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  1. Didn't see a single Dundonian during my lunchbreak. Let today be remembered as the day Dundee fans shat it from Richey Edwards from P&B.
  2. A win tonight keeps whatever faint whiff of a title challenge remains alive. Although specially trained sniffer dogs would struggle to find that scent IMO.
  3. We could throw sand at each other down the shitey beach then go to Vanilla Joes for an ice cream then. Always good to have a backup plan.
  4. If any Dundee fans find themselves in Irvine tomorrow lunchtime let me know and I'll splat a lukewarm Greggs steakbake on your face.
  5. These people are dangerous fucking idiots. Whose bright idea was it to let these people own firearms?
  6. I am not against a 442 in theory. I am only against it if it involves hoofball shite.
  7. If Bullen reverts to the 442 long ball shite I shall run all the way to Dundee and fly kick him.
  8. It may be our pal America's ball, but it looks shite.
  9. I was 12 years old when the invasion happened. Even back then it was suspicious as f**k even to a 12 year old. I still await the Hague issuing arrest warrants for Bush and Blair for what they did. Or do they not care about Iraq?
  10. He came on as a first-half sub for Peterhead against us and proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes attempting to injure our players and ended up injuring himself and rolling off the pitch while crying like a bitch. Absolute walloper of a guy.
  11. Mind the time Bobby Mann spent a whole afternoon trying to do one of our players and ended up injuring himself and ending his own career? LMAO.
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