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  1. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    You practiced that one, didn't you? Yeah, I posted it on FB as well. Boom boom.
  2. The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

    Are the players at the POTY do, or have they still not been found after going missing in the second half last night?
  3. Football Manager 2019

    Managed to lead Fulham to Premiership survival and have started season 19/20 by beating Leicester and Arsenal, drawing with Watford and losing to Chelsea. My team has a Scottish spine with McGinn, Cairney, Souttar, McKenna, Forrest and Shankland all in the squad. Thank you very much 4321 geggenpress.
  4. Next Scotland Manager

    I don't think he'd take it, he strikes me as a very hands on coach and he wouldn't have that opportunity as an international manager. Should still ask him though. Moyes would be a decent appointment and would bring the organisation that's been missing in recent times.
  5. Next Scotland Manager

    He would be an interesting appointment, but would he be a better choice than Clarke?
  6. Next Scotland Manager

    He's one of those "flavour of the month" unemployed managers that people nominate for no real reason.
  7. Karamoko Dembele

    He'll be working in McDonalds in 10 years time.
  8. E-Bikes (specifically mountain bikes)

    I have an e-cigarette. What I need now is an e-bike.
  9. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    People who enjoy excessive capitalisation.
  10. Next Scotland Manager

    He's a Killie fan.
  11. Your sporting ability out of 50.

    Football 1 Rugby 0 Tennis 0 Table Tennis 1 Snooker 0 Golf 0 Basketball 2 Darts 1 Pool 2 Badminton 2
  12. Next Scotland Manager

    Malky Mackay and Scot Gemmill are both shape shifting lizards and should not be considered.
  13. Next Scotland Manager

    Craig Levein
  14. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Let's make this real.
  15. Notre Dame

    Quasimodo puffing fags on the sly IMO.