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  1. I misread that at first glance as Colin McGlashan!!!
  2. Good luck for next week guys, I have some great memories of playing you up at Central Park. I know it's a big ask to overturn the defecit but all you can do is believe and hope your team goes out there and plays the game of thier lives. All the best from a Clyde supporter.
  3. David I hope you don't mind but I have copied this to facebook for some of my Norwegian mates to read.
  4. I am afraid to me our rivals will always be the Luvvies from Firhill!! Nuff said!!
  5. Guys as an exile i try and get to a game as often as i can, (this has meant 1 game last season), but I know for a fact that the exiles still buy season books and pay for our programmes. I for one would love to be able to get to more games but personal circumstances (living in Stockport, working in Warrington, Fiance in Manc-land) mean I can't offer any other excuses than that!!
  6. I have already voted by proxy! Get shot of the name change!! never let it darken our door again.
  7. Oh indeedy!! Hebs is talking about getting the exiles back on line this season, would you be up foir that??
  8. I gave Davie Gormley his start in football when I put him on as a sub for our BB team when he was 8, we were playing in a Glasgow tourney and he had come along with his Dad,(also Davie) who was a fellow BB officer with me. Even then he had a great work ethic. Hey hey hey Claim to fame guys!!!
  9. My Dad is a Rangers supporter. To be fair to him when I was tweleve he took me to all five grounds in Glasgow (Shawfield, Firhill, Ibrox, Parkhead and Hampden) and let me choose who i wanted to follow. It just so happened that clyde played well for the only time that season and won 4-2 v Alloa and I was hooked. I should have realised by his reply when I said to him, " dad i want to be a Clyde suporter," to which he replied, " are you sure???"
  10. I am heading up from Stockport for this one (well not just for this, it ties in nicely with a friends wee one's christening) I haven't been all season and believe it or not can't wait! The Other, Other Glasgow Derby!! Clyde Fc Exiles...............Stockport Branch
  11. Don't you think that your post is just a bit disresepctful???? Just a thought!
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