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  1. Mate, I think I replied to one of your updates and the only reason I posted on your profile was because I was baiting you, successfully, as I am now. :-)

  2. You really are obsessed with me, aren't you?

  3. A neg rep of 100, pure bigotry if you ask me.

  4. Sir Charles Green going to be on Scotland tonight, should be for good viewing.

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    2. Green&White Army
    3. Chris-54Titles-


      Your opinion is irrelevant though ya wee freak.

    4. Green&White Army

      Green&White Army

      hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahah. At least you don't get wound up.

  5. We didn't buy our history, we simply transfered our history from one company to another.

  6. You are in serious need of a hobby pal, do you only ever post on this part of the forums?
  7. Rangers have 140 years of proud history.... the rangers well they bought the history didn't they? Or did they.

  8. Always educating the uneducated on here, I deserve a medal.

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    2. the_bully_wee
    3. buddie06smfc


      Will G&WA ever learn?

      Probably not. As demonstrated in this very comments section the boy is an absolute rocket.

    4. Green&White Army

      Green&White Army

      at least you're not wound up

  9. Get the flag back up ya shower of c***s! Three cheers for the red, white and blue.
  10. Quite ugly to be fair! Waist of a visit.

  11. If I have one son then I'll have ten and they'll all grow up to be loyal orangemen

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    2. Chris-54Titles-


      Thank you for your input. I'll be sure to take your judgment on board X.

    3. Sloop John B
    4. BStoFYI


      As long as they are not intolerant of Kaffliks and love the union that is well within your rights. Fathers Rights its what the modern day slavery battle is all about.

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