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  1. https://portal.sportskey.com/venues/575 Can see here how busy it is. Going purely on when the floodlights would need to be in use pretty much every evening slot, minus 9pm here and there (who wants to play at that time anway?), fully booked for remainder of the year.
  2. We took the plunge in July and got a smart meter installed (we're with EDF). Whilst it's nice to see at a glance what we're spending I get the fear when I see it going over £4.50 . The app has been handy to see the breakdown and we've been averaging about £110 to £120 a month since it got installed. Thankfully we're in credit by about £360 but we've no idea what our bills are going to go up by, the app saying our next bill won't be generated until 2nd November so it's a waiting game at our end just now.
  3. In other news Kieran Mitchell is away out on loan to Bonnyrigg Rose.
  4. I'd probably greet if I seen him coming up the stairs and out the tunnel clad in Rovers gear as we chanted his name. My all time hero watching the Rovers as a youngster in the 90's.
  5. Geezo, good luck selling some of those at the prices you're after. £34.99 for the Gary F Locke season away top AND postage
  6. ***PURELY FOR FUN AND NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY*** Granted I clearly have too much time on my hands to come up with this but if I had infinite cash this is what I'd do to Starks Park. Obviously I'd make the team an unbeatable powerhouse of Scottish football first and foremost. * From that picture above - excavate and flatten the area next to the stairs and build a club shop that actually resembles a shop. * Across the road take ownership of the two billboards and use this to put up Rovers related information such as season tickets being on sale/pictures of the new strips etc. Go one further and make the boards digital so that multiple different Rovers related adverts can be shown throughout the day. * On the lamposts stick up flags on lead up to the ground from the traffic lights at the bottom of the road saying 'Welcome to Starks Park' or 'RRFC'. * Some Rovers related graffiti wall art on the brick wall running up Pratt Street towards to the North Stand. * Big Rovers art covering all of the windshields within the South Stand. A collage of historical moments as an example. * A big f**k off LED score board in the corner beween the South and Railway Stand. All singing and dancing with graphics, crowd shots, goal replays etc. * Fill the entire white panel at the back of the South stand with Rovers flags or some sort of artwork. * If the Railway Stand isn't going to be used anytime soon fill it with giant flags to fill up the space and make it a bit more colourful. In the long run demolish it and build a terrace. I can visualise it already min!!!!
  7. Maybe I'm just being dense but from reading the article I still can't fathom out what this Hub is actually for and what it's use will be. Is it for folk utilising the pitch throughout the day/evenings to get changed, for parents to sit and have a coffee waiting on their bairns finishing a game/training class, office space for staff? Or all of the above? Looks nice none the less but when Sim is telling us the stadium in general requires thousands of £'s a season in maintenance you have to wonder if this is really something that's needed right now.
  8. Not as uncommon as you might think. There's a couple who sit a few rows down from me that wear these tops together at the games. Maybe the same person posting on here though
  9. These seem to be all the rage at my bairns school. He was constantly asking for a packet and couldn't find them anywhere, eventually found them at a small Nisa store but the big supermarkets don't seem to stock them....and I can see why. Absolutely rank.
  10. A lot of people? I've just had a nosey at their Twitter and it's literally one guy who's mentioned Agnew.
  11. Murray was in The Courier last week saying we're awaiting a work permit so that's probably as much as he can say at this time. No point him repeating it in every interview. Agree, if Big John comes in that'll be it for now.
  12. Kinda felt all Connoll was needing was a goal. Hopefully that's him up and running and we'll see similar performances going forward. If we can get him performing to that level along with the return of Gullan and the arrival of Big John (fingers crossed...and fingers crossed he's decent) then things are looking better up top. Spencer and Matthews returning further strengthens what is probably the strongest midfield in the league (imo). Brown is clearly capable at this level, his pass to Connolly which led to the first goal was sublime and Stanton has looked a completely different player lately.
  13. I think it's safe to say it's Big John we're waiting on clearance for. Hopefully Murray has factored in that he's not played since July and realised ahead of time that other clubs have had to wait months for overseas players to get clearance to play. Time he's here and up to speed we'll be into the January transfer window at this rate
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