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  1. The bank of Scotland was a public company at the time Numbnuts. You also didn't have to take a government payment, you needed to https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/kilmarnock-eye-up-1m-loan-23351370 Tick Tock.
  2. We received a grant offered by the government. Kilmarnock told the tax payer to go f**k themselves now f**k off you tragic w**k
  3. Andy Goram has died, almost an Ayr player after he was training with the club and was due to play on the Saturday but was poached by Man United. Coached Davie Hutton under Roberts and played for Motherwell against Ayr in probably the best Ayr game I've ever seen. His wife used to sell 50/50 draw tickets at the club as well.
  4. We need another centre half, Bangala can play there as a stopgap but we really need 3. I am concerned that Bangala might not get the paperwork to play here. With my vague understanding of the policy I am not sure how he would qualify. I am assuming the club have more understanding than I have though. I'd like either Sibbald or Crawford in as well and then see who drops in our lap come the end of the window.
  5. We appear to have signed Micky Pierce from only fools and horses
  6. If Griffiths came in and scored half a dozen in his first 3-4 games then his baggage would soon be forgotten. I think he will end up at a Premier league team, St Johnston, St Mirren, maybe even Livingston. Personally I would sign him, The expectation would firmly be on him and take the pressure off of the other players to perform. Hurst's best season was playing alongside Andy Walker, Walkers experience and reputation meant there was an expectation of him to be at a certain level . It might help McKenzie and Bryden to have him at the club. I would say however, there is zero chance he'll end up at Ayr. Financially, football wise, personality wise, no chance.
  7. An Adidas xxl is to big for me and a Hummel XXXL is to small
  8. I think it was a bespoke kit every year plus 2 in the final year. I don't think we have ever had a third kit.
  9. I think that this was the final year of the deal and we got 2 bespoke kits. I am also sure the green and purple kit was bespoke.
  10. I am pretty sure it is the same template as the purple and green kit from a few seasons back.
  11. The Hummel gear has been bland as f**k, the away training gear looked smart but they never put it on sale.
  12. Meh Maybe sleeve sponsors would make it more interesting but they aren't on the replica versions. maybe looks better in person.
  13. Crawford spent most of the time under Roberts as a one man midfield or assisted by Scott Mclaughlin, When McCall arrived he spent most of his time lumped out wide.
  14. If he is as good at defending as he is at maintaining a hair line then he'll be some player
  15. Aye, no slight on the guy himself. The club should support the town and hopefully the town will support it back. The more local businesses that Ayr can utilise in the hope of a return the better.
  16. See Ayr have announced a new sponsorship board, a local gym. The picture includes the owner in his gym gear and I hope this trend will continue. We should only advertise business if they turn up for a photo shoot wearing clothing that represents their job
  17. Is it manageable? I’m not saying it won’t be but there is little historical evidence to suggest it will. Can QP be a sustainable premier league team based on the size of support? They would probably attract an extra 500-1000 fans in the premier league, maybe get similar gates to Livingston and Hamilton. Neither (the current incarnation of) Livingston or Hamiltons spent excessively to get there. Could they rely on selling young talent ? If you are paying good wages for good pro’s it doesn’t look like youth is a priority certainly in the short term. Hamilton did well at this but youth development tends to be a generational thing, Falkirk, Hibs and Hamilton all had a spell of churning out talent like a conveyer belt but it wasn’t sustained beyond a couple of years. Other clubs have done it like Ross County and Inverness, Ross County have spent money obviously but have never made a signing that the rest of Scottish football have thought, how did they afford that? From someone who went through The Barr era, I wish he’d spent the money on bricks and Mortar that Nigel Jemson and Jens Martin Knudsen, revenue streams to support the football business.
  18. The same could be said about Barr and Bookes Myleston Barr retired and shut everything, effectively burned an empire to the ground and gave the ashes to his kids. Gretna, old Brooks living off a diet of fags, fish suppers and lucozade didn’t have the forethought to have a plan in place should he take whatever illness was in the post.
  19. I don’t think there are any CH’s in Scotland that would fit the bill, any decent u21 players will likely go on loan to other premier league teams. This means that we will most likely be looking at English based players and that brings its own problems as they often take time to settle into the Scottish game. I expect that we will have a couple of bounce games to try some out before we sign any. Otherwise it’ll be McGinty and Hewitt
  20. As someone who supported Ayr during the Bill Barr era. enjoy it while it lasts
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