrastructure, never mind industrial-scale Governmental waste with the MoD the star performer, and pork-barrel Covid feasts for the Friends Of The Tories. But aye, you are bang on, the school cleaners are to blame.
  16. And I think this is the problem. We now have a squad of about 8 or 9 automatic picks but then a mixture of mediocre players. You can get away with that to certain extent if you avoid injuries or suspensions but that ain't gonna happen. We need to hope that any more signings are of decent quality.
  17. The league IS the test here, but there is a risk that some folk have dug themselves in so deep against Stevie Farrell that they almost now need us to fail. The last three league cup performances have been decent and the squad is better than for at least two seasons. I'll take that for now and see what happens.
  18. The two debates thus far have been woeful, so a cancellation of a third is no great loss. There's been no debate of a resolution of the NI Protocol, clamping down on tax avoidance, the inhumane policy on Rwanda, the utter lie of levelling up, the implosion of the NHS, etc., Instead we've had questions tailored to 75-year old white Englishmen watching in golf club snugs across southern England.
  19. Jeez, have you ever considered anger management ?
  20. Anybody seen Dobbies Agent or OK Sons ? Asking for a football manager.
  21. Good news and fair play too to the 150th Committee who helped set this up.
  22. Just so long as he throws the puppies out a window and doesn't try and organise them.
  23. Just how bad is this ? It's like a rerun of a horror movie?
  24. That last paragraph is very concerning - where does the problem lie ?
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