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  1. Carswell has lost the captaincy but he's still a signed player. It could be he's going nowhere.
  2. He's only still here because they couldn't afford to punt him.
  3. Or Kirk Broadfoot who left ICT last month ?
  4. I take it that includes overnight accommodation ?
  5. Yes, young Wilson especially seems to have become a minor obsession and I hope we're not heaping pressure on him.
  6. The irony of Ed Milliband regularly sounding much more Prime Ministerial than Starmer is surely not lost on Labour MP's and voters.
  7. Let's wait and see what happens before we start getting carried away.
  8. I see it's now Hartley of Hartlepool.
  9. This is fair taking my mind off the upcoming draw with Armenia.
  10. There were times when I felt I was watching Dumbarton last season.
  11. He's going nowhere and that's a good thing for those of us who want to witness a slow, painful unwinding of this Tory Government in full public view. Bring. It. On.
  12. It was always going to be meh, but we should be more interested in what our playing pool will be like by then. Love, Long and McNiff look like reasonable signings, it's some of the existing squad that's the worry.
  13. It seems Farrell is determined to bring back old boys until one actually works.
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