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  1. Someone tell Section B they have left a lot of fake Stone Island gear around here.
  2. 108 yellows and 8 red cards for Davo since 07/08.
  3. Rangers playing on Sunday, will section b be able to afford a trip to Kirkcaldy on top of that?
  4. Retro tops available for collection but nothing about being able to be collected on Saturday :/
  5. Dunfermline on a poor run of form...don’t hear a peep from them. Dunfermline on a good run of form...they pop in here.
  6. TxRover will be along just now with his own physio assessment.
  7. Steakngravy was probably pished and speaking to himself in the mirror thinking it was Bowie’s grandad he was speaking to.
  8. Not that I’m defending McGlynn playing McKay in that position we’ve not lost a game with him there nor has he produced a Mendy’esque level of diddy type performance....yet.
  9. If you think McKay isn’t cut out for this level wait until you see Watson.
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