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  1. Maybe we didn't put the bin on the kerbside for him.
  2. Oh yes that was a fantastic ending to that game especially due to Arbroath equalising so late on. I was halfway down the stairs about to head up the road when Ferry scored and I don't think my feet touched the ground as a surge of folk ran down to the bottom of the stand carrying me with them.
  3. Undoubtably a huge moment but whenever I see that all I can think of is Crawford fucking Allan and his smarmy mannerisms when he never gave us a penalty for a blatent hand ball. Definitely up there in my ultimate apopletic moments I've let get the better of me inside a football ground.
  4. Was Alex Burns not down with concussion when St Mirren went up the park and scored their 2nd?
  5. For whatever reason the main one that springs to mind was February 2000 when we were winning 1-0 at home to St Mirren (think we scored with 5 minutes to go) and St Mirren scored 2 goals in the last minute. Don't think I could speak for the rest of the weekend. It's the only game that pops into my head when I think of a game/goal that really hurt. Maybe I was just more a fanatical Rovers supporter when I was in my teens but since then I've seen us get relegated, lose derby games, throw away title winning positions and they never hurt as much as that St Mirren game. I don't even think that St Mirren game had anything on the line for us. Go figure.
  6. Davo is one of our more passionate players. And no I'm not joking.
  7. Decent signing. Thought he was Townie bound as well.
  8. Miller has a pretty serious underlying injury issue hence him being punted. In other news see the walk to Tannadice from KDY has been scuppered by the plod and now walking from Tay Bridge car park to Tannadice.
  9. Wait until he starts talking about 4 backs and 5 backs.
  10. They should make it there for the season starting.
  11. Big Bill fairly got you lot rattled it would seem...😙
  12. Pfft we're winning the league this season anyway so makes no odds who Dunfermline sign. Soz lads x
  13. That away top, it's a no for me. Then again the last away top I bought was the Remember top and generally our away top have been pretty gash for a while now but that new one is up there as one of the worst in a while. I've yet to see an 'in the flesh' picture of the home top like the picture above of the away top but if that's the quality we're looking at it looks cheap and reminiscent of something you'd get in the Indoor Market.
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