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  1. That's what happens when you elect someone who knows what they're doing. For a guy who was painted by the pro-Trump trolls as a senile old man who doesn't know where he is most of the time, he seems to be acting quickly and decisively.
  2. Biden just got his feet under the desk and has already done more good things than Tango Hitler did.
  3. I had the covid vaccine yesterday and woke up this morning with twelve nipples. Sounds crazy, dozen tit?
  4. That's my vaccine dates booked. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I work as a support worker for disabled adults. You would be surprised at the number of my colleagues who are both anti mask and anti vaccine. Fucking morons.
  5. I haven't had it yet, but will shortly have the opportunity to get it. I am a support worker for young people with physical and learning disabilities. The people saying they aren't getting it because they don't know what's in it are probably the same people who think nothing of taking drugs that someone has cut in a shed. Scientists and medical experts have created this vaccine. They are infinitely better qualified to judge whether the vaccine is safe and effective than some random person on social media.
  6. Phil Spector apparently kept Leonard Cohen prisoner while producing one of his albums.
  7. I am working this weekend so won't make the game.
  8. Everything in existence should be declared null and void.
  9. Lachlan, and his father before him, performed a thankless task admirably and took the club from the brink of bankruptcy to where it is today. It was a bumpy road, with some relegations and questionable managerial appointments, but Lachlan and Donald Cameron deserve a great amount of respect and gratitude for the important role they both played in ensuring that Ayr United continued to exist. Hopefully exciting times are ahead.
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