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  1. I'm pretty sure that he said those were his initial impressions but then they actually got on really well.
  2. It makes a bit of a mockery of the 'development' part of development loan. I wonder what the reasoning is behind not letting these boys play.
  3. Absolutely dire. Should be a stroll in the park for the Fakes else they deserve to go down. St Johnstone are terrible but Inverness never tested Gaston across the two games. Can't see them troubling St Johnstone. I hope Inverness come up but I don't see it.
  4. Yeah, the difference is quite stark. Robinson kicks every ball, you can imagine his enthusiasm would be pretty infectious. I think similar to their post match interviews, Goodwin is a lot calmer and clearer. Robinson got some stick for his interviews when we were on our bad run but after a good result the enthusiasm is probably a positive thing. He certainly couldn't be accused of not caring.
  5. Yeah, he will. I was just wondering how serious his injury was, as if it's bad he might not get a club.
  6. Anyone hear anything on Flynn's injury? I'm assuming he is leaving at the end of the season, it would be a real shame if an injury caused him any issues getting a new club. He's been a terrific player for St Mirren, would've been even better if it weren't for his injury problems.
  7. Worth noting that Charles-Cook was pretty poor in his first season. A lot of players need some time to settle in and fans can often have them judged after a game or two. I remember a player coming off the bench for his debut in the mid 90s. Within a few minutes, he'd taken a touch of the ball, lost his balance and fallen over. "HE'S SHITE", came a shout behind me. The player had been on the park for a matter of minutes. That player was Jim Gardner, so the moral of the story is that sometimes fans' early judgements are accurate.
  8. In the statement Kilmarnock put out it seemed that he was leaving so he could get more game time somewhere else. I'd love McGinn to be back at St Mirren but I don't think we could guarantee him games.
  9. What's the logic in not allowing returning loan players to play? Particularly those on development loans like Offord. We were allowed to recall him (and others) for the covid hit Celtic game and also Urminsky, when Alnwick was out. There's no unfair advantage being gained by giving game time to players not deemed ready to play earlier in the season.
  10. There was something about Adam's performance yesterday that made me feel a bit sad. The guy was a very, very good player who played at a high level for years. Yesterday he was miles off it. I described him on the match thread as being like a big lad in school who wants to take all the corners and free kicks and just smash the ball as hard as he can. His wee altercation with Erhahon just before Main's goal summed his day up, too slow so gets beaten to the ball and had to leave a wee bit on Erhahon, then gets involved with a bit of handbags. If that is indicative of his performances this season then it'll surely be his last.
  11. Charlie Adam is like the big lad in school who just wanted to blooter the ball as hard as he can every time he gets it.
  12. I was being diplomatic! I actually don't think he's been as bad as you say, I think coming with a bit of a reputation meant we expected a lot more. But he's not done particularly well and I agree that he probably shouldn't have been involved in the last few games anyway, unless we were struggling for bodies.
  13. Jones hasn't really set the heather alight. He's been ok but it is another option we've lost. Ronan is a massive blow though, he's been our standout player all season. He's got the potential to go on and have a very good career. Are we able to play any players who had been out on loan whose seasons have now finished?
  14. I don't want to labour the point but I think highlighting white players who've got abuse and black players who haven't, kind of misses the point. All players will get stick at some point, it is possible that Erhahon gets more than he would if he was white. As I said, I don't think it's helpful just to say that there's no racism here. We're all capable of saying/thinking something racist without realising it. What's important is that we always try to be better.
  15. I've been going to watch St Mirren since the early 90s. I could count on one hand how many overtly racist comments I've heard and it's been a long time since I heard anything overtly racist. But racism isn't always openly apparent. I think accusations of racism should be met with a bit of humility and contemplation, rather than a blanket refusal to accept that it has happened, or saying 'at least we're not as bad as them down the road." We can all learn and we can all be better. Does Ethan Erhahon receive racist abuse from St Mirren fans? Not that I've heard. Is some of the stick he gets worse because of his ethnicity? That's entirely possible and I don't think it's helpful to refuse to accept that possibility.
  16. A fit Obika is a better option than Main. A far more intelligent player with better link up play. But he's only played a handful of games this season. I'd much rather have Hendry from St Johnstone if that's a possibility.
  17. All teams have their players they rely on. Take Ronan out the St Mirren team and we'd be 11th. Definitely a problem for St Johnstone. I thought Hendry, for the most part, was ok on Saturday. Had that one chance where he should've hit the target and lacked service. He's good enough to cause problems for whoever you meet in the playoffs though.
  18. No closet about it. He's a big St Johnstone fan. Posts about them on twitter all the time. The two MPs for Paisley; St Johnstone and Partick Thistle fans. Might meet in the playoff final.
  19. I thought he was ok when he came on against Rangers as well. He was about the only player that showed any kind of fight in the second half of that game. If Robinson can get a tune out him then it'll be like having a new player.
  20. The bit when Main was tackled and it was clearly a St Mirren corner and Dallas sprinted forward, pointing to give the goal kick. For a split second, I thought he'd given a penalty. Don't know why he couldn't have just signaled for a goal kick normally.
  21. It wasn't a stamp but he did clearly stand on him and I'm pretty sure he could've avoided doing it.
  22. What a relief! I thought we were decent today, showed a bit of steel and really battled for the 3 points, something that I think has been lacking in the past few weeks. Main played well, that's the type of player I hoped he'd be for us. An absolute pain in the arse for defenders. No one expected a 15 goal a season striker but wanted a physical, hard working player. McCart and Gordon will be coming off the pitch black and blue. Hopefully we see more of this. I thought Greive was good too, had to feed off scraps a lot but he was alert and was dangerous. Kiltie, Ronan and Gogic all good too.
  23. Enjoyed that. Good battling performance and a good, well taken goal. St Johnstone tried to throw everything at it towards the end of the game but I thought we were comfortable. Alnwick could've almost sat in the stand today. That's us safe because there's no way this St Johnstone team are taking maximum points from their last 3 games.
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