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  1. Hearts looked good today. I wouldn't be surprised to see them get beat away to St Johnstone next week though.
  2. I still reckon Cosgrove is fouling McCarthy before the penalty shout today. I wonder if that was in the ref's subconscious. We were also on the end of a bad decision at Pittodrie when Lewis should've been sent off. He then saves the (poor) penalty. It's frustrating when big decisions go against you but over the piece Aberdeen have taken a point from two games in Paisley and that's all they've deserved.
  3. I'd be gutted if McGinn left. Mr consistency no matter where he gets played. We don't really have another right back if he does go, although Flynn has been excellent there
  4. Over the piece a draw was probably right. If Obika buries his chance we win so it's frustrating from that point of view. Obika was poor, Andreu wasn't in the game but other than that I thought we were good. Flynn was excellent yet again and McCarthy looks like a great acquisition, motm for me.
  5. Not been a great game. Obika has to bury that chance. You won't get a better chance. Andreu hasn't been at the races, I'd be inclined to bring Mullen on after 10 mins if he still can't get into the game. At least Mullen will make a nuisance of himself. McCarthy has been good at the back. Aberdeen might have had a penalty shout, although might have been outside the box. I also think Cosgrove was pulling McCarthy's jersey before McCarthy pulls him back.
  6. We were deserved winners in Paisley last time, albeit Aberdeen should've had a penalty, and at Pittodrie were were worth a point. We should have no fear going into this game.
  7. McCarthy should've thrown himself at that Macpherson free kick. Wasn't a great game to watch, thought we nullified Rangers well. The goal was annoying as it was slightly fortuitous with a mis hit cross. We had a couple of short spells when we were able to string a few passes together but we didn't threaten at all. The other results all went our way and we gave a reasonable account of ourselves. I'd have taken that before the game.
  8. That surprises me actually as his attitude appears to be good, certainly on the park when he always gives everything. Agreed he's not as good as Dykes.
  9. Is he likely to be leaving by the end of the month? If he leaves at the end of the season we won't have a say in where he goes.
  10. I could see him going back to Livingston and scoring frequently against us.
  11. Yeah, the couple of Morton fans I know said that he's been excellent in a poor team. Like most fans, I like Baird. I've always felt he was a bit hard done to as when a new centre half came in he was the one to make way, even if he'd been in decent form. In fairness though he isn't as good as Davis, Popescu or McLoughlin who all replaced him. I reckon he could do better than Morton right enough. I watched the Dundee v Motherwell game and he'd improve Dundee's back four. I'd say he's probaby better than the centre halves at Dundee Utd too, and he'd walk into Caley Thistle's defence, especially as Donaldson has left.
  12. Motherwell at home in the cup. Pretty underwhelming draw. Good to get a home tie I suppose.
  13. I have absolutely no idea. Aberdeen get bigger attendances than teams in either Norway or Croatia how that fits into wages I'm not sure. Anyway, I can see why fans of Dundalk and other teams might be a little underwhelmed by McCarthy moving to us. That said it's definitely a step up for him.
  14. Interesting, and I agree with your conclusion although I still think that Scottish teams outwith Celtic and Rangers do much poorer than we expect. I take the UEFA rankings but really we should be competing much better against teams from the likes of Norway and Croatia.
  15. That's interesting. Cheers. So my 'Irish teams generally do better' isn't really the case. That's was my perception and I know that is the perception of a lot of Irish fans.
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