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  1. Just as well Queens Park have Scotland's best administrator at the club or they could have fucked things.
  2. Unless they are after Sam Ashford, Billy Bowie doesn't burn enough rubbish to afford Akinyemi
  3. Alan Forrest must be down the pecking order at Hearts now?
  4. I can only assume the twitter admin doesn’t follow the VOR on twitter…..
  5. I think Cove used the Pixelot stream so if that’s down, then no
  6. Maybe a case of Livi paying off a portion of his contract and Ayr picking up the slack to keep the player
  7. We have 3 players out so in theory the budget for two and a half. If Mullen stays on increased terms then we may only have the budget for one. Maybe two youth loans if they are local.
  8. It will be the usual signing, training and then back to Somerset for the pictures. If there is anything today, it’ll be in the afternoon
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRHnhbuUFY
  10. From Bullens post match interview, His loan is up and Livi want to re-negotiate the terms to allow him to see out the rest of the season.
  11. We didn’t look like conceding in the first half but we didn’t look like scoring more or running riot. We were maybe fortunate to be a goal up but took our chance. We were completely adequate in the first half. Once the second goal went in, we relaxed in to the game under no pressure at all. We could have sat back, made early changes and stifled the game but we didn’t, kept the game open and ended up comfortable winners.
  12. We might keep Mullen for the rest of the season but tonight’s performance might mean we don’t have him next season.
  13. Strange game. first half was even, both teams looked cagey and didn’t really get in to a flow. Second half, neither team controlled the game, Cove created nothing and Ayr had maybe 10 chances and scored 4 spectacular goals. Ayr were by far the better team but didn’t have to work hard for the win. Mullen, 2 assists and two goals was superb, Dempsey held the midfield together, everyone did well. Bangala looked good when he came on, JML ran forward with a ball and Bryden scored a peach. Reading took a sore one, could be out for Tuesday if his eye closes over. We have maybe hit Cove at the right time but 5-0 against any team in this league is a good result.
  14. The Ceska banks offer converted and non-converted options, me may have accepted the converted amount which robs you blind. when I first moved out, my Clydesdale card wouldn’t let me use the converted option, if someone was going to rip me off, it was going to be them.
  15. There is a pub in Kutna Hora that sells .5L Kozel for 19kc. it’s not a nice pub though. Anything in Prague 1 will be pricey, over the river is slightly cheaper.
  16. We could free up McGintys wages by allowing him to go to one of the teams interested and signing a replacement if we had one lined up. if we let Fin and Brad go, they must be expecting players in. Getting rid of cover at left back is a strange one as we need McGinty while Musonda is out. We have 3 games in a week and we can only play new players in 2 of them, with a smaller squad and 3 important games, I’d have liked players in before tomorrow night.
  17. Think he signed a 3 year deal just before going out on loan
  18. We created more with Ashford and McKenzie up front than Chalmers and Mullen. The problem with that was the full backs were exposed and we had a two man midfield that was overran. We had Musonda and Kirk at the back and were able to break quickly. Musonda getting injured means McGinty shelling balls forward and we get caught out more defensively. The switch we made was more designed to stop a procession towards our defence.
  19. Earlier in the season he was creating chances out of nothing and bullying centre half’s, he was all over the pitch winning the ball. In recent weeks he has played up front on his own and hasn’t put in the same work rate he had previously, with Murdoch out, there has been less support and he’s been kept quiet by opposition teams his chances have been severely limited. He was a concern in his early games because he was getting 10-15 chances in a game and scoring zip. Now he is lucky if he has a third of that. That’s not down to him though, we have created very little for anyone in the last 6 weeks and the change in style of play has been bogging.
  20. Good to see Ecripont go out on loan, I think everyone hopes he makes it as a player and at Ayr in particular. Hopefully a good few months down there will bring him on. Him going out makes me think we’ll have someone in before tomorrow night. On Dipo to Hibs, he has gone off the boil since the window opened, whither he has had a move knocked back and gone in a bit of a huff, or he’s lost his focus or simply and more likely, teams are setting up to cut his supply. Either way I think it would put teams off paying silly money to get him this window. If he goes out and rattles 4 in against Cove in the next two games then that might change obviously.
  21. He came in and looked ok, pretty raw. He didn’t look interested some weeks and McCall didn’t rate him and gave him pelters from the dugout some weeks. Think he was on loan for a season and we sent him back at Christmas
  22. From Nesbits time at Ayr and everywhere else he’s been, he appears to have a shocking attitude. I remember McCall shouting at him to get up one game when he was pretending to be injured, he then took the huff when he was subbed. He then scored against us for Dunfermline, midway through the second half, 5min later he just sat down on the pitch before being substituted, it was like he’d just decided, nup, my games by, get me off. The only time I’ve seen anything like it was when Merengi walked off the park in a friendly against Motherwell, walked from the far side of the pitch to the dugout and said he was coming off. Roberts didn’t have a sub ready or anything. Nesbit downed tools at Hibs when they blocked his move before, I don’t see him being a success at Millwall.
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