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  1. Quite right. McKay is well down the pecking order.
  2. As Tumilty farted about giving ball to Falkirk boy for their throw in I text my mate saying he better watch himself then boom red card. So infuriating. Would have fancied us more with 11 men but hard to say how the 2nd half will go. We've looked fairly comfortable and dealt with any Falkirk attacks well. It'll be 10 men behind the ball and look to hit on the counter attack I'd suspect.
  3. https://www.raithrovers.net/51360/black-friday-deals.htm New merch/stock coming into club shop next week hopefully.
  4. First class mate, just spoke to Laura and she's got everything set up for us to watch the stream instead at no additional cost.
  5. Doesn't look like I'll be getting to go now due to COVID in our household. Wonder if Falkirk would kindly let me transfer my ticket for the online stream instead at no additional cost.
  6. I contacted the club several weeks ago asking what the script is with the club shop and if they were planning to get anymore stock in the lead up to Christmas. Got a reply saying they've had major supply issues with the manufacture and were expecting a load of new stuff/stock this month.
  7. Tait definitely out on Saturday as per McGlynns post match interview.
  8. Tait definitely out for Saturday as per McGlynns post match interview.
  9. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/we-want-to-start-another-cup-run-says-raith-rovers-boss-mcglynn-3470104 Sounds like McGlynn might freshen things up for the ICT game. Good call if he does with what we have coming up league wise.
  10. The wife and I haven't bought for one another at birthdays or christmas for years now. It's absolutely fantastic. I give her some cash on payday and tell her to crack on with Christmas presents for everyone else, she probably pockets it if I'm honest.
  11. Probably been asked umpteen times so apologies. What's parking situation like either at the ground or the surrounding area(s). Is parking available at the ground? If not where's nearest/best/closest place to park? Cheers in advance.
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