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  1. I think with Berra, Lang, McKay and Bene (?) in there he'll be away and if so happy he's went out with a great commanding performance.
  2. Gave it a good go and went out fighting. Mendy was my motm, fantastic performance.
  3. Will be interesting how we fair next season. From memory the likes of Ayr and Arbroath had good first seasons when coming up then maybe struggled a bit thereafter. Confident McGlynn will get the right personel in to allow us to keep pushing for a promotion playoff spot at least.
  4. Dundee fans with smoke bombs seeing team bus away from Dens Park. This game clearly captured the imagination of the Derry faithful.
  5. An interesting fact about said game I mentioned....we outnumbered you 😲
  6. No the crowd w**k, however the more I think about it I think I'm getting confused with the game we won 2-1 with Walker scoring near the end.
  7. Few question marks if they'll be up to the task in the Premiership.
  8. I think the move to Chapel Level was spoken about before we built the new stands and if I remember correctly architecht drawings were made up and it was supposedly very Livingstone'esque in design.
  9. Similar with my old man, had to go in for a minor procedure. Was tested on a Tuesday with his op scheduled for Friday. He asked what to do if his COVID results weren't back in time and was told "just turn up anyway".
  10. Wee boys school has various classes isolating due to postive COVID cases. He's had a bit of a cough since Friday along with a choked nose - basically a cold*. Wife insisted we phoned to have him tested as she was convinced he'd just be sent home from school today if we sent him in. Anyway, he got a PCR test yesterday and we're awaiting the results. What I found interesting is I've had both vaccines and have to use those lateral flow kits twice a week for work reasons. Asked call handler on the COVID helpline if I done a lateral flow test and it was negative could I go about my daily business. Basically was told lateral flow things are useless and still need to isolate until wee boys result comes back. Couple of days off work I guess so every cloud. *he's fine, runnin about the house daft.
  11. Agreed. Absolute pie in the sky his thoughts for the railway stand however at least we have champs league quality floodlight bulbs...
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