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  1. Somecunt needs to tell Belgium that if they lose this game they are out.
  2. I can bend spoons as well ya p***k. It's not magic.
  3. I wasn't too impressed with England or Croatia in their game. A poor England team is still better than us though. I don't actually think we played that badly in the Czech game. I have seen us play quite a bit worse than that and still win. However, we were very much the architects of our own downfall. Individual errors, bad decisions and poor finishing cost us in the Czech Republic match. I thought we looked like the better team until we were two down, then that wonder goal/Marshall going for a walk took the wind out of our sails. Funnily enough, the 0-2 defeat in the 1999 play-off first leg was the first Scotland game that gave me that crushing disappointment. I was too young to appreciate World Cup 98. The Czech game was my nephews first Scotland game, and was also a 0-2 defeat with crushing disappointment.
  4. I have heard Spain and Croatia all described as "Asian teams". Did none of these pundits do geography at school?
  5. I'm buzzing. Regardless of what happens - this is a team we can be proud of.
  6. I was explaining to my 10 year old nephew that I was younger than him and his mum was his age the last time Scotland played at a tournament. In fact, the fact that there are people who are in their twenties (and have children themselves) who weren't even born the last time we were at a tournament makes me feel ancient. And I'm 30.
  7. Today is the day. 23 years of absence from a major tournament is over. Come on the Tartan Army. Do us proud! I am working today, but we're putting the game on this afternoon. Where will you be watching?
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