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  1. Absolute fucking scenes when Scott Wright scores a late winner to take us to the World Cup.
  2. Hiding abhorrent beliefs behind religion rather than just admitting that he's a homophobic piece of shit. What could be braver than that?
  3. I once ran onto a football pitch and scored a hat trick.
  4. Brian Gilmour has been made a priority by the Dunfermline board.
  5. **** really are a different breed. I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. I hope last night haunts them forever.
  6. And the queen to die a minute before kick off.
  7. I can't decide whether I want to see them pumped or to lose on penalties.
  8. I hope his wife has left him when he gets home as well.
  9. I'll not have a bad word said against him. He scored a barrel load of goals for me in Football Manager.
  10. Richey Edwards

    FIFA 22

    Two footing anyone in that game was worth the reds.
  11. Richey Edwards

    FIFA 22

    Ayr's kit in TIF2002 was like the previous seasons with the black and white the wrong way round. I used to just edit it to the way it should be. I received the game for my 12th birthday and did not even know that Ayr were in it. You can imagine what 12 year old me's reaction was to discovering Ayr were in the game.
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