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  1. Me and the laddie done a score prediction pre-match, I went for 4-0 and I wasn't far off. Felt it looked pretty evident throughout the game that Talbot were every bit a junior team, they were poor. Some of our fans need to take a look at themselves though, booing the team off the pitch at half time was a really shitey thing to do. Typical Rovers fans though. The game panned out exactly how I expected in that it was going to require a patient performance and in the end I don't think you could begrudge us the win. Into the next round which is the main thing.
  2. That's not a new thing for us, McGlynn had us playing that way the last couple of seasons as well and it's filtered into this season as well.
  3. Left after the 4th goal went in. Actually don't think we played 'that' badly, I've certainly seen us play worse. Of the top of my head Stanton should have been screaming at Ross to leave it when Vaughan cuts it back in the 1st half (why Ross tried some weird backheel is beyond me), decent strike from (can't remember who) where QP keeper tips it over the bar, Dick perhaps should have done better with his chance before QP broke away and scored their 3rd, Gullan and Vaughan then all missed decent chances and it was clearly not going to be our day. Thought QP looked a decent team, quick precise passing with good control and clearly very clinical when chances came their way. Certainly looked better than the likes of Ayr, Morton and Dundee. Not quite sure why Murray insists on goading the opposition fans, he wasn't getting any treatment from us throughout the game or has any history with us however from watching most teams highlights this season it seems this isn't uncommon behaviour from him. Just a pity QP were romping it when he decided to sclaff a couple of chances and get it tight from our supporters.
  4. For the people who do strength/hypertrophy training what is your go to training split? What is your set/rep ranges and the typical exercises you would factor in? I've tried push/pull/legs, lower/upper, bro splits with minimal gains however time is a factor for me so I can only really do 3 days weight training and then one night at 5's. Plumped for a full body split and I don't know if it's down to the fact the major muscles are being hit on each training day therefore accumulating in decent volume over the week but the progress I've made in the last 6 weeks has been great. I get nutrition/sleep/recovery plays a part but I think the added rest days have been hugely benificial by dialing down my training frequency and have found my sweet spot volume wise.
  5. Aye places like MyProtein and Bulk have seen a big jump in prices. Even with all their fancy discounts it still works out quite a bit of money. I've been using Bodybuilding Warehouse lately. Got myself a 5k tub of protein for £24.99.....just don't expect great tasting quality is all I'm saying. It does me fine though. Also they use Evri as their delivery method which can be a bit hit or miss, I've personally not had any issues with delivery though and ordered from them a few times now.
  6. On Bench though, I always get a spot for heavy amd don't do it if I can't get someone. I have had to roll the bar off once. It wasn't fun or dignified. Work around to that when you're benching is to not put collars on the bar and if you're toiling just let the weights fall off the bar at one side.
  7. Didn't know that so can't say if that's new or not. Speaking of which when are we going to remove her name from the stand? Was the sponsorship for a certain period of time?
  8. Swithered about heading up but the wife has went radge with the Christmas shopping so it was a day in with a dodgy livestream*. As Dundee fans have alluded to we looked not bad in the 1st half, performance wise, however created zilch. 2nd half we were woeful. No complaints with the penalty and the 2nd goal effectively killed the game off. 741 away fans is decent for us especially when you factor in the cost of a ticket and this time of year, kudos to all who travelled up. Pity, if the reports are true, that the Young Team were looking for aggro, too many sherbets by the sounds of it. Honestly think the only time I've seen us win at Dens was the Scottish Cup game all those years ago. Even at old Dens I think the only positive result I seen was a 1-1 draw in the pishing rain. Think we ended up pointing and slagging the Rovers fans in the main stand who were lucky enough to have cover that day. *when I say dodgy livestream I mean as in the football match. You perverts.
  9. The boy that has the drum is on Twitter trying to 'drum' up support to improve the atmosphere at games. They were contemplating moving down the front to be near Fifes Finest and apparently have flags ordered so hopefully we'll see a bit more colour and atmosphere at games going forward.
  10. I'm with EDF. Keep forgetting about their online chat option, just had a blether with one of their advisors. They have said they operate by crediting £66 to bank account
  11. I apologise for the daft question but if you're using a smart meter (which Iam) am I right in saying you don't get the £66 debited into your bank account and it simply goes towards your energy costs automatically? if so is it used towards reducing your monthly DD i.e. would my current DD be less £66 that they've taken into account or does it go towards reducing your debit each month? My energy provider, for some reason, added a credit (albeit I can't see where I was benefitting from this) then reversed it and debited it into my bank.
  12. Absolutely. Great when it's us doing the shithousing and infuriating when we're on the receiving end of it, part of parcel of it. If Zanatta scores I have visions of him doing an Adebayor.
  13. As long as we score a goal more than the opposition I couldn't give a toss if it's 1-0 or 5-0, 3 points is 3 points. What's going in our favour is Arbroath and Cove (and to a lesser degree Hamilton) look like they might save our skin in the shiteyness department.
  14. They had a number of players missing in the last game at Starks, made nae odds of a difference.
  15. Hamilton winning last night has upped the ante ahead of this game big time.
  16. Just received our latest bill with revised DD. Between what our previous bill was, and what we've paid and what our charges are in this period it's put us into a small debit.....but the hoors have decided to ADD the £66 credit to the debit therefore increasing it rather than reducing it so we've seen no benefit of the £66. Just off the phone to them (EDF), they've agreed they've fucked up and will send out an amended bill. They've went a bit gung ho with their estimates on what our usage will be as well but that's an arguement for another day.
  17. Watching on viprow. General consensus after that 1st half is Morton fans are the angriest set of fans in the league.
  18. Vic in Kirkcaldy. Perhaps rife was the wrong choice of words as I was only on two wards however within those wards there were a number of patients who were COVID positive along with umpteen patients having to isolate as they were COVID contacts. I also know of a couple of community hospitals in Fife where wards are closed altogether due to COVID. That's an activity I leave to the weekend Funnily enough I'm back in the hospital today and the tables were back out with masks at the front door. Overhead the staff saying it was down to the people coming in to the hospital asking for masks. Still lots of people going about the hospital without masks until you're on a ward though.
  19. My job involves me being in and out of hospitals in Fife. Even when masks were ditched folk still wore them in the hospital settings with most hospitals having boxes of masks at the entrance and pretty much everyone adhering to wearing them. Today when I went in there was no tables at the main entrance and I didn't know why. Lots of people walking about maskless until you got onto the wards. Had no idea why or what was going on then bumped into a few of the nurses who said no longer need to wear masks if walking about the hospital and only expectation is you wear one when speaking to patients or on a ward. Anyway, the hospital I was in today was rife with COVID.
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