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  1. How long does it take to do one of them paintings? 8/9 hours? Not really worth it so people think you're cool on the internet eh, champo?
  2. Somebody completely fucking shit and boring will win this. perthshirebell is/was the best by a country mile for me. Genius.
  3. My pal failed her test today (2nd attempt), she also failed her theory test twice (although it may have been 3 times). Clearly not fit to drive a wagon, but she was very down this evening. I passed both tests first time (cause I'm a total boy). 50/50 and 74% on hazard perception, IIRC. Think I got 3 minor faults on my practical. Think it's just over a year to the day when I passed, I'd say I'm a far better driver than all my mates (and my wee mum), and probably a better driver than my dad too. I don't really have many stand-out talents, but I am a fucking sensational driver. I love cars too.
  4. Correct there, Marshmallo. Trust well see you in Soho for the big pre-flight piss up (we fly from Heathrow)?
  5. Wit the f**k you talkin about m8? Do you just get all your posts out of a standard grade Modern studies/sociology textbook?
  6. Hmmm, I don't think I've seen that film yet. Tell me if it's any good so I can maybe go and see it some time?
  7. Oooft, some outing that was. Those burds at the table opposite us weren't very subtle in their admiration of the Club DECE krew, In all seriousness though, we did have about 8 or 9 Celtic fans squaring up to us. Some boys.
  8. Have to admit I was getting a bit bored of this thread and happily let it die away, but after seeing that I'm 100% behind a complete comeback. Club DECE reunion in Vegas next month?
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