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  1. Is it just me or is there an unusual amount of red cards, injuries and players missing easy opportunities?
  2. Since changing my tactics, I have managed to come back from 12 points adrift at the bottom to sit in 8th going into the last four games.
  3. I went something fucking ridiculous like 20 games without a win before getting two wins and a draw in rapid succession. Needless to say, I'm bottom of the table. I've still won two and drawn one out of the four Ayrshire derbies so far this season, so at least there's that.
  4. I recall SI getting absolutely slated for Adam Johnson being in the game a few years back.
  5. Yep, that's what I've got in the cupboard. Far superior to the jar version.
  6. No they haven't. My friend works in the club shop. He says they're lucky if they've sold 1000.
  7. And, just like that, five league games without a win. Four of them were defeats.
  8. I have two essays due for university next week. I have spent the last 90 minutes playing the beta of FM22. I started a save with Ayr. I have won the first two League Cup group games, without conceding a goal - playing with a 4411 tactic that I made on FM21. It seems to be working pretty well so far.
  9. I actually miss him on Twitter. He was good for a laugh.
  10. The Beatles sold more albums than Jesus did. Jesus, however, sold more books than Hitler.
  11. Hitler had more fans than Jesus did. Does that make him better than Jesus?
  12. I just don't understand why you would support a football team from a place you have no links to. If you are from a town, surely you would support the team from that town? It doesn't matter if they're shite, or have never won any major honours. They're still your team.
  13. Don't talk shite. They don't even travel to Glasgow. Aside from that, yes I agree.
  14. Florence and the Machine are fucking dreadful.
  15. I was drinking a Bovril, and it made me wonder if there was anyone on Pie & Bovril that had never actually tried Bovril? Do you enjoy Bovril? Do you drink Bovril outwith the setting of a freezing cold football stadium? Have you invented a special diet were you substitute every other drink for Bovril? Let me know in the comments below.
  16. I attended the burns unit once and it was absolute shite. There was no haggis or whisky anywhere.
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