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  1. - Yeah, thus far they've coped well with the symptoms well and it hasn't been anymore than an inconvenience for them. However, there's plenty of horror stories online about people being unable to breathe properly and requiring intensive care or dying of complications from having the virus and other conditions. My dad has a heart condition so it's worrying to think that such a thing could happen to him. - My girlfriend appears to have convinced herself that I have been using dating apps and cheating on her. This is completely untrue, and I have told her that. However, she started insulting me so I pointed out that she was behaving unreasonably and being nasty to me for no reason. This didn't go down well and she's blocked me from all means of electronic communication. This is particularly disappointing, because we are both supposedly old enough and mature enough to break up without any of this infantile nonsense. - the job situation, I'll have to wait and see what happens. However, hopefully it works out for the best.
  2. Apparently he had Motor Neurone Disease. Fucking hell. Poor guy.
  3. My clearest memory of Zaliukas is him playing for Hearts against Ayr United and slipping while attempting a clearance, which allowed Gareth Wardlaw to nick the ball off him and score an equaliser. It sounds harsh that reading his name instantly reminded me of that particular incident, and I felt kind of bad for remembering him for that. However, he was a better player than that memory would suggest. He was Hearts cup winning captain back in 2012 and was rightly highly regarded during his time there. Rest in peace big fella.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54764579 Only 36 as well. What a shame.
  5. Today: - Both of my parents have Coronavirus and apparently the symptoms can worsen in the second week. - My girlfriend has decided to break up with me for some completely fabricated reasons that she herself has concocted. - I could potentially be made redundant soon as I cannot return to my workplace, and am currently waiting to be either "redeployed" or made redundant. One of these things alone, nevermind all three of them, would have previously been enough to trigger a depressive episode. However, I'm feeling okay about them. It's a shite situation, but one that I can navigate through.
  6. I went for a test last night and it came back negative, which was a surprise as I thought it was almost a certainty that I would have it too.
  7. I had a really enjoyable journeyman save in FM17 which went something like Unemployed > Brechin City > Alloa > Norwich > West Ham > Rangers > Fiorentina > Australia > Crotone > Porto. I turned Alloa into an established Premier League team, won back to back titles at Rangers, took Australia to the World Cup semis and won Serie A with Crotone. I'd probably like to pick that save up again actually. It was a good one.
  8. They both feel alright today, just a bit of a cough so far. You see all kinds of horror stories online about how awful the virus is and how it has long term health impacts, so it is scary to have your parents test positive. Especially if they have other health conditions. From the beginning, I was hoping that they would be able to avoid contracting the virus because, with all the stories flying around, I wasn't sure if my dad would survive it. However, it's happened and there's no point panicking about it now. Thankfully my mum and dad aren't feeling too bad and just have mild symptoms. We'll just need to keep an eye on ourselves and each other and hopefully avoid any complications.
  9. As a further update, my dad has tested positive as well. I am going for a test at Prestwick Airport later.
  10. Biden to win both the popular vote and electoral college vote by a small margin. Trump to attempt to cling to power. Both candidates to be either dead or tucked up in a care home by 2024.
  11. Thanks guys. Yeah, my mum, my dad and I are to stay at home for two weeks. I currently live with my parents, so need to isolate as well. She has a cough and feels a bit chesty, but apart from that she says she's not feeling too bad. She got track and traced via the app earlier in the week and had to isolate for two weeks anyway, but she was confident that she didn't have Coronavirus until a couple of days ago when she started having a cough. I would be more concerned if my dad caught it, because he has a heart condition and is a bit older than my mum. Having to stay at home is a ball ache because I was meant to be returning to work within the next week or so. However, it needs to be done. Hopefully we'll all be well and come through this with no lasting effects.
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