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  1. OK, but they've won 2 trophies in two years. Let's not be daft, Rangers will win more trophies than St Mirren over Dylan Reid's career.
  2. Possibly but Morgan was an established first team player. He played a few big games for Celtic and got a decent move at the end of it. He's flying at NY Red Bulls now. Reid is still very much a youth player. I suppose you need to be confident in your ability to break into a team. He'll play games for us over the next couple of years in the first team, the chances of him doing that for Rangers are much lower. I hope he has some sensible people advising him.
  3. Presumably he'll get more money at Rangers but more than that, the attraction of a bigger club will always turn heads. Rangers win trophies, play in Europe, and have done well in recent years. I can understand the lure of that. If he does go, I hope it works out for him. He's got a real chance of breaking into our first team and becoming a mainstay over the next season or two. I'd hate to see him move to Rangers and spend a few years in the lowland league with their B team or sitting in the stand most weeks.
  4. The players will have been doing double sessions as well and no doubt trained the morning before the game. In the run up to competitive games squads do lighter sessions the day before. It's impossible to judge based on pre season friendlies.
  5. Would've loved Gogic to stay but was never particularly hopeful. He did well for us but during our stinking run after Robinson arriced, there were a few games where I really wanted him to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Will we bring in a better player than Gogic? Probably not but you never know.
  6. To be fair to Martindale, I don't think he has tried to make excuses. He's fronted up to his past and I've never heard him make out that he was the victim. Gallagher's crime (from the little I know) seems pretty nasty. It sits a little uneasy with me that he's signed but I don't think that people who have committed crimes should be written off for the rest of their lives.
  7. I suppose people are entitled to a second chance, he served his time and I'd hope has been rehabilitated. I say this with the caveat of not knowing a great deal about his crime though, other than it being an assault charge.
  8. That would make sense. They've got a few forwards but Doidge would give them something a bit different from the others.
  9. Christian Doidge told he can find a new club. I'd take him in Paisley. I should probably post this in the Motherwell thread as well, so they can tell me he's not a Robinson signing.
  10. We've seen flashes of that wrecking ball. The game against St Johnstone at the end of of season he completely bullied their defence. I don't think he'll ever be a nailed on starter and definitely not a real goalscorer but he can still do a job.
  11. Fair point about the length of contract but I still reckon that's a reasonable signing. A full pre season under his belt and he should be up to speed. He wasn't a million miles away from making the Euros squad only 12 months ago. We still need a centre half in, possibly even 2.
  12. Tokely was different though as his challenge on Chris Kerr was a disgrace. He went in to do him as Kerr had ripped the pass out him a few times. Hartley was always more of a pantomime villain. He must've loved it as he always played well against us and scored on a few occasions. I've got a bit of time for players who give a bit back to the fans. If you've been taking pelters for years, then you're quite within your rights to cup your ear to the fans after scoring a late equaliser.
  13. Good to see the club are giving the fans what they want, a chance to boo Paul Hartley again.
  14. I like big Dunne. One of the fastest centre halves I've seen at St Mirren. I thought he had a decent season last year, if a bit stop start. That said if we can get anything like £350k I'd move him on. Although, I don't believe that figure is anywhere close to being realistic. If Goodwin is looking to spend 6 figures on someone like Dunne, then I don't think he'll last long at Aberdeen. Dunne, on a free transfer, would probably be a reasonable addition to the Aberdeen squad. But he's not someone you could rely on to play 30+ games a season, let alone guarantee you push on a level.
  15. I agree. I always wanted to see him come back to St Mirren, I always felt there was a bit of unfinished business and being such a cult hero it would've been great to see him run out in the stripes again. Taking any emotion out of it, based on the past few years he would definitely have been a punt.
  16. I'd have kept Power. I think he's a handy enough player to have, good at breaking up the play and retaining possession. I wouldn't have him as a guaranteed starter though and I'm surprised McInnes is taking him back to Kilmarnock. Maybe I'm misremembering but I don't think he did start well for us. His second league game he got sent off against Celtic for a stupid challenge. He did come on to a game and for a few months was arguably our best player.
  17. Fairly happy with that. Hope McAllister gets a decent club, although his time at Partick would suggest he might find it tough. There's a player in there though and on his day he's a good player to watch. Would've liked to have kept McCarthy, this time last had he left I'd have expected him to step up a level but he's had a stop start season. Maybe Aberdeen or the likes of Motherwell or Hibs might take a punt on him.
  18. I'm pretty sure that he said those were his initial impressions but then they actually got on really well.
  19. It makes a bit of a mockery of the 'development' part of development loan. I wonder what the reasoning is behind not letting these boys play.
  20. There must be a chance that Devine's red card will be overturned on appeal?
  21. Absolutely dire. Should be a stroll in the park for the Fakes else they deserve to go down. St Johnstone are terrible but Inverness never tested Gaston across the two games. Can't see them troubling St Johnstone. I hope Inverness come up but I don't see it.
  22. Yeah, the difference is quite stark. Robinson kicks every ball, you can imagine his enthusiasm would be pretty infectious. I think similar to their post match interviews, Goodwin is a lot calmer and clearer. Robinson got some stick for his interviews when we were on our bad run but after a good result the enthusiasm is probably a positive thing. He certainly couldn't be accused of not caring.
  23. Yeah, he will. I was just wondering how serious his injury was, as if it's bad he might not get a club.
  24. Anyone hear anything on Flynn's injury? I'm assuming he is leaving at the end of the season, it would be a real shame if an injury caused him any issues getting a new club. He's been a terrific player for St Mirren, would've been even better if it weren't for his injury problems.
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