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  1. It terms of it the occasion seeing as it was both a national cup semi-final and the biggest Ayrshire derby of all time in terms of what was at stake, it was a horribly disappointing game on a miserable day. At some point in a cup match, you need to try to score in order to progress. Not conceding for 120 minutes and relying on penalties is very risky, as you only need to lose one goal for your entire gameplan to go out the window and the later you concede that one goal, the harder it is to get back in the game. Perversely, if we had conceded earlier the game might have had a different outcome.
  2. The tactics, while not pretty or exciting, were minutes away from being successful. Kilmarnock may not have been a brilliant team, but people seem to lose sight of the fact that we had a pretty poor team. Do people seriously think that attacking Kilmarnock from the first whistle would have been a better idea? We'd have lost in 90 minutes instead. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know anything about football and should go refund their season ticket. The one complaint I had about the tactics was that we should have showed a bit of attacking endeavour sooner, i.e. after 60 or 65 minutes. Attacking in the last 5-10 minutes of extra-time when you're already losing is too late.
  3. I confess that as a player he was a hate figure for me when he played for Rangers, but he was a good player and they say that if supporters of other teams hate a player then he must be doing something right. He appeared to revel in his status as a villain anyway. However, a persons' health and life is more important than petty football loyalties. Football is only a game. The photographs from his public appearances over the last few years show a young man gradually wasting away from a terrible disease that he fought with great courage until the end. His death is very sad news. As a care professional I have worked with many people who have died from degenerative diseases and no person deserves to suffer such an awful and drawn out death. RIP Fernando, and thank you for being one of the more entertaining characters of Scottish football in recent times.
  4. Dundee United missed a trick by not signing Michael Moffat instead of Lawrence Shankland.
  5. The commentary has always been dreadful, it's part of the PES charm. I got it yesterday and played for a couple of hours last night and enjoyed it. Despite the flaws, the gameplay generally feels more "real" to me than FIFA does. I started my master league with a win and then proceeded to draw four games in a row. 😂
  6. I spotted somecunt in the town with "Ronaldo 7" on the back of an Ayr United top.
  7. I didn't know that P&B marriages were a thing. Anyone game?
  8. I enjoy a browse of P&B and life would be a little bit less amusing without it. Football forum. Self-help guide. A barrel of laughs. Thank you Pie and Bovril.
  9. ASDA wasn't stocking this, which was disappointing. Probably doesn't sell enough for them.
  10. Played a few matches of the demo and found it more enjoyable than the last FIFA. Will pick this up later.
  11. Rugby might not be to everyones tastes, but the Scotland rugby team currently puts the football team to shame in terms of performance.
  12. I didn't get PES last year but enjoyed the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions. Tempted to get this as I find FIFA pretty boring.
  13. If Scotland had voted for independence back in 2014, it would have been able to take back control of its football.
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