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  1. Sitting in the hub with a pint, watching them coming out the front door of the club with a box full of their belongings.
  2. Muirhead and Baird played at centre half last season and were crap, as was Baird and Ndaba. Muirhead and Fjortoft?
  3. How funny would it be if McGinty moved to Dunfermline this window?
  4. Maybe paying Mathies speeding fine on the M8 trying to get Chalmers through before they changed their mind.
  5. I am not sure if we insure players, if he is out long term then possibly insurance is effectively paying out his contract and he is off the wage bill.
  6. Aye, I don't think he will be in the Rangers first team at any point but he does have the capability to play at a decent level. Like Huston I think there is a deal to be done, buyback clause or something like that.
  7. Think Rangers want to keep him, The last I heard they were offering him a new deal but he is out of contract at the end of the season. If he leaves and they want to keep him, we'll need to pay a fee anyway.
  8. Dorrans impressed me at the start of the season, was there for an out ball from the defence and moved it from side to side and ran the game. The problem seemed to be there was no one there to win it back for him and the forwards weren't mobile enough to break Ayr down. I haven't seen him since so I don't know how hes performed. I have seen Chalmers a lot and I don't know what he is.
  9. Like Bradley leaving, he barely played and when he did it was hardly ever 90 minutes. Which was frustrating because it often meant shoehorning in a player to play out of position who was equally as bad or worse.
  10. On his day, which is about once a season, he is slightly above average. The majority of the time he hides or passes quickly to a defender marking an Ayr player. Ayr maybe wasn't the right fit for him and he turns out to be decent, played most of his career in the top half of the championship or the Premier so there is a player there. We just never saw it.
  11. No We need 7 players, we have 3 central midfielders at the club, Murdoch who is in the middle, Chalmers who has been played sparingly, completely Dropped by Duffy, was one of the better players under Whyte and dropped by Bullen again and the new boy. We lose Murdoch to injury and we'd be as well calling the rest of the season.
  12. We’ll play him at right back, Muirhead in the middle and McCallister wide left.
  13. Fingers crossed Dempsey will plug the majority of the hole in midfield, I still think we need a third assuming we have just given up on playing Chalmers consistently in the same position we will need at least another midfielder in. Young enough to develop and we can get a look at him Before making it permanent. Know nothing about him so no there is no pressure on him to perform and hopefully he hits the ground running.
  14. He is maybe more likely to go on loan to a part time team to play and be at St Johnston Mon-Fri
  15. After the Arbroath game we looked like we were maybe a couple of midfielders and a defender short, Mark Reynolds would have been perfect, an experienced defender to help the ones we already have. A couple of midfielders, one that can pass and one that can win the ball and give it to the one who can pass. Dorrans would be ideal for the first part of that. After Saturday, we need 3 new defenders and 3 midfielders, along with another forward as we have managed to upset the only one capable of scoring goals semi-regularly.
  16. When Hopkin took over, he made the team worse. He had a summer window to fix it and made it even worse. Bullen has came in and made us a lot worse than the previous two games, two wins against top 4 teams then 2 defeats were we barely got a shot away. Why can these players manage to play well under Whyte but not Bullen or Duffy? they are obviously capable of winning games. He has a chance to prove himself in the coming weeks that he is capable, something that Hopkin and Duffy didn’t do.
  17. We have been shite for 18 months, we win 2 games every time there is a manager change then revert to stinking the place out again. Bullens approach on the park so far has been dreadful, the Morton game was one of the worst performances I have seen in the last 18 months, that off the back of two wins, a change of set up and formation and no changes made it brutal to watch. The St Mirren game, same set up and formation with different players and the same result. if he does the same against Hamilton then I have no sympathy for him. We all hope he does well, he does well, the club does well. We knew we needed players in, all we were hearing in December was, we will get players in, players have been identified. We now have a manager who has been out of the Scottish game for 20 years, no assistant brought in and we are looking for free agents from a regional non-league set up. All the decent players were picked up early and we are now left crossing our fingers that a premier team wants to loan us a player. We deserve everything we get to be honest.
  18. We went in to this window knowing we needed wholesale changes and so far have one in and none out. We have heard hopefully 4 in, we lost two and now we are hearing hopefully another two. When a new manager comes in you hope for a new mindset and a potential reset of some of the players, none of that has happened in the last two managerial changes. I have real concerns for the rest of the season, If Bullen had spoken to anyone at the club who had watched us this season, they would have told him not to set up the way he has because it has not worked all season. This has been the most frustrating time for me as an Ayr fan, watching us continually shoot ourselves in the foot.
  19. It will be like the Razzies Vs the Oscars The most incompetent defender goes to The least improved footballer goes to The worst manager of the year goes to
  20. I am in my mid 40’s and haven’t played an organised game of football for at least 10 years but am confident that I have more of a future in professional football than Afolabi. I would say he deserves a chance under a new manager, maybe Duffy wasn’t the right manager for him to thrive under but it hasn’t improved any of the other members of the squad
  21. Watching the highlights, the first goal was like the Thistle game, McGinty sails out of position to miss a header and leave a player unmarked for a tap in, the second looked like Baird and Muirhead decided to mark each other rather than Kiltie
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