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  1. Not sure he'll cut it in the Prem in all honesty.
  2. Also wee team and this kingdom is ours. As for the game. We went into the last derby fairly confident and got our totties so no idea how this one will pan out. Any win will do in all honesty.
  3. We're Raith Rovers, players will be inconsistent. If we had consistent players playing out their skin week on week they'd not be with us for long.
  4. Same high school I went to. My Art & Design teacher and Modern Studies teacher were Pars fans, had some great banter with them. They'll be long gone from teaching now I'd suspect. Had a few Rovers supporting teachers as well, one of which let me off with a punishment exercise because I was wearing a Rovers jacket 😅
  5. Aye got a full set of them during the first lockdown and they've proven a worthy addition. Since moved house and now that I have a garage I'm trying to build up my own little gym. Funnily enough since my post my order from Gorilla Sports has been shipped so that should see me right 👍
  6. Looking for some advice. I've got a bench, barbell and weight plates on order from Gorilla Sports (ordered on 12th December and still waiting - long story) but I'm contemplating cancelling and asking for a refund. In the meantime I've been on the look out for places that might have some equipment in stock at the moment or at least that aren't extortionate. I've spied a few things on ebay and I'm a complete noob when it comes to that site having never ordered anything from there before. I seen this (https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/24037725412?iid=303658407903) and whilst it's relatively inexpensive I guess that's what's off putting. Would I be wise to give that a swerve? There's various sellers selling vinyl weight plates but again the price isn't like some websites selling weights. Anyone got any ebay experience buying fitness equipment?
  7. Happened at our wedding....kind of. We went to Cyprus to get married. Apart from the wife and I it was just my parents, wifes parents and wife's sister and her man that came over. Night before the wedding the wife's sisters man proposed to her. Right in the middle of hotel restaurant 😅
  8. That's a relief. We'll need adaquate CCTV to keep an eye on the walloper Old Firm fans when we're promoted this season.
  9. If Tx had his way we'd see a different line up each week.
  10. Almost as laborious as Dunfermline fans and their knicker wetting 'this kingdom is ours' pish as if there is some prize to be had. Whatever makes you feel better.
  11. Going to be one of those up and down seasons I think. Beat Hearts, pumped by them midweek, follow that up with a great win against Dundee and a rodgering against Dunfermline mid week. Vaughan's now re-injured which isn't great and could really do with the likes of Bene, Hendry and Matthews back pronto.
  12. Can't say I have any issues with Nisbet's attitude or memories of him having a poor attitude when with us (unless the 'chip on the shoulder' Rovers fans who couldn't accept he left us to sign for Dunfermline). I have vague memories of an interview where he said he felt he had a bit of an ego in his younger years and felt he was better than he was and had to screw the nut as time went on. The lad wanted to progress his career at the end of the day. I'd suspect he's not submitted a transfer request off his own back and was acting on the advice of his agent to entice Hibs to let him go - a move that might bite him in the erse but hey ho. I have no idea what wages he's on at Hibs but was in the papers he could have been earning £10k a week at Birmingham, no wonder he's pissed off.
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