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  1. I thought he was ok when he came on against Rangers as well. He was about the only player that showed any kind of fight in the second half of that game. If Robinson can get a tune out him then it'll be like having a new player.
  2. The bit when Main was tackled and it was clearly a St Mirren corner and Dallas sprinted forward, pointing to give the goal kick. For a split second, I thought he'd given a penalty. Don't know why he couldn't have just signaled for a goal kick normally.
  3. It wasn't a stamp but he did clearly stand on him and I'm pretty sure he could've avoided doing it.
  4. What a relief! I thought we were decent today, showed a bit of steel and really battled for the 3 points, something that I think has been lacking in the past few weeks. Main played well, that's the type of player I hoped he'd be for us. An absolute pain in the arse for defenders. No one expected a 15 goal a season striker but wanted a physical, hard working player. McCart and Gordon will be coming off the pitch black and blue. Hopefully we see more of this. I thought Greive was good too, had to feed off scraps a lot but he was alert and was dangerous. Kiltie, Ronan and Gogic all good too.
  5. Enjoyed that. Good battling performance and a good, well taken goal. St Johnstone tried to throw everything at it towards the end of the game but I thought we were comfortable. Alnwick could've almost sat in the stand today. That's us safe because there's no way this St Johnstone team are taking maximum points from their last 3 games.
  6. Gordon's yellow wasn't even a foul. But that one on Main is a yellow all day. Dallas is some laugh. No even VAR will sort that clown out.
  7. Ciftci would maybe manage a bit of an impact if he didn't spend 75% of the game lying on the pitch.
  8. I disagree with a lot of the posts above, I think it's been a reasonable game. Conditions are tough for both teams and there hasn't been a huge amount of quality but both teams have had a couple of decent passages of play and both teams had a good chance. Main has been alright, making a nuisance of himself. That's what you want, he's no world beater but let the defenders know they're in a game.
  9. Agreed. He's got 7 league goals this season which isn't exactly spectacular but he has had a very stop start season with injuries. I think on his day he's as good as anyone in the bottom six.
  10. I've heard this criticism of Brophy from a few people, and it's probably fair. However after seeing so many strikers at St Mirren who NEVER shoot, that's a fault I'm happy for him to have. As for Jones/Kiltie/Ronan, Kiltie has been injured, Jones has been ineffective (I think that's being kind). Ronan is a class act, if we somehow manage to win today then it's almost a certainty that he'll be involved. I literally have no idea how St Mirren will line up today. Stick with 352, revert to a back 4? It's a must win for St Johnstone but more a must not lose for us. You'd expect that will affect both managers' thinking.
  11. I've woken up feeling positive. It's a bank holiday weekend, pay day has just been. A draw today would keep St Johnstone an arms length, with two home games coming up, one being against the last team we beat and another against a team we have a good record against. I won't be mentioning the P or R words today. Until after 4.45pm at least
  12. There could be some sort of relegation escape clause in the agreement.
  13. Yeah, I think that's fair. We've not seen enough of Greive, he absolutely could develop into a better player than Mullen.
  14. Excellent point. He's been a massive miss. That's also another good point. There's been a lot of change at the club in a short space of time.
  15. Danny Mullen is a decent squad player, you know what you'll get with him. He scored some very important goals and some absolute screamers. As has been said, he doesn't score anywhere near enough goals though. I'd have him ahead of Main and Grieve.
  16. There's a lot of truth in this and I've not been calling for Robinson to go. Not yet at least. I actually think a lot of our fans (certainly on here) have been pretty measured. I'm not convinced sacking him would be pointless though, if someone comes in and puts a rocket up the players' backsides, gets us better organised and harder to beat then it's not pointless. There's no guarantee that would happen right enough, but if Robinson loses on Saturday (which is still an if) then that'll be 8 losses out of 9. Would you trust him to keep us up in that form? We've forked out a bit of money for him but, ultimately, getting relegated will cost us more.
  17. You're probably right. I think Saturday is the crunch though. If we win then we're as good as safe, even a draw puts us in a decent place. If we lose though, would you trust him for the final few games to keep us out of the playoffs?
  18. I don't think anyone is saying that. We had a dreadful run under Goodwin earlier in the season and one last season too but he had us more than an arms length from any relegation battle (two seasons running). The idea that we have not been worse under Robinson is absurd. We've lost more league games since he came in than we did this season under Goodwin, and he's had 8 league games. Only Kearney has a worse start of any manager we've had in the top flight. And Kearney came into an absolute riot.
  19. Goodwin isn't above criticism and your points are fair. Given where we were when he left and where we are now, I don't think he shoulders any of the blame should we finish 11th.
  20. We might very well have slipped down the table but I'm certain we wouldn't have lost 8 out of 9 games with Goodwin in charge. I have some sympathy with Robinson, but I don't buy the 'this is on Goodwin' patter. We'd have been well clear of 11th had he stayed.
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