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  1. The only answer to your midlife crisis is to buy a house boat and start banging ladyboys
  2. 1. He hasn't done that 2. Palestinians are not Israeli citizens 3. Israel does not have segregated transport. You are wrong.
  3. Are you asking me if the women in hijabs are Muslim? I don't know what the women in the bottom picture are wearing but I'm 99% sure they're christians. If someone thinks that any country in the world having any slight amount of religious influence on their government is wrong, then that seems fair to me. But for the people who think the only country in the world which shouldn't be allowed to have religious influence on government is the Jewish one, and the only one they complain about is the Jewish one - then there's something wrong. I would view it that if Israel is a Jewish state because the majority of the people are Jewish and there is a small cross-over between religion and the government, then Britain is a Christian state because the majority of the people are christian and there is a small cross-over between religion and the government.
  4. This sums up you're entire contribution to this thread. You don't really know the facts or have any understanding but you've heard a lot of lies and just repeat it all. Even in the face of photographic evidence proving your nonsense wrong I'm sure you'll keep arguing your way.
  5. Can someone please explain why it's wrong for Israel to be a Jewish state but it's fine for the UK to be a Christian state?
  6. The UK is a Christian state. That's a fact.
  7. I'm proud of the fact Israel is a Jewish state. Nae luck ya racist.
  8. Aye ok expert How about they don't attack Israel for ten years? That's a much better way of getting a ten year ceasefire.
  9. Yes and before them there was the PLO. Before them there was the Fedayeens. Before them there was the National Jihad. Before them there were rioters, and Arab militias, murdering Jews. The fact is all Hamas and their many predecessors want is an end to Jews living in Palestine. This has been going on since before Israel was even founded. From the Peel commission of 1937 to the Camp David Accords of 2000. That's why Palestinian leaders have rejected every peace agreement or partition plan - and that's why 60% of Palestinians believe the solution is one state, "from the river to the sea"
  10. How many times did Israel invade during the last two years when Hamas weren't attacking every day? You labelled them as terrorists earlier but now seem to be changing your tune, saying they're a "defence force" when it suits you.
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