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  1. I was in one the cubicles and someone tried to boot the door in.
  2. I think we should take this a step further and let every street in Scotland have it's own football team.
  3. Richey Edwards

    FIFA 22

    Why? Edit: I'm not being snide, I was just curious.
  4. Yeah, I was dangling the bishop to try and get you to move the rook but you never took it.
  5. Rbwatson beats RicheyEdwards by checkmate. An enjoyable game that I started (and ended) pretty badly. The midgame was interesting but overall the better player won. Good game, and a deserved win for you. BTW, you just ended my biggest winning streak (7 games) on the chess.com app.
  6. What's happened? I just heard the game was abandoned due to an injury. It must be a very serious injury. I hope the guy is okay.
  7. I have taken to having some games against non-league opposition running concurrently with my league games just for practice. The last two games against non-league opposition have been won by checkmate in 7 and 5 moves.
  8. He's got one eye on Hampden Park by the sound of it.
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