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  1. Queens Park have gone about releasing a third shirt the right way, a shirt that is a bit different and in conjunction with a charity partner. Our third kit is dull and largely pointless.
  2. It would harm the club medium term to allow an all-out collapse at this stage. Much like Cameron cutting budgets a year after fans stepped up and we were able to keep most of the Championship winning team. The club need to remain competitive at the top end this season and at least make the play-offs. Having barely been out the top two and having spanked Queen’s Park, there is no reason we can’t do that. Having been shite since the clocks went back, we really need a freshen up right now, in players and playing style. Two back to back defeats and we could be out the top 4 and that would be a sore one for the fans and the club. The whole atmosphere would change.
  3. Goodwin is a good manager but this Aberdeen team are a total shower, he’d need a good 18 months to fix this but I doubt he’s got another 10 minutes
  4. Aye, I think we struck a deal with him to leave and he was able to rehab closer to home
  5. Hasn’t played since he left us at the start of the window last year. Presumably part time at Clyde & he’s based in the north east of England. He must be desperate to play football and at 24, he’s got time yet. Can probably play higher than Clyde but never a championship player.
  6. Thistle getting Rangers might up their transfer budget Good draw, albeit a sticky one. Pollock made it hard for us so if we get through against Cove, it’s not a foregone conclusion we’ll get through
  7. It’s good to see that Shankland is getting a chance to show he is the player Ayr fans know he is in the top flight.
  8. He got an exemption visa I think, which would be the same for anyone coming over to take up a post. Bangala has a two year contract, with accommodation provided. From a work permit point of view, it was always likely. If he was an international, with the correct criteria for a visa, then he would have been waved through the process. Bangala didn’t meet that criteria and It took 3-4 months for Bangala to get his. I imagine that if he’d been on a years deal, more or less 9 months in real terms, he wouldn’t have got one.
  9. Yes. I remember him scoring a penalty against Premiership Coventry in a pre-season friendly against this handsome man
  10. His dad was a very brief Ayr United legend, on trial at Liverpool then had a spectacularly average career.
  11. We have two options this window, there is a part time gem playing in the outer reaches of English football (or like last year, Gondoh) that can be tempted north with an 18 month deal. Or, a youth loan from a Scottish or English club. Ditching Young may mean we have someone in mind or he was just costing too much money for the return we were getting.
  12. Now would be the time to announce a new contract for McGinty, when he's playing well and club captain. He's played alongside a different defence most weeks since Musonda went out injured. We'll lose Kirk and the end of the season and need to bring in two anyway. I can't imagine many clubs in Scotland signing him based purely on reputation.
  13. He deserved a booking, his whole body language and the way he was pointing and shouting was always going to get a booking. Much like Dick Campbell, gets a booking, walks on to the pitch, shouts at the ref, gets a red
  14. I have been over a few times since lockdown ended. The city has changed a fair bit, It feels more like a European city now rather than a tourist destination. I normally stay just on the border of Prague 1 & 2, on the Prague 1 side of IP Pavlova and it was mostly Czech only in bars. Staying there is handy for the trams and undergrounds. I made the mistake of going for a walk on the Royal Route one of the days and made it as far as the small square on Karlova before I had to detour off at Liliova as it was impassable due to the amount of tourists. So the tourists are still there, but mostly only around the castle and the Charles Bridge. There was a hell of a lot of construction work going on as well. The city is full of Bolt cars and Wolt couriers, and a lot of the fast food restaurants have gone from the centrum. It is completely walkable to the main tourist area, I'd suggest buying a 36 hour transport ticket for the trams and underground though. There are two busses from the airport, the airport express (AE) that costs about £5 but the closest stop is Namesti Republiky which is miles away, You are staying on the green line so you would need to change at Mustek. The other bus is the 119 that stops at an underground station, Nadrazi Veleslavin on the green line, Where you are staying is 4 stops on the underground. The transport tickets for it can be bought from a machine at the airport and cover busses, trams and the underground. You can get hourly to 72 hourly tickets for about £8. Or you can get a taxi from a booth at the airport and it will maybe cost £20 The Prague derby will almost certainly be moved to the Sunday. Almost all of Slavia and Plsen games are moved. Kutna Hora is worth a visit, an hour exactly on the train from Prague. It is a Unesco heritage site, The bone church is a waste of time but it is an ancient settlement. They do a local beer called Dacicky's that is nice, the Kutna Hora brewery craft beers are pretty rotten though.
