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  1. I remember saying at the time that it was a laughably bad appointment and that they would go down that season...
  2. No matter what solution is decided, there is always going to be someone who is unhappy with the outcome. Oh, I'm not saying that managers who have lost their jobs magically no longer deserved it just because the season is voided, because often it's the correct decision. I was more driving at the general point that, if the season is voided, every result and all of the money spent was all for nothing and I think that would be the most unfair outcome possible.
  3. Unfortunately it's too early to guess when it will be deemed safe to resume "normal" life (including the football season), and I think finishing the season is the least of our worries right now. However, purely from a sporting integrity point of view, I think the fairest solution is that the season should resume in full at an appropriate time. It might f**k up the usual timeframe in which football normally occurs, but there's no point rigidly sticking to timeframes and deadlines for when the season must resume when it's uncertain how long the Coronavirus outbreak will last. Lets have a look at other ideas that have been banded about: Ending the season as is - would be unfair as it would rob sides at the bottom of the table the opportunity to escape relegation, and sides in and around play-off or continental competition places the chance to secure those places. Ending the season as is but having no promotion or relegation - would be unfair as teams who have worked hard all season to be top of the league would be denied their reward, and teams at the bottom would be given a reprieve they don't deserve. Playing out a truncated version of the season - why not just finish it properly? Voiding the season completely - a non-starter IMO as there is no reason to completely abandon the current season. It also potentially opens a nice big can of legal complications. Clubs would have spent money for nothing, managers would have lost their jobs for nothing, fans would have spent their season ticket money on what basically amounts to an incomplete product etc. No matter what happens, and whether you agree with me on other points or not, I'm sure we will all agree that it will be a glorious day when the football season resumes.
  4. I am in dire need of a haircut, but might just grow it as long as this lockdown lasts for.
  5. Did they not get the benefit of some ridiculous decisions?
  6. Portugal Euro 2016 - apart from Ronaldo (who is quite rightly considered one of the greatest players of all time) they were quite an ordinary team with a couple of good players, and France, who had players such as Pogba and Griezmann in their ranks, were heavily favoured to win the final. Leicester City 2016 - if you look at the individuals in the squad - with a couple of exceptions who would soon emerge as top talents - they were an average side. However, that's what made their achievement of winning the league so great. Rangers 2008 - this team, their style of play, their fans, their whole club were absolutely putrid so for them to shitefest their way to the UEFA Cup Final was ridiculous. Porto 2004 - this was the first time in a decade that a team from outside the "big four" leagues won club footballs biggest prize beating Man Utd and Lyon en route to the final.
  7. I was at work because I'm "essential".
  8. Doncaster Rovers - I was born in Doncaster so follow their results. I've never been back to Doncaster since I was born, but I've heard that it's a sh*thole. Dumbarton - my grandpa was a Dumbarton fan and my dads side of the family are from that area.
  9. Liverpool are ridiculously good in my Arsenal save and have an iron death grip on English and European football. They routinely win league games by four or five goals and have a ridiculous goal difference of over 70 in January 2022. I am embroiled in a title race with them but they have managed to go three points clear of my Arsenal side after beating us 3-0 at Anfield. They're the only team I've lost to domestically this season as well, as they've beaten me twice. Title race far from over, but I'd be very surprised if Liverpool drop many points so every game is basically a must-win now.
  10. Walters taking us to EURO 2008. Can't wait.
  11. I had a good drive tonight. Starting to get to grips with the new car. It's a Mitsubishi Colt. It's quite a smooth drive. My experience of driving different cars is limited because this is only my second car, but it's quite a nice car to drive. Annoyingly the indicators and wipers are on the opposite sides to what I'm used so I've accidentally cleaned my windscreen while coming up to roundabouts a few times . 🤣
  12. I don't even drink when I'm not driving. 😂 I am out for a drive atm (obviously I'm parked right now!) and finding it a bit easier.
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