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  1. I thought I would dip back in after a few years away, the Eurovision thread was always worth watching.
  2. She's got a book called the cursed child or something, was in the window of Waterstones where I saw it. Of course she doesn't need the publicity, it's just a coincidence that there's a flare up when she has a book/play or whatever out. Every fucking time.
  3. did you know she has a book out?
  4. Yep, we got that last year and it was the first ever holiday I came home with money. We were in Cephalonia not long after the trouble so the Greeks had lowered a lot of prices as not to spook the tourists so it was as close to the old 'cheap holiday' as you would get these days. I think it was a couple of years ago it was £1-1euro so anything north of that is fine with me. I don't think the pound would rise that much if we remain, if we leave, it will plummet like a stone. I've managed to get the majority today, so happy with that.
  5. Got £1 - 1.28 euro this afternoon (I don't have a euro sign on the laptop), it's probably the best you will get about now. The markets are away to get very twitchy over the next fortnight...
  6. I took the wife to Fiji for Valentine's one year (she was my girlfriend at the time) and I was trying to impress her and get her to move down under. Rookie mistake. Now we just grunt at each other....
  7. Just been to Tesco for mint cornettos and got those smartie ones at the same time. Tried to get Feasts, but they never sold them. What's your favourite?
  8. No blacks, Catholics or women.
  9. I'm embarrassed they're human. Saying that, I've met a hell of a lot of decent Rangers fans over the years as well who will be embarrassed by yesterday. They hold no truck with sectarianism and are desperate for their club to move on.
  10. lHe's not allowed according to the rules, he's down on record as saying it's completely daft, he has a flat and he wants to stay in it but after the expense scandal, that's that. He bought it to stay in while you still could claim mortgage payments, it's not as if he could just nip home when he wanted to, so it made sense at the time to buy. Of course, he could stay in it and just pay the mortgage, but even I would consider it daft if I was no longer getting support for that and free hotel accommodation.
  11. I'm pretty sure the rules state that he can't claim mortgage payments, so he has to stay in a hotel. He will no doubt rent the flat out, probably to someone like Mhairi Black or someone else within the party. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm sure he would rather stay in his house, but that's the rules.
  12. I suspect Scorpio Leisure is away to do a roaring trade lol!
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