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  1. I know you're the stats man so none of this will be news to you but the last 6 games we've taken 3 points. St Johnstone have taken 10. On that trajectory we finish 11th. It's absolutely feasible that St Johnstone will catch us.
  2. Robinson's comments are by far the most concerning thing for me. We'll always have sticky spells but how the manager carries himself during that is important. I'd much rather he was backing his players when speaking to the media, feels a bit like he's looking for excuses and too often throwing the players under a bus.
  3. If we finish 11th, he shouldn't even get the playoff games. We're 6 points ahead of St Johnstone with 6 to play. In our last 6 games we've taken 3 points, St Johnstone have taken 10. It's not looking great at all.
  4. We've lost the same amount of matches under Robinson than we had under Goodwin. I wouldn't bet against St Johnstone catching us. And if we finish 11th we will go down.
  5. Dreadful defending is making for a very entertaining game. Lyness has been poor, Shaughnessy is all over the place.
  6. O'Hara has been OK anytime I've seen him. Probably be a reasonable addition.
  7. Not enough being made of Tam Courts styling himself on Kim Jong Un for me.
  8. I remember Jack Ross having a run in with a couple of blokes in the main stand early in his tenure. Can't help but think it's easy to make more of this than need be.
  9. Robinson hasn't done well so far but there's no guarantee we wouldn't have hit another sticky spell under Goodwin.
  10. Do we know what happened with the fans in the main stand? It's never a good look to be shouting back at fans but I wouldn't rush to judge. On the face of it he was a very good appointment. He's had a bad start but that's not to say he won't come good.
  11. We've been poor in all his games too, a couple of good goals aside. We'll need to see who he brings in in the summer and how we start next year but early signs haven't been encouraging. Maybe I'm being unfair, he needs time to settle in and get to know the players and club. I think top six is gone now, we'd need to take 6 points from our next two games to have any chance. Hopefully the games between now and the end of the season he can work out his best 11 and in what formation.
  12. The board went up when Watt was lying injured. It was right there was more than the 4 mins added.
  13. Not a chance it was a red card. Its a terrible decision. Dundee Utd deserved the 3 points though. We didn't deal with the changes, thought our subs were awful.
  14. I'm the same, it seems bizarre but it must be fairly common. There are a few keepers around who've been perennial number 2s. Maybe there's more to it than regular football though, I don't know Lyness's situation but there could be family ties meaning someone doesn't want to move, or maybe playing number 2 at a bigger club would see a better salary than dropping a level or two to be a number 1.
  15. You'd imagine the club will have a relationship with the contact now too. I'd hope, given the success of McGrath and McCarthy, that we'd be keeping a keen eye on the Irish league.
  16. If Alnwick goes to Aberdeen he'll be number 1. Lewis has been a good servant to Aberdeen and an excellent keeper over his time. Right now Alnwick is the better keeper, no question. I'd be surprised if Ronan ended up at Aberdeen. Think he'll be playing in England next season, either Championship or League 1. I think he's good enough for the Championship but a lot of clubs down there still think someone who's playing in Scotland is a bit of a risk.
  17. Kyle McAllister not even on the bench for Thistle today, could be injured. He's not had a sniff though. Are we able to recall him? As he'd be as well sitting on our bench than theirs.
  18. Great cross by Henderson an excellent header by Ronan. Should've been a lot more comfortable really but a welcome 3 points.
  19. Zack Rudden's 1998 Zidane hair do is magnificent. Highlight of the game for me so far.
  20. Not a classic. We've had 2 decent chances, Brophy should've scored, but it's been pretty even. I'd like to see Jones running at their defence more and we need more attempts on goal, even from distance, as I think their keeper looks shaky.
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