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  1. I watched the Ayr highlights first then these, The Ayr highlights look like they were filmed through a pair of tights
  2. They also asked if Dundee or Queens Park would make a bid for Akinyemi in the window
  3. A decent game, Raith Dominated the ball for large parts of it but had nothing up front, they passed round Ayr at times up to the 18 yard box but never really broke in to it . Ayr again opted to try and stretch Raith and hit them on the counter which created both goals. Raith defended well, Kept Akinyemi and McKenzie quiet. Chalmers was getting nothing out his full back and immediately set up a goal when he switched wings. The game suited Mullen more. Ayrs back line scrapped all day and won every high ball, McCallister is better and centre half than right back. McGinty had one of his better games as well. Ecripont has earned his place in the team now as well. 3 points when I’d have taken a draw before the game.
  4. They pale in to insignificance when it comes to the box office, Ayrshire Galacticos. Out of the last U21 squad, two play for Fulham, one plays for Bayern Munich and two play for Rangers, one of whom is on loan to Cove. So either Adam Devine who has been out on loan before, or its maybe someone from Fulham.
  5. I don't think Smith will dig deep at Christmas to win the league and is much as I'd like us to go up this year, If I am being honest with myself, I don't think he should either. We need to continue with being smart with transfers rather than throwing money at it. Daziel proved that you can't buy the league. I think we need players in for certain areas and if we get them then hopefully that will be enough to keep us there or there abouts.
  6. We have been poor for a while but manage to scrape results together, we have turned defeats in to draws and draws in to wins but we have been on the edge for a while and it obviously wont last forever. Akinyemi has scored a load of goals but occasionally, like against Pollock, he is martialled out the game and it tends to be against teams who set up to stop us playing rather than competing. Meaning that we ultimately pick up at least a point from those games. Our defence has poor apart from Musonda and Kirk and they are both out, McGinty has spells of brilliance or being dreadful and he is currently in the latter category, although it might change. Chalmers has been an upgrade but some of the rest of the attacking players have been very much hit and miss. I think most Ayr fans can see that we are in a better position than we were last season but there are obvious cracks showing, so the aim at the moment is to try and avoid going in to a slump of half a dozen or so games without a win and keep picking up points. With the injuries we have and will have over the next month and the players that will come in, picking up a draw wouldn't be the worst result.
  7. Dempsey won that game for us tonight, The players that came in were poor and it makes any potential injury crisis more worrying, He was everywhere on the park tonight, even hitting a few good crosses in to the box. His corners were shite though. McAdams had two saves to make all night and caused panic with one of them. Bangala needs to go out on loan somewhere to find his feet or we'll have to pay him off in May, the game passed him by, it looked like players were actively not passing to him. unless he is better in defence...He was wandering about leaving Dempsey as a one man midfield. Bangala and Mitchell-Lawson both looked like celebrities playing in Soccer aid. JML is too inconsistent to play at this level, he's had two good spells, both against Arbroath, the rest of the time he has been a waste of a jersey. Chalmers created a lot but we were so imbalanced with JML wide left, we weren't able to stretch the Pollock back line at all and Dipo had one of his worst games since the league cup.
  8. It would have to be someone who is getting released or someone on loan. Clubs normally decide who they are letting away on a free or loan towards the end of the window when most of their business is done. May be different this season where the old firm are out of Europe and maybe don’t need as much cover. Unless we are paying money for a player, I would say it would be unlikely we sign anyone until the end of January. Even with the French boy rumoured a few days ago, we’d need to sign them now to have a hope of them having a visa by March.
  9. With Musonda and most likely Houston out, we would then have to most likely play a right back at centre half and a left back at right back. Or, we play Ecripont or Billham, neither has experience at this level. If it was a straight swap, McCallister for Musonda and Houston is back, I'd be slightly more confident but if Raith put their 6 foot 7 striker up against him, he'll not win many high balls.
  10. The fact we are in the Scottish cup, coupled with the fact we are playing a junior team has come at the right time, losing out two best centre halfs at the same time could have been a disaster, we will be able to Sellotape a defence together for the Pollock game that will hopefully see us through and hopefully have a couple of players back for this game. If we have Musonda out then I expect we will lose, with Musonda it will be a closer game. With Morton playing Arbroath and Queens Park playing Hamilton, we really need to win this game.
