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  1. I went to Asda last Thursday night and you'll never guess who was walking out as I was walking in.
  2. They could have went to Kilmarnock. There's a Wimpys in the bowling alley.
  3. I just realised why you have "fox" in your name. I thought you just liked foxes.
  4. I do not think we will win the league, but a promotion play-off place is a realistic and sensible ambition with this squad. I do hope we can mount a title challenge though, mostly because I do not think my heart will be able to take the promotion playoffs!
  5. My parents are currently in South Africa on holiday. They're having a great time. I am vaguely jealous because apparently it's roasting there, and I'm in Ayrshire freezing my bollocks off. My parents are doing some sort of guided tour holiday travelling to different parts of South Africa. They are currently in Kruger. I was speaking to them ten minutes ago via their very bad WiFi and they really enjoyed the safari. They got some photos from it that I will post below. South Africa is a country I have never been to myself, but I would love to go. It looks absolutely amazing.
  6. It's what Football Manager would call "El Sackico". In fact, if you Google "El Sackico" this game comes up.
  7. Exactly. This situation is absolutely disgraceful. It would be very weird having earlier kickoff times, but if it saves the club a significant amount of money then it's something that should be considered. I very much doubt they would make the decision to put such an idea forward lightly if they thought it wouldn't be of much benefit.
  8. Yeah, I thought he would be a great appointment for Boro because he did very well at Sheffield United. Two wins in 11 league games this season is very poor though.
  9. I immediately thought of you when I read that, because he was your profile picture.
  10. 1. Make the World Cup every 20 years instead of every 4 years. 2. Ban Tifos from stadiums. 3. All matches to kick-off at 3PM on a Saturday. No exceptions. 4. Abolish the Champions League/Europa League/Conference League. 5. Let goalkeepers handle the ball outside the area.
  11. I am not convinced Haaland is human. He makes scoring goals look ridiculously easy. An absolute machine and the complete striker.
  12. Yeah, I would agree with that. Can understand why but I don't see this being a popular idea at all. It would almost seem sacrilegious to kick-off at any other time than 3PM on a Saturday.
  13. Just been announced that Bruno Lage has been sacked.
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