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  1. Interesting to see a lot of new keepers in the league this year and a few poor performances so far. Carson got a bit of stick after the Aberdeen game, and I definitely think he's a downgrade on Alnwick, but he's already made some very good saves. His one late on yesterday was so important. 

    Looking at Dundee Utd, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, St Johnstone I think we've done alright getting Carson in.

  2. 29 minutes ago, AW saint said:

    Genuine question. What front pairing do you think works best for us.

    Obviously Ayunga starts but who plays with him.  

    Main is strong and creates space but his control and mobility lets him down. 

    Brophy is quick and mobile but he is quite selfish

    Grieve is quick, good positional sense but lacks composure

    Offord is young but an exciting prospect.

    Olusanya us quick but looks too raw just now

    Agree about Brophy but I don't see it as a bad thing. We've had many strikers over the years who'd try and walk the ball into the net, so I wouldn't want to criticise a striker too much for shooting.

    To answer your question, when all fully fit then Brophy starts for me. Although Ayunga was good yesterday and Main was ok too, so fair enough if they keep their spots for next week.

  3. 16 minutes ago, glenburn bud said:

    If we can play like we did against Motherwell but take chances when they come along, then we will be fine against Ross County.

    If we stay competitive after the first quarter and don’t find ourselves detached, then his job will be safe. 

    Getting that first 3 points on the board is vital for the confidence of all the new players. Goodwin was given ample time to sort out a dire run of form last season, Robinson should also be shown the same respect.

    In reality 2 league games is not the time to be making decisions on a managers future.


    Whilst I agree with this, Robinson isn't just being judged on 2 league games. He's being judged on his entire time as manager. I've seen and heard a lot of moaning about the manager but not actually seen that many folk calling for him to be sacked.

    I agree that giving him the first round of fixtures is fair, however if we get to 6 or 7 games and have little or no points on the board then we need to start asking questions.

  4. County were better than us last season and look a decent side so far this year.

    To stay up, a home game against Ross County is one you should be looking to take something from. Right now I'd almost take a point just to stop the rot after 2 defeats and a dreadful League Cup campaign. 

    Another defeat and we'll be rooted to the bottom and whilst it's very early days the signs will be ominous. 

  5. 2 hours ago, AW saint said:

    Ayunga is on 5 already so I am confident he will make at least 10. 

    You are spot on about Ronin and Gogic though. 

    You're right but we're needing a striker that can get 10 league goals. Bagging a brace against Cowdenbeath doesn't give an indication of how well he'll perform in the league.

    That's not to say he won't get 10 goals. We're 2 games in and he's off the mark. So from a personal point of view it's been a reasonable start for him.

  6. I think a loan or two is the most likely addition. I'd be surprised if we brought in any other permanent signings unless we move someone on.

    I won't be holding my breath for any loan player to be as good as Ronan though. He was a special player and I hope he goes on and has a good career. Loan signings (like all signings at our level I suppose) are a bit of a lottery. Plenty of talented young guys will find it very difficult when coming up against pros with 100s of first team games. I reckon we've had more underwhelming loan signings than successful ones over the years.

  7. 1 minute ago, Lex said:

    FT 0-1
    Big booooo. Absolutely brutal, and not at all surprising. There wasn’t much in the game but we just didn’t do enough and we can have no complaints about the scoreline. After they went down to ten men we hardly created a chance, awful eye bleeding stuff.
    That’s certainly two teams who will be in the relegation battle come May, and a home loss does not bode well for the season.
    I thought all the new signings had poor games, Baccus looks very light weight and didn’t do much, Strain got in some decent positions but his end product was terrible. Carson’s kicking was shaky all game. Henderson was the only bright spark when he came on, can’t believe he doesn’t start.
    Going to be a long hard season

    Think you're a bit harsh. We deserved something from the game. I agree about Henderson though, he's about our most attacking threat and needs to start.

  8. 6 hours ago, djchapsticks said:


    This to a word.

    I'm not a Robinson apologist, nor have I been particularly enamoured by our performances or his handling of things since taking charge but let's not gloss over the fact that Goodwin was given a LOT more grace by St. Mirren fans because of who he was and not what he was doing. Because if it was what he was doing, the knives would have been out quickly for him too.

    He needs to be given a chance to show he can get the squad he's put together singing off the same hymn sheet. He may not but his chances of doing so are markedly higher than a new gaffer would at this point.

    If we get to 11 games in and are in dire straits then that will obviously be a different scenario.

    I mostly agree with this. I'm certainly not calling for Robinson to be sacked and i think he can come good but he needs a decent run. 

    Where I would slightly disagree with is that Goodwin was given a lot more grace. Being an ex player he was definitely more popular with the fans but when we were on a bad run there were plenty on here, bawarmy, twitter that would've had him out. Difference with Goodwin was that he was able to pull out a few good runs of form and some big results. Robinson needs a good run pretty soon.

  9. If we somehow manage to get some compensation for Robinson after his results so far, it would be absolutely hilarious.

