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  1. Craig Samson was called into a squad back around 2013. Aitken was the last to be capped whilst at St Mirren I'm sure. Edit: Just noticed you said outfield player, so we can all ignore my post!
  2. Michael Stewart claiming Ayunga was 'clearly offside'. Look where the BBC have drawn the line. VAR is going to be some laugh.
  3. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the SNP are the biggest Royalists in Scottish politics after hearing some of the gushing from them over the past few days. Blackford on Andrew Marr's radio show last night was a total King Charles fan boy.
  4. It's hardly a profound protest. It looks like a childish strop. Booing is what fans do when a pantomine villain dives to win a penalty or they don't think their team are putting in enough effort. What is it achieving? Other than bad press for the clubs involved? What point are people trying to make by booing? That they didn't like the Queen herself? That they don't like the institution of monarchy? Something else?
  5. Some of the toys out the pram patter on this is incredible. I saw someone on twitter saying they'd hand their season ticket back if God Save the King is played. Imagine allowing yourself to get so worked up over it. Equally as bad as the folk queuing for hours and hours to get into St Giles Cathedral last night. I'd be surprised if GSTK is played at many (any?) grounds, but I'm pretty sure there'll be a minutes silence before the weekend games. I'm inclined to agree with previous posts that silences/applauses at matches should be reserved for people connected to the club. At the same time if there's a minutes silence any booing/backturning and the likes just comes across as childish.
  6. They should play God Save the King for a laugh. I'd be extremely surprised if it was played but I can't believe people are getting all hot and bothered about the suggestion it might be.
  7. To be fair to Heaton, the price tag was nothing to do with him. Young lad came up from English non league and wasn't good enough. It would be a pretty unremarkable story if we hadn't spent cash and crowed about what a coup it was. He had a few daft posts on twitter if I remember correctly but I've no idea what his attitude was like in training. We got sold a pup though, there was talk of English Championship and even Premiership clubs looking at him. Which must've been nonsense, we took the bait and threw a bit of cash to get him in. Naive on our part. Stubbs clearly didn't do enough research on the guy.
  8. St Johnstone were good today. Solid at the back, albeit we didn't really ask too many questions. I thought we had some nice wee passages of play but lacked any real guile. 3-0 probably flattered St Johnstone a little bit, but credit to them for taking their chances. The ref was getting a fair bit of stick but I thought he actually had a decent game, any players throwing themselves to the floor at the slightest touch and he waved play on.
  9. That's looks like a good move for all involved. I can see him doing well there.
  10. You didn't feel we needed to add to the squad that Stubbs assembled?
  11. I'd be disappointed to see Kiltie leave, I think he's a good player. That said, for most of his time with us he's not been a starter. It took him a while to make an impact, now he's dropped down the pecking order. You could understand if he was wanting to leave. Do you stand in his way and risk having an unhappy player sitting on the bench?
  12. I don't get the hate for Jack Ross. He did a very good job at St Mirren and we quite possibly wouldn't be where we are just now if it wasn't for him. You're never far away from the sack in football management - and this might well be the end of his career at any decent level - so I don't begrudge any manager moving for a better paid job when their stock is high. That said, his get up for his Dundee Utd photo shoot was unforgivable and he deserves pelters for it.
  13. Ah yes, Falkirk have - in the past few years - made a serious of very astute appointments.
  14. No one even put in a tackle. Ross deserves all the pelters coming his way but the players need to have a look at themselves too. Absolute shite bags. F St Mirren were getting horsed I'd expect to see several players getting stuck in. You could name at least 2 or 3 players in every team in the league that would've wanted to put a tackle in. Dundee Utd's players completely chucked it today.
  15. I agree to an extent. He's pretty well spoken and seems like an intelligent guy so I imagine he's good in an interview as his CV isn't a litany of successes. That said, whilst Hibs fans will disagree and bemoan losing big games, how long will it be before a manager finishes 3rd in the league with Hibs and gets them into 2 cup finals? With Sunderland he wasn't great but if you compare him to everyone of his successors until Alec Neil, then he didn't do a terrible job. His next job now will be at a Falkirk or Dunfermline, if he's lucky.
  16. The two big lads up front - and Brophy when he came on - really unsettled him. He's far too quick to get involved in the nonsense and he's not smart or wily enough to keep composed when that starts. His pathetic dive in the first half that almost saw Ayunga go clean through was an embarrassment. If I was Johnson I'd have hauled him off for that. It's a shame because he has the makings of a decent player but he'll never get a decent move unless he screws the nut.
  17. I've been pretty critical of Robinson but I've never called for him to be sacked (had we lost to St Johnstone at the end of last season, I might've). Whilst he was taking a lot of stick i didn't notice many people shouting for him to be binned. Before the Ross County game I said he needed a run of results to take the heat off himself. Well, he's done that and with 3 very good performances. His signings look to be settling in well and improving, he's found a system that suits us and he's made good substitutions. All credit to him. There'll be other poor runs of form I'm sure, but we've shown that we're a match for pretty much anyone in this league.
  18. Should've been 4-0. I hope top 6 doesn't come down to goal difference.
  19. It would be worth it just to see the absolute meltdown.
  20. Took until the second sentence of that article before there was an inaccuracy- "Followers of the Parkhead and Ibrox teams traditionally took up two stands when they played games at the SMiSA Stadium in the past" They got two stands for about 3 seasons out of the 12 we've been there.
  21. That's as comfortable a victory as we're likely to see. Carson had one save - and it was a very good save - other than that don't think we needed to get out of third gear. Main was excellent, two composed finishes. Ayunga was excellent too. And the 3 in midfield.
  22. Interesting to see a lot of new keepers in the league this year and a few poor performances so far. Carson got a bit of stick after the Aberdeen game, and I definitely think he's a downgrade on Alnwick, but he's already made some very good saves. His one late on yesterday was so important. Looking at Dundee Utd, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, St Johnstone I think we've done alright getting Carson in.
  23. Agree about Brophy but I don't see it as a bad thing. We've had many strikers over the years who'd try and walk the ball into the net, so I wouldn't want to criticise a striker too much for shooting. To answer your question, when all fully fit then Brophy starts for me. Although Ayunga was good yesterday and Main was ok too, so fair enough if they keep their spots for next week.
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