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  1. Absolutely spot-on from one of the savviest writers in the UK press. But any predictions of the SNP's demise may be a bit premature. For one thing, they are not making many Unionists these days in Scotland's densest-populated areas. Secondly, many of us abandoned Labour for very good reasons - mine was Iraq - and I have absolutely no intention of rushing back to more of the same patronising entitlement which got them shafted up here in the first place. Thirdly, although the 'Red Tories' tag is a cliché, like all clichés it is founded in truth. Starmer's Labour is hemmed in by the innate Conservatism of much of the English electorate and his agenda reflects that, especially his craven shitebaggery on Brexit. I could go on. Let's see how things move on now under Yousuf. There is unrestrained glee in Unionist circles; anyone thinking of endorsing it in the ballot box is IMO very misguided.
  2. I really hope the teams are still neck and neck by the time the Binos visit the Rock as the thread will be off the scale
  3. It will be the hardcore only. I stay in the town and it is buzzing with indifference. Folk are worried about the club.
  4. I would certainly hope so, yes. But I'm very sorry to hear you can't attend on Saturday - I do though sadly understand.
  5. Does this stuff not date back to the Roman Coliseum where they had the Christians at one end and the bears at the other end. Or was it lions.....?
  6. And that's what we've done, cemented a play-off place. As you rightly point out there will need to be a dramatic improvement in form to win the title. Defeat on Saturday and we can forget it, despite what the polite Binos fans are posting.
  7. Cheers. Well he was honest about the performance but I'm not sure I share his thoughts on what happens next.
  8. Is there any post-match interview with Stevie Farrell ?
  9. The figure I heard was £1500 a game. But no matter the money how many Scottish clubs can you think of who rent out a grass pitch which has a history of problems ? QP are sharing with Stenny, Clyde at Hamilton, both plastic pitches. There might be others. QP used to rent at Firhill and that turned into a mudbath - is anyone seeing a pattern here ? Maybe the best hope for our pitch is that Rangers get pissed off and exit ? That and the board realising it is actually quite important at a football club.
  10. I reckon Cathkin is currently in better nick.
  11. Cheers pal, did that come from Stirling Albion FC ?
  12. Which would be mad as the Stirling guys won't travel in numbers as they rightly won't trust any of it and the game would be a muddy shitfest with a park in a terrible state for Saturday and thereafter. It smells very much like a money issue to me.
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