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  1. Yes, then I leave it on the sidwalk for the wife to take into the house and invariably she'll throw my Hershey candy in the trash can.
  2. First of all, I have no idea if I'm correct in this situation but I'm assuming I am. If I'm wrong I'm keeping shtum with the wife. My wife rarely ever carries cash on her and was down the high street a week or so ago and realised she'd struggle to park anywhere closeby that didn't charge for parking. She phoned to explain her predicament so I explained to her there is an app you can download and you input the number that's on the ticket machine and can pay that way using a bank card. She was in a rush so I told her instead of her downloading the app if she gave me the number on the ticket machine I would pay it via the app as I already had it on my phone. All sorted happy days. Yesterday she arranged to meet her pal for lunch - again down the high street. She phones on route down the high street and asks if she gives me the ticket machine number could I just quickly pay for her parking - she wasn't 100% sure if she'd park in same place or try somewhere different so I couldn't use the previous ticket machine code as no guarantees she'd park there. No worries I say but next time take some coins with you. Couple of hours later I realise she's not phoned so assumed she'd downloaded the app herself and managed to pay. I then gets a phone calls: "are you ok to bring up that app and pay for the parking?" "where are you?" "just heading back to the car" "so you've parked the car and left it for 2 hours with no printed ticket on it or having not used the app yourself to pay for the duration you wanted?" "....do I not pay as I'm leaving the car park" "what car park are you in?" "same as last week" "so you're in a bog standard Council car park?" ".....yes" "get back to the car pronto and if you've been collared by a traffic warden you're forking out for it....stupid cow" "but I can pay when I get back to the car surely?" "if a traffic warden comes by they'll either a. not see a printed ticket on the dashboard/window or b. their wee computer will probably show you've not used the app" Anyway, thankfully there was no parking fine on her windshield.
  3. Had the my booster jag and flu jag last night. Can barely lift my arms today
  4. I'll plump for some recent'ish players: Kevin Nisbet (30+ goals for us, no brainer) Regan Hendry (just because) Callum Booth (one of the better left backs we've had in recent years)
  5. Can't grumble at being 2nd at the end of the first quarter BUT it just makes me more frustrated at that opening game of the season and how better off we might have been had we not had a monumental collapse against a team that's now sitting 3 pts off bottom of the league.
  6. Dick Campbell felt we'd have to be at our optimum to win today. Slavering auld hoor
  7. Was it not reported clubs like Sunderland/Southampton (one of the 2) and Blackburn were wanting him but the development fee was the sticking point? Nuts that we've managed to somehow pull it off.
  8. I'd assume he'll be a few games away from being up to match fitness so hope people aren't expecting Alloa'esque goals instantly.
  9. Could have sworn Arbroath won the league that season against Brechin a whole 2 months later.
  10. Tait is now only training with us on a Thursday and Friday. Rest of the week he is training with Hibs. McGlynn has no qualms about this. Confirmed we have two trailists in to have a look at but that's all it is - no guarantees we'll sign them.
  11. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/2655177/john-mcglynn-dylan-tait-hibs-raith-rovers-transfer-news-trialists/
  12. I've heard it's 2 new players we have training with us. Pierre is one of them.
  13. Always laugh when remembers Falkirk fans describing him as a speed boat without a driver. Was actually surprised to see we're his longest serving club thus far.
  14. Glad to hear your laddie has made a full recovery - fractured skull and bleed on the brain sounds horrible. Meanwhile we have Throbber thinking mouthing off at a bunch of pished morons could all end with everyone having a sit down and a nice cup of tea.
  15. That'll do for us. 3 goals in 2 games for Pop so hopefully this spurs him on to keep adding to his tally. As for this game, can see it being similar to the Partick game i.e. both teams just going for it. Would happily take the same score line as well.
  16. Like we did last week and the week before that...
  17. Barely had to get out of first gear today.
  18. We're playing like it's a pre season friendly.
  19. Can't say I've heard it. Is said person it's aimed at a sex offender?
  20. https://www.raithrovers.net/50438/jrg-update-red-zones-abolished.htm
  21. Maybe the German owners have just started Oktoberfest very early this month and are currently inebriated and taking the piss?
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