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  1. Assuming we're not bothered about offering Bene a contract I'd suspect he'll end up at our neighbours along the road. Have heard both Dunfermline and Falkirk were after him but Falkirk probably won't be fussed for him now.
  2. Is Coll Donaldson a centre back? If so I've a sneaky feeling you'll end up signing Benedictus who is out of contract. I'd heard both yourselves and Falkirk were after him however Falkirk might not be fussed for him now.
  3. So we reckon Berra won't last a full season, a crocked Lang who isn't due back until about October and we've just offloaded McKay to QOS. I suspect Murray will probably try and keep Bene and Musonda at this rate.
  4. Re some of our out of contract players who were rumoured to be Falkirk bound. Murray is confident of retaining Spencer who is apparently keen to stay. Bene though has interest from yourselves and Dunfermline. We've just offloaded a CB to Queen of the South and our only signed CB's are Berra and Lang, the latter of which is out until about October time. I'd suspect we might try and keep Bene as well. Not heard a peep on Tumilty or Musonda who is also out of contract but reckon he'll go back down south.
  5. Notice in the press conference video he says he's confident of retaining Spencer. Have heard Spencer is happy to stay if someone would speak to him about a contract however Falkirk are keen on him, which isn't new information.
  6. Good interview, saying the right things and has me excited for the season to come. Hopefully his ideas transfers onto the pitch.
  7. Is there an option to have Cameron as his assistant? Seeing him come out the tunnel in Rovers colours applauding the fans would be orgasmic. My absolute hero growing up.
  8. My mistake, used to get a lot of info from said poster re Vaughan and contract extensions etc. You might have to take over when the time comes
  9. Were you previously Bambino on here? If so welcome back, didn't realise you were posting again. Hope things are good at your end.
  10. He's pulled out, see post just before you. Daily Record saying the same.
  11. Pardon my ignorance but what exactly is the Hub thingy at the North end meant to be? I've seen the artists impression of what it would look like but no idea what the intention is behind it. I'd heard murmerings we were going to use the car park at the North end for something as well but no idea for what. Must admit when sitting in the North Stand for the Betfred cup games and the first game against Hamilton I quite enjoyed the change of scenery however looking out to the South Stand it just 'looks' like a traditional home end with the close proximity of the Main Stand. I felt a bit isolated in the North Stand watching the games however as a one off it was nice to look out to the home end and seeing the fans celebrating.
  12. I was at that game, great day out. Anyway, it's 2-2 now. Would rather ICT went up. Normally a shite away crowd at Starks and obviously we're shite against them.
  13. Kudos to the club including information in the Rovers Digest email about the Young Teams fundraiser and also on Twitter as well. It would be nice if the club could put a small contribution over to them, I'm sure that'll give them a buzz knowing they have the backing of the club to help them improve the atmosphere at games (maybe they have, I'm not sure. Not looked at the fundraiser for a bit). I look forward to what ideas they have.
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