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  1. It has come down to the final game. We play AFC Telford while Gloucester play Blyth. LET'S DO THIS.
  2. It can be quite frightening, but it can also be fun and humorous depending on who you play with. I usually play online with my brother, his partner and whoever else we can rope into playing. We usually have a good laugh.
  3. Don't worry, my attempts at humour are notoriously bad. I probably shouldn't have joked about such a subject.
  4. Lewdle 09 4/6 Don't be $⋕*! Play the original Wordle too! https://www.lewdlegame.com/
  5. Or building a funeral pyre and giving them a proper send off.
  6. I have had so many pets and can understand that you get fond of them and it's sad when they pass away. However, turning them into an ornament or drone is disgusting. Whatever happened to burying them in the garden?
  7. Yeah, I was scrolling through BBC Sports news and saw that it had gone to penalties so put it on. I love penalty shootouts. I always have.
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