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  1. I've woken up feeling positive. It's a bank holiday weekend, pay day has just been. A draw today would keep St Johnstone an arms length, with two home games coming up, one being against the last team we beat and another against a team we have a good record against. I won't be mentioning the P or R words today. Until after 4.45pm at least
  2. There could be some sort of relegation escape clause in the agreement.
  3. Yeah, I think that's fair. We've not seen enough of Greive, he absolutely could develop into a better player than Mullen.
  4. Excellent point. He's been a massive miss. That's also another good point. There's been a lot of change at the club in a short space of time.
  5. Danny Mullen is a decent squad player, you know what you'll get with him. He scored some very important goals and some absolute screamers. As has been said, he doesn't score anywhere near enough goals though. I'd have him ahead of Main and Grieve.
  6. There's a lot of truth in this and I've not been calling for Robinson to go. Not yet at least. I actually think a lot of our fans (certainly on here) have been pretty measured. I'm not convinced sacking him would be pointless though, if someone comes in and puts a rocket up the players' backsides, gets us better organised and harder to beat then it's not pointless. There's no guarantee that would happen right enough, but if Robinson loses on Saturday (which is still an if) then that'll be 8 losses out of 9. Would you trust him to keep us up in that form? We've forked out a bit of money for him but, ultimately, getting relegated will cost us more.
  7. You're probably right. I think Saturday is the crunch though. If we win then we're as good as safe, even a draw puts us in a decent place. If we lose though, would you trust him for the final few games to keep us out of the playoffs?
  8. I don't think anyone is saying that. We had a dreadful run under Goodwin earlier in the season and one last season too but he had us more than an arms length from any relegation battle (two seasons running). The idea that we have not been worse under Robinson is absurd. We've lost more league games since he came in than we did this season under Goodwin, and he's had 8 league games. Only Kearney has a worse start of any manager we've had in the top flight. And Kearney came into an absolute riot.
  9. Goodwin isn't above criticism and your points are fair. Given where we were when he left and where we are now, I don't think he shoulders any of the blame should we finish 11th.
  10. We might very well have slipped down the table but I'm certain we wouldn't have lost 8 out of 9 games with Goodwin in charge. I have some sympathy with Robinson, but I don't buy the 'this is on Goodwin' patter. We'd have been well clear of 11th had he stayed.
  11. I don't think the comparison with Goodwin or Jack Ross is a fair one. Jack had a woeful start but the team he inherited was awful, some of those lads wouldn't have got a game at the Racecourse. Goodwin came in and had to try and build a squad in a short space of time. Robinson took over a decent squad in a great run of form. We'd lost once in 11 games (at Ibrox). He's proceded to lost 8 out of 9. His tenure has been an unmitigated disaster. I've not called for him to be sacked but I think Saturday is the crunch. Lose to St Johnstone and his time is up for me.
  12. St Johnstone have taken 8 points from their last 6 games. We've taken 3. I'd bite your hand off for a point right now.
  13. If we lose next week then he'll deserve to be sacked and surely the board will surely be getting tetchy.
  14. Fair enough. And posting that isn't a great look, even if it is just to your pals. I posted some absolute drivel when I was 20 though, so I wouldn't be too hard on him. I think he's a smashing player on his day, unfortunately we've not seen many of his days recently.
  15. He's got his account locked, probably not right to be making that public. For what it's worth he's been rotten recently but he's maybe got a point. Some fans go way over the top.
  16. Robinson has lost 8 out of 9 games. Before he came in we'd lost 1 in 11 games and that was at Ibrox. Admittedly that includes two cup games against lower league opposition.
  17. The lack of urgency in the last two games has been really noticeable. The only way we won't finish 11th is if St Johnstone drop points in all their final 3 games.
  18. You're probably right. Or Roy MacGregor will throw a few quid at him to entice him to Dingwall. I think he'd be a decent addition though, obviously fitness would be a concern but he's an experienced player and a very good defender at this level.
  19. I like Dunne but if Aberdeen are willing to throw decent money for him then let him go. Offer some of it to Andy Considine.
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