    I don't think he's a bad manager, he could still come good at us and he'd probably do OK if he was to go back to Motherwell - but let's be honest, he's been rotten for us so far and could well be out the door before Christmas.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Ric said:

    Why the f**k is that Nazi English bitch mentioning anything Scottish for?

    Just remember, you would need to be aged 86 (yes, eighty six) years old to be able to vote in the last election the Conservatives won a majority in, yet (like my sig says) they think they have a fucking mandate.

    Have a word with yourself.

  11. 4 hours ago, Captain Saintsible said:

    Which brings me to Michael Higdon. I remember his hat trick against Accies in a relegation crunch. After his second, he ran towards the dugout in celebration and the guy next to me shouted “aye, keep running down the tunnel”

    After his third, he muttered “I’ll let you off this week”

    Haha. Brilliant.

    Genuinely think Higdon is one of the best strikers I've seen at St Mirren. Starting watching us in the early 90s it's pretty slim pickings. Thompson and Higdon would top the poll for me. Special mentions for Lavety and Yardley. Yardley peaked in the first division though and injuries stopped Lavety from reaching his potential.

    I loved Higdon though, was really good at bringing the ball down and getting the wide men and midfield involved, and he had a great ping on him. Some of the stick he got was mental.

  12. 57 minutes ago, Insaintee said:

    Yes. I think I can. There is clearly something about him. I recall Obika being written of at the start of his time with us too

    There's always a section of our fans (and fans of all clubs) that write players off too soon. I think that Obika quickly became a fans favourite though. Some people may have written him off but I think the majority took to him.

    It's early days for Ayunga, we've seen a couple of pre season Peles (Calum Ball springs to mind) who turn out to be rotten when the league season starts, so I certainly wouldn't be writing him off just yet.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Lola montez said:

    SR mentioned Carson’s injury isn’t as bad as first thought and will be available for the Motherwell game, Urminsky was exposed for the first goal so would still give him time, I’d left when the second went in. He also mentioned Main should be available. 

    He also said that Brophy and Main being back would add more physicality. That's fair enough, but he did sign 2 out of the 3 forward players who started last night and Ayunga is a man mountain. Surely he didn't sign these two guys to be back up to Brophy and Main all season?

  14. 1 minute ago, Hendo said:

    Not sure about that - he was effectively Kibbles appointment and they wont want to be seen to have got it wrong- only if we are bottom by the time of the World Cup break could i see the axe being swung.

    We have a squad that, on paper, shouldn't be losing to Airdrie, however the set up was all wrong. Our midfield was weak and a League 1 side easily dominated it, which is a real concern. The 4-3-3 doesnt work - go back to 4-2-3-1, hopefully Baccus will  come in and toughen us up in there, Kiltie back to his attacking mid role, Henderson back in the team on the right and Greive through the middle - he is not a left winger! And drop Erhahon until he realises he isnt as good as he thinks he is.

    Most worrying thing was the lack of onfield leadership. Very concerning.

    I thought Erhahon was about our only player with pass marks tonight. 

  15. 1 minute ago, Buttocks Brown said:

    Not much Robinson can do about Greg Kiltie kicking someone in the head half an hour in.

    Lots of work to do though before the start of the league season. Starting 11 is anyone's guess....

    Ok, the red card has a big impact but we must've had about 7 or 8 games last season when we went down to 10 men. If we're just going to meekly lie down any time we get a man sent off then we're in bother.

    It's a accumulation of really poor performances people are talking about, not just tonight's game.

  16. That's 3 games we've played, all against lower league teams. We've managed 2 goals, both coming against a non league side. I think it's valid to talk about still being 'pre-season', but we've shown nothing in these games. 

    Tonight, in the 2nd half, we were completely outplayed by Airdrie, 2-0 didn't flatter them. I don't even want to see the possession stats. Their keeper could've sat in the stand.

    A poor start in the league and Robinson is under real pressure.

  17. No more than Airdrie deserve. The second half they have passed us off the park. Hottest day on record and we're pumping balls into the channels for strikers to chase.

    Airdrie have a 29 year old player manager and have approached the game in a much better fashion. Ok, the red card helps Airdrie massively but we've been so poor yet again.

  18. 1 hour ago, Coventry Saint said:

    Backup goalies are such a weird thing. We're apparently of the opinion that Lyness and Urminsky are ok for a game or two at an absolute push, but any more than that and we'd need a more dependable keeper. 

    I get the economics of it, and I get that a club our size probably can't pay out for two keepers of first-team quality. I just find the concept of them strange. 

    This is exactly my feelings. Lyness is the first real 'back up' we've had for a while. What I mean by that is other keepers who've played second fiddle have done so either keepers who came in as number 2 but progressed to number 1 (like Samson or Combe) or keepers who've left after a season or two in the first team to get games (Ridgers, Stewart, Adam).

    This is no criticism of Lyness. He's done well when called upon and maybe this is his best opportunity to be involved full time at a decent club. Maybe he's got a settled family here or whatever. At the end of the day it's a job.


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