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  1. I watched a fair number of them in the first lock down. The older guys you mentioned were all good as they had some stories. It got ridiculous around that time when there were 2 hour interviews with folk like Kyle Lafferty. Think I watched the one with Kevin Kyle and Paul Slane once but it was too old firm focused for me. I actually think they come across as decent guys, and if they're making money off their podcast then good on them. It looks to me that they used Broomhill as a way of creating more content. The fact they've had a bang average season probably means that cash cow has dried up. They'd have needed to get promoted, or look a shoe in to win the league next season for folk to keep tuning in to their YouTube documentaries.
  2. Strange statement. If everything was so great, why has it only lasted a year?
  3. On a different issue, are there any clubs with long sleeves these days? All seem to be short sleeves with an under armour type top underneath. I used to quite like a long sleeved number.
  4. To be fair, I think the managers and clubs at our level that can find regular goalscorers are the minority. In my years 30 years watching St Mirren, I could count on one hand the amount of real goalscorers we've had. The likes of Van Veen, scoring a decent number in a bottom six/mid table team, are the exception.
  5. But the point I was agreeing with was saying that it's impossible to judge exactly when the ball leaves the foot of the player passing it. So the lines won't be 100% accurate. So spending the best part of 5 mins sometimes to do this, seems (at least to me) a bit daft. It's not about giving the attacker the benefit of the doubt, it's about sticking with the onfield decision unless it is a 'clear and obvious' error. And getting on with the game.
  6. But they don't draw the lines for the other things you mentioned, do they?
  7. Absolutely. VAR should look at it with the naked eye. If it's a clear and obvious error we'll be able to spot it. 3, 4 mins or more looking at these lines is a joke.
  8. You're right but contact doesn't mean it's a foul. Also, how many decisions have been overturned where it didn't seem a clear and obvious error?
  9. Given our away form and that yesterday we were missing 3, if not 4, starters a point isn't a bad result. Dundee Utd are fighting for their lives so it was never going to be a cake walk. Looking at the fixtures between now and the split making top 6 looks a big ask. We need to take maximum points from the Livingston and Kilmarnock games. We should've got a point at Tynecastle earlier in the season so I guess it's not out of the question that we could get something there. As much as I'd love it, we won't get anything at Ibrox. Top 6 or not, we've had a strong season and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep the majority of the squad together, add one or two and pick up a few more wins on the road and we'll get there next season. Easy eh?
  10. At about 85 mins I was thinking that as it almost looked as if Utd were settling for a point, and we were the team most likely to win it. But to be fair to Utd they did make a go of it at the end, showed some real fight and had the chances to win it.
  11. Stoppages in 45 mins = 8 mins Stoppages in 8 mins = 4 mins. I honestly think stoppage time is 90% guess work. The second half was the most comfortable we've been this season up until about 89mins then I felt we were hanging on. We got a bit of luck with the penalty. That's a pathetic decision and I'd be fuming if I was a Utd fan.
  12. A slow start from us but we came back into it. Dundee Utd are bad at the back but I struggle to see where a goal comes from for us. Good strike by Fletcher.
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