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  1. I live near Auchinleck and can confirm that their fans are fucking scum.
  2. Deadie Weir https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/63768331
  3. Imagine what could have been achieved if we didn't have a manager who spunked a lot of money on shite.
  4. I was thinking earlier in the week that around this time 10 years ago I was struggling massively. I have come back a decade later to answer this question - yes, I was lucky. I thought that life was not worth living anymore, and that I had wasted my chances to become better than what I was. That was not true. There are too many things to list that I would have missed out on if I had not been prevented from hanging myself by a complete stranger. Here is a few of the things I would have never got to experience: 1. Getting into unversity to study Mental Health Nursing. 2. Seeing my nephew grow up. 3. Learning to drive. 4. Meeting my ex-girlfriend. We may have broken up now, but that was a really fantastic time in my life. 5. Ayr United winning the league in 2017/18. I was in my early 20s when I posted that. The idea that nothing positive will happen in your life when you're that young is ridiculous. It's never too late for good things to happen. It's going to eventually become my job to promote recovery in other people's lives. I know that recovery from mental illness is possible, because I am evidence of that. If you're struggling, don't give up. You have so much to offer, no matter who you are or how you feel. Jamie xxxxxxxx
  5. Whoever vanquished the Sevco shop needs a statue made of them at the exact spot where the shop was.
  6. Any truth to the rumour that the Sevco shop has been broken into?
  7. Lewdle 309 3/6 lewdlegame.com By SuperHappyFunTimes & @theadamvision
  8. The arguments from 2014 for Scotland staying in this "equal and voluntary union of nations" have been proven to be a load of shite. And today, in case it was in any doubt, we see that it is not an equal and voluntary union of nations. No need for the SG to campaign in favour of independence, when the UK establishment does a fine job of campaigning for independence themselves.
  9. We better not be taking this game lightly. Strongest possible team please. This is an important game. All cup games are important. Playing a team from lower down the Pyramid does not warrant fielding a weakened team. Why would you field a weakened team against a team who will be giving their all for a big scalp?
  10. To be fair she would have probably done a better job than the three Conservative PMs that have been in office since. That isn't exactly a high bar though.
  11. I was shielding my eyes from the sun and realised it looked like I was doing the Arfield.
  12. Some Portuguese striker is looking for a new club. I don't think he'd get into the team ahead of Dipo though.
  13. He's a fool. Way to ruin your legacy and reputation.
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