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  1. Aye, Longridge on the bench. No idea who the other ones are.
  2. I'm inclined to agree. Any idea who they are? I'm assuming Djorkaeff is one which is a done deal apparently.
  3. I thought Nazon was alright, he put himself about and caused teams problems. He was unlucky to get a retrospective red card that halted any run in the team he might have got. I don't expect he'll be back althought I would be quite happy if he did reappear. As for McAllister, I'd bite your hand off for him. Yes he drifts in and out of games but he's a real talent who came up with the goods on a few occasions.
  4. Sow was rotten in both games against us and also against Inverness. I'd much rather start with Cody Cooke. May might be worth a punt, he's off the boil but let's be honest if he wasn't he wouldn't be linked with us. As for Dundee Utd, they won't get it all their own way. Dundee have recruited well and I reckon both Inverness and Thistle will be strong. It would be great to see Utd make a rip roaring balls up of it again.
  5. Just looks like a desperate, attention seeking, wee fanny to be honest. Hopefully one of these days he'll grow up a bit.
  6. I don't think Fitzpatrick's comments will put any more pressure on Goodwin to be honest. People know that if they ask Fitzpatrick what he thinks St Mirren should aim for then he'll say something that's probably unrealistic. I can't believe it still gets column inches really, and I can't believe fans of other clubs actually care. Goodwin's targets would have been discussed behind closed doors.
  7. Fair points. I suppose you never know until you give it a go. Maybe he thought he could make it work, maybe his wife/kids thought they might like to move to Scotland then changed their minds.
  8. MacPherson should make a difference, but if I was a player that had more than one option would o he signing for the team who didn't have a manager in place?
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