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  1. I like films with quirky characters but I liked the lead because he was an ordinary guy with an ego on certain things but for the most part, humble. I hadn't seen the guy in anything else tbh
  2. I thought it was very intelligent (emotionally intelligent) movie and that scene where he was let down by his former professor made genuinely lol. Well written too. An undiscovered gem 9/10
  3. It's excellent but the best feel-good movie I've seen in years is a movie called "Liberal Arts". Excellent film.
  4. Going to have another glass of League Champion winners' champagne
  5. Dark Skies - not bad at all. Good performances and tension built nicely although the whole thing was a bit too similar to Signs for me. 7/10
  6. Have you any idea how wonderful it is to be a fan of the glorious Glasgow Celtic? Glasgow Celtic Champions
  7. Great thing that people can pay their respects at a funeral. Vermin who turn up waving flags, chanting slogans waving flags and behaving like scum at a funeral less so
  8. This programme has got really boring. I think I'll watch The Chase instead
  9. Don't judge us by your club's fans' standards please
  10. Speaking as a Celtic supporter, I would always respect the dignity of someone's passing and would observe a minute's silence for any one
  11. i slagged off his tracksuit. Truly despicable
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