  11. Danny Diver gave an interview after he left Ayr, he said he had a meeting with Daziel at the end of the season, Daziel sat in the portacabin with his feet up on the desk, said all he was missing was a cigar. Daziel told him about his plans and how Diver wouldn’t be part of them
  12. We went through a spell of signing fabulous career goalscorers that then scored next to f**k all at Ayr. Sam McGivern, Colin McGlashin, Tommy Bryce, Gordon Daziel, Ross Jack.
  13. The Daziel era was full of these type of signings and Stainrod was the agent who brought them all over, continuing to make a fortune out the club years after fielding a team full of juniors and almost getting us relegated to league 2
  14. Forward, Bojan Dordic of Czech second league Varnsdorf pulled a knife of the clubs goalkeeping coach after an argument in training. https://sport.ceskatelevize.cz/clanek/fotbal/2-liga/drama-ve-varnsdorfu-dordic-hrozil-nozem-trenerovi-a-skoncil-na-policii-pise-isport/635908aeafe18939c994a7c0
  15. They removed most of the criteria to play in the top flight so there is no issue with Morton or Ayr, or both, being promoted.
  16. He played there in the league cup, if Musonda is injured then it is McCallister or Bangala purely because they are all we have that can play there
  17. We have 3 games in December before the window opens and we can get a replacement in.
  18. Bangala can play at centre half if I remember correctly, either him or McCallister will be beside McGinty next Monday night I'd expect. Unlike the league cup, we need to take the Scottish cup seriously, But with our injury list growing, I wouldn't take a risk on any players who may be 50/50. Its also live on TV so it would be good not to be put out to a junior team......again. If McCallister is at Centre half, I'd play Ecripont and shift Reading over but I'd rather play Bangala in case we need to use him there in the weeks ahead. I'd start Ashrord again and hope he can finally score, depending on Chalmers fitness, McKenzie should start also.
  19. I watched the stream yesterday and listened to the radio Scotland commentary. It was interesting listening to Willie Millers take on Dipo at the end. He said that in the first half he was playing close to the defenders and initiating contact, trying to get in to a physical battle with them. They handled it pretty well. The second half he said he looked to use his brain more, drifting off his man, finding space and making runs. He was much better in the second half and wondered if that was his instructions in the first half.
  20. I thought the first half was going to be a repeat of the Partick game, they go direct and score a goal, we shite ourselves and defend deep. Fortunately, Inverness looked slightly shocked at how easy we were making it and didn't take advantage. Mullen was dreadful, O'Conner looked better but we didn't try and play him in anywhere near enough. Ashford did plenty of running and put pressure on the Inverness back line but he didn't force any mistakes. Second half, Chalmers woke us up, we looked a better team going forward and that took the pressure off of our defence and midfield and we grew in to the game. With our history, a draw is a good result with Inverness and we are still top. Morton and Dundee played two of the three outliers in the division and picked up wins as expected and to be honest, when you see the form and injuries Inverness had, you kind of knew, at the very most, we drawing this one. Still top, Diop still scoring goals.
  21. From Tam's brig to Burns Statue square it is depressing. Places like the old Hunner and ten bar, Babylon all the way to Hourstons. There is a lot of history that could be exploited to make the town more attractive to day trippers, and weekend breaks. Cleaning up the town centre and knocking down or properly utilising the abandoned buildings rather than just having them rot would help. The last I heard, the Odeon didn't want to move there and another chain wouldn't want to because there was already an Odeon in the town.
  22. Unfortunately that is 12 shops in about a square mile of bleak desperation. The Flagship shop in Ayr Central is empty and I don’t see any major retailer moving in to a shop that size unless M&S decided to move out a shop it presumably owns to one it’ll rent. The high street is no longer what it used to be and it will never come back, so the challenge isn’t, how to we return it to its former glory, it’s, what do we do with it now?
  23. If they make it attractive enough that people will spend time in Ayr, the centre would attract more small cafes and restaurants like Troon and Prestwick, catering for day trippers rather that shoppers. It is a ghost town as it is, with the station hotel and half the shops boarded up, its a dump and they need a vision to change it. They won't have the money so flattening the derelict, publicly owned part would be enough.
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