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  1. I like films with quirky characters but I liked the lead because he was an ordinary guy with an ego on certain things but for the most part, humble. I hadn't seen the guy in anything else tbh
  2. I thought it was very intelligent (emotionally intelligent) movie and that scene where he was let down by his former professor made genuinely lol. Well written too. An undiscovered gem 9/10
  3. It's excellent but the best feel-good movie I've seen in years is a movie called "Liberal Arts". Excellent film.
  4. Going to have another glass of League Champion winners' champagne
  5. Dark Skies - not bad at all. Good performances and tension built nicely although the whole thing was a bit too similar to Signs for me. 7/10
  6. Have you any idea how wonderful it is to be a fan of the glorious Glasgow Celtic? Glasgow Celtic Champions
  7. Great thing that people can pay their respects at a funeral. Vermin who turn up waving flags, chanting slogans waving flags and behaving like scum at a funeral less so
  8. This programme has got really boring. I think I'll watch The Chase instead
  9. Don't judge us by your club's fans' standards please
  10. Speaking as a Celtic supporter, I would always respect the dignity of someone's passing and would observe a minute's silence for any one
  11. i slagged off his tracksuit. Truly despicable
  12. Ah yes the progressive liberal method of bullying and then maybe reverting to a victim when somebody responds. Why don't you quote some poll just to be consistent?
  13. Unlikely but......... excellent contribution. You forgot to mention the "sky fairy". Ya zoomer
  14. He helped to provide the national rugby team with support from the majority when they won the World cup in 1995 by mincing around in a truly disgusting track suit.
  15. You have your opinions and I'll retain my standards ok? Thanks
  16. Funny that we get all this caring society p**h from all these leftie liberals and then when it comes to allow people the right to mourn the passing of someone who they admired, they're dancing in the streets and making numpties out of themselves on social media. "Caring society where everyone's rights are respected". Aye that'll be right
  17. "Left wing missionary". Give me a break mate. A society that fails to recognize God is a disordered one and everything that I've read from the leftie progressive liberal crowd reeks of contradiction. Also, like a lot of other posters on here you've been brainwashed by a progressive, leftie media which promotes the rights of tiny minorities and in so doing undermines any moral order for the majority. That's another irony of course which is that at the core of the liberal agenda is self interest but you're not going to understand that.
  18. I think, more in the way of embarrassing those people who were dancing the streets and generally behaving in the most despicable way possible, there should be a minute's silence before all sporting events on Saturday
  19. It's worse than that. It's obscene imo
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