  15. With how far away from The action our highlights are, the only thing they prove is that the earth isn’t flat
  16. McGinty has been, at worst, average this season, absolutely fine. Aaron Muirhead level of consistency. Again today, we created very little. Playing with the wind and going a goal up maybe counted against us because we were very pedestrian and didn’t push for a second. After half time we pushed too high up the park and both goals we lost were on the counter. Arbroath played 11 men behind the ball against the wind and we didn’t. Pleased with the draw in the end, may have been a different result on a calm day and a better pitch but we need to start creating chances again.
  17. That was a hard watch today. Even if you had travelled from north of Arbroath today at a cost of hundreds, you wouldn’t have complained if that had been stopped at some point. Ayr had most of the play in the first half due to the wind but probably created less chances than Arbroath. Ayr got a penalty that looked very soft to say the least. During the 9 attempts to take the penalty, I think the referee should have stopped the game. Before Ayr scored and it caused a complication. It had became a farce by that point. All credit to Dempsey for scoring it though after all that. The referee was pretty poor and his over dramatic gestures annoyed more than informed the crowd and players. There was a bad tackle on McKenzie in the corner and a bad tackle by McCallister in front of the Arbroath fans that he ignored. Arbroath used the wind better and knew how to hem us in during the second half, we were poor and continued our run of creating very little chances.
  18. Mixed feelings about Chalmers, an exciting player to watch but didn't have much output in the grand scheme of things, he has also played during our rotten spell and didn't lift things. We definitely missed him when he was out though as he often broke quickly up the park. I'd expect that we wouldn't sign a direct replacement, maybe bring someone in as cover for other areas.
  19. If Haughey removed his funding one way or another tomorrow, would Queens Park survive anywhere near this level? If the answer is no, then you should be concerned about how the club is being ran. Having a new stadium (Clyde/Stirling Albion/Airdrie) doesn’t mean good attendances and sustainable full time football. Having a winning team due to punching out your weight category (Livingston/Dundee/Gretna) doesn’t mean sustainability. Dundee, Morton and Thistle have big enough support to sustain a mid to top Championship team. Arbroath have a part time team and a thriving hospitality that allows them to compete in the league, the increase in fan base last season could have turned them full time or at least hybrid but the long term future of the club was more important. Ayr, Inverness and Raith have both struggled for the last decade to combine full time football and keeping the lights on, while trying to compete at a level their fan base should sustain them at. Ayr are investing in capital projects that are designed to grow the club. If Smith walked away tomorrow, it is unlikely we would have a new stand but the club would operate around the same level it does now. This has only happened in the last 3 years, with a team that has a hardcore support that can range between 1500 and 2500 a season depending on the team on the park. With a stadium with such a low capacity, would premier league crowds and the increase in money from playing in the league above make you a sustainable concern at the same operating level without a “sugar-daddy” owner?
  20. I remember David Murray describing Kilmarnock building an 18,000 seater stadium as a lack of ambition at the time. He had loads of money and bankrolled a club from Glasgow who lived outwith their means and nothing went wrong there.
  21. f**k knows, I remember it was dreadful though. One of the first games they allowed fans to switch ends, we went to the away end because the rain was coming right in to the Somerset road end
  22. We played a home game against Arbroath in the Kerr era that was so windy it may as well have been an away game, Arbroath scored against the wind then defended like f**k for the remainder of the first half and we barely left our half in the second. If it's that windy and we are playing against Arbroath, we are basically starting the game 1-0 down. The game being off means there won't be another game on it in January. Plenty of time for the pitch to recover.
  23. So if Queens Park fail to develop anyone worth money every season, will banks accept “Andy Robertson played for us” as payment?
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