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  1. My mistake, used to get a lot of info from said poster re Vaughan and contract extensions etc. You might have to take over when the time comes
  2. Were you previously Bambino on here? If so welcome back, didn't realise you were posting again. Hope things are good at your end.
  3. He's pulled out, see post just before you. Daily Record saying the same.
  4. Murray will be announced as the new gaffer tomorrow.
  5. Pardon my ignorance but what exactly is the Hub thingy at the North end meant to be? I've seen the artists impression of what it would look like but no idea what the intention is behind it. I'd heard murmerings we were going to use the car park at the North end for something as well but no idea for what. Must admit when sitting in the North Stand for the Betfred cup games and the first game against Hamilton I quite enjoyed the change of scenery however looking out to the South Stand it just 'looks' like a traditional home end with the close proximity of the Main Stand. I felt a bit isolated in the North Stand watching the games however as a one off it was nice to look out to the home end and seeing the fans celebrating.
  6. I was at that game, great day out. Anyway, it's 2-2 now. Would rather ICT went up. Normally a shite away crowd at Starks and obviously we're shite against them.
  7. Kudos to the club including information in the Rovers Digest email about the Young Teams fundraiser and also on Twitter as well. It would be nice if the club could put a small contribution over to them, I'm sure that'll give them a buzz knowing they have the backing of the club to help them improve the atmosphere at games (maybe they have, I'm not sure. Not looked at the fundraiser for a bit). I look forward to what ideas they have.
  8. I've been quite fortunate growing up that I never really encountered anything major bullying wise. I used to go the Scouts when I was wee and was getting some hassle from another boy. Was never physical and was mainly name calling and convincing others not to let me join in. Plucked up the courage to tell my old man who in turn spoke to the Scout leader. He was a friend of the family and he pulled me aside one evening in the hall and spoke to me about it. "I'm really sorry to hear you're getting getting hassle from this boy.....why don't you get him in the toilets and kick his c**t in" I never did pluck up the courage to do that and in the end the Scout leader spoke to the entire group about bullying etc and low and behold it stopped. How I wasn't bullied more in school is beyond me. I was the perfect target. Chubby, took an interest in my schooling and generally looked like a bit of a loner and a sitting duck. The catchment for my primary had surrounding streets that were notorious in Kirkcaldy as being the roughest in the toon so there were a lot of hardy boys that clearly had had some tough upbringings. But what got me accepted in amongst 'the lads' was the fact I liked football and was reliable at lunch times when we played our games. It helped as well that my primary school days were during the Rovers glory ear of the mid 90's meaning the bulk of our school were actually Rovers fans, as was I, so we all had something in common. These boys were mental though, some of the stuff they got up to during and after school was crazy however they were also responsible for convincing our headteacher to let me play for the school football team. I had never been picked to play before as these boys were all really good and I was always the one blowing out his arse. Our headteacher was very competitive and it was all about being the best school at football so there were a number of boys overlooked however she gathered all the people that wanted to play so she could gauge numbers and several of them chirped up that she should give me a chance. I'll never forget that and these were boys that were kicking f**k out of anyone that wandered into their street in the evenings. Several years ago I did find out that a couple of them are now dead and a number of them have done time in prison. What's crazy is when I look at my own son (who is 10) and the similarities to when I was in primary school. My son is autistic so socially is a bit awkward, he wears glasses and has since been fitted with braces. He is an absolute walking target for wee dicks to poke fun at him. But he loves football, knows the game inside out and as such can contribute to footballing chat amongst his peers. That's all he wants to do at school, play football and chat football. He's now one of 'the lads' so to speak albeit his core group of pals aren't in the same catagory as who I was hanging out with at school. I suppose my point is, like fitbaw and you'll be fine.
  9. Murray and Thomson are being interviewed this coming Monday. It's between McPake and Kettlewell for the Townies.
  10. Aye that'll happen however I suppose my point was it's been alluded to we might find out by Wednesday who the new gaffer is. However I've just lifted what was posted on FanTalk, it could all be nonsense.
  11. Someone's posted on FannyTalk that they've heard RaithTV are booked to interview our new manager on Wednesday
  12. I wouldn't look too much into that. Having been at the QP game against Dunfermline both teams looked absolutely terrible. Dunfermline in particular looked nothing like the side we faced in each game last season. If that current QP side is 'well backed' then someone is paying far too much on some amount of dross.
  13. I'm probably in a complete minority from an opposition fans point of view but there's something about Central Park I quite enjoy. Seen many a game there when Rovers have played Cowden and granted I don't think I've ever seen a good game of football there but it's always been an enjoyable away day. Terraces, freedom of movement about the ground, pubs nearby, usually a decent Rovers crowd. My laddie comes with me to games and only knows the modern stadia so he got a shock yesterday when I telt him it was standing only. He had a great time running about the terraces and being in a ground that, to him, was a bit 'different'. I've never had an issue with Cowden but I find it crazy to think that's them now in the LL. Can still remember players like Hemmings and Stewart bodying us on a regular basis and there were times they were a tough team to crack. Hope they bounce back quickly.
  14. Went along today and stood amongst the Bonnyrigg fans. Standard of football on show was poor and fully expected Cowden to go down. Hopefully the auld fella in the Bonnyrigg end is ok.
  15. Gary Locke had a few years managerial experience under his belt before coming to us...
  16. Not necessarily. If McGlynn has went to the board and identified Lafferty, Griffiths and Goodwillie as players who could do a job for us you'd 'assume' he'd have been happy with whatever player the board could realistically afford. It was also spoken about that 7 members of staff voted through the deal so that'll be the 4 board members, CEO, McGlynn and Smith.
  17. When does Kevin Thomson's contract expire at Kelty?
  18. Just stick a union jack in the board room and he'll sign without question.
  19. One things for sure we'll be helluva outbid by Fleetwood if they decide they want Brown.
  20. Posted something similar in another thread but surely the talk of less than 1500 season ticket holders at Dunfermline must be an error. Is it not sub 2500 which could be more believable? Struggling to wrap my head around 2000+ people consistently paying at the gate/online to go to games when they could have just got a season ticket (if Dunfermlines attendances are as they are reported).
  21. Haud the bus, Dunfermline having sub 1500 season ticket holders can't be true shirley? That would mean in excess of 2000 punters paying at the gate/online if the attendance figures for Dunfermline games are true. Christ we were waxing lyrical at having 1500 season ticket holders and barely broke 2000 at games overall barring games against yourselves and Killie.
  22. Me and my laddie were at a loose end today so popped along to this (QP end obviously). Absolutely sensational entertainment and the meltdowns on Halbeath Road were a joy to witness. Get doon
  23. 8 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses up until start of January. 10 wins, 5 draw, 4 losses from January until end of the season.
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