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  1. I probably disagree with the consensus here. As inconsistent as Connolly was, there was virtually no one in the league who could match him for pace. That's difficult to replace.
  2. That's far too level headed and reasonable for this thread.
  3. Main wouldn't have been at the top of my list but he's no where near the strangest signing in the past 20 years.
  4. Celtic's under 20s used Cappielow for years. If Celtic thought they'd have made money from selling merchandise out the Morton shop then they'd have done so. And Morton would've let them.
  5. Any word on the injury to Marcus Fraser? Moving Finlayson to right back didn't help him at all. It was a tough shift for his first start.
  6. The subs made a difference when they came on but it wasn't enough. Accies deserved their win, fair play to them. We were poor throughout today, very few players you'd say played well. I'd probably say that Erwin was out best player in the 25mins or so he played.
  7. McGrath is a class act and he's getting better and better. Sometimes it seems that a game can pass him by, I didn't feel he was great against Kilmarnock but he still got a goal and an assist. With the right move I think he'd continue to improve. The way the Ireland team are playing right now he must have his sights set on some caps. I wouldn't begrudge him a move at all. I reckon £500k would be fair, more likely to get less up front with some add ons right enough. I'm not sure Aberdeen is the right move at the moment though. He'd make a few more quid but I'm not convinced they're a club on the up. As much as we have a pop at Jack Ross for pinching our best players, Hibs would be a better move for him.
  8. If Fraser leaves I'd expect we'd be in for Naismith. When Naismith got injured at Hibs they signed Paul McGinn. Fraser came to us the following summer, and Naismith back to County. Fraser to Hibs, Naismith to us and McGinn to County anyone?
  9. Can't see anything other than County in the playoffs now I'm afraid. I thought Hughes was a poor appointment when it happened, then after you got results against Hibs and Aberdeen I was eating my words. He's always been a bit feast or famine though, liable to spring a shock result but equally likely to be total dug meat. The subs were the difference last night, Quaner and McAllister both made a real impact when they came on, whereas County's subs had no impact at all. I was delighted when McKay was taken off. I wouldn't be disappointed to see him in Paisley should County go down.
  10. It was a good game. Both teams had chances, I thought ICT probably shaded the first half and could've been in front, then I thought we probably had slightly the better of the second half. Scott Allan is a cut above most midfielders in the top flight and Todorov was impressive. The young lad Mackay is a player as well. Anyway, enough blowing smoke up ICT's arse, delighted we're through and great to see Dennis getting another goal. We've a good chance of another semi final now.
  11. I think Flynn would be worth another year's deal. With a full preseason under his belt I reckon he'd be alright. I suppose it depends who else we're bringing in, but on his day he is a useful player to have.
  12. In the first half he got a lot of joy by running at people. In the second half he seemed to just want to cross it from deep.
  13. That was an entertaining game for a dead rubber. Thought we were the better side but in saying that, Motherwell created more clear cut chances. For all the talk of soft penalties we had a stone waller waved away today.
  14. True. But at the start of last season and also the start of this season I didn't think top 6 was realistic. I think that's changed.
  15. There's definitely a chance we can build on this season and make top 6 next year, equally there's a chance we could have a poor season and be in another relegation scrap. Since the split was introduced there have been lots of smaller sides who've made it into the top 6. The idea that we can't do it, or that this season was our best ever chance, isn't something that's worth taking particularly seriously.
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