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  1. The local council killed off a coupe of attempts, the last attempt was based on Somerset being purchased for housing and the buyers pulled out of the deal, effectively killing that attempt off.
  2. McCall did business early, well, some of it early. We went in to most seasons with one recognized center half, no right back and three players that had been out since Christmas the previous year.
  3. This years home top was the best in a while, the one-off Champions league jersey they had this year was glorious
  4. Getting £250k for Nisbet and likely be at the front of the queue when he is hunted out on loan in January is fabulous bit of business.
  5. The rumoured new Slavia home top for next year, a lot of fans are not happy due to the woven pattern, fans feel the colours should be "pure"
  6. I always wanted one of their strips because it is absolutely covered in sponsors https://www.jakojedenteam.cz/zbozi-santos-dres-fc-hradec-kralove-2019-2020-detail-125171 But I have got one of these https://fanshop.dynamocb.cz/p1-originalni-dres-adidas-19-20
  7. With all the improvements at the club, hopefully the club shop will diversify. https://www.proslavisty.cz/produkt/2269-kondom Never mind face masks, an Ayr branded johnny would surely plug a gap in the market? glad they specified the dimensions
  8. From the plans, it looks like the site of the current Hawkhill bowling club. The entrance to the shop would move to the bit of waste ground every dog in Ayr comes to shite by the looks of it. Just looked further through the plans, its not, it is the house at the corner and where the shop is now.
  9. The last game of the top end of the Czech league concluded yesterday. Slavia confirmed champions a few weeks ago but were presented the trophy last night after a 0-0 draw with Sparta. It has now been four years since the last defeat for Slavia in a Prague derby. The title was Slavia's 20th which entitles them to add a second gold star above their badge. After 35 league games, they conceded only 12 goals. Unsurprisingly, Goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar won player of the year after breaking the domestic clean sheet record in a season. Beating Petr Cech's record. Jindrich Trpisovsky was voted coach of the year. Petar Musa was joint top scorer of the Czech league with 14 goals. Slavia loan player Tomas Soucek has been putting in impressive numbers at West Ham and is likely to stay in the Premier League next season. Plzen join Slavia in the Champions league, Sparta and Jablonec enter the Europa league. Sparta also won the Mol cup. Mlada Boleslav pipped Bohemians to the Europa league play-off place and will now play Slovan Liberec. Due to an outbreak of Coronavirus in Karvina, several players tested positive, so that no team would be at a disadvantage, all the remaining relegation group fixtures were moved and will resume on the 23rd of July. Currently in the Czech second tier, Pardubice sit top with two games remaining. 4 points behind are Menzels Brno and Dukla in third. Top go straight up, second and third play off against 14th and 15th in the top flight. Anyone familiar with Prague will recognize where this is
  10. Paul Patons big square face will be appearing for the Aitken brothers East Kilbride next season
  11. If they could use the car park at the hospitality and the surrounding area towards the away end outside as well, keeping it within the fenced off area. I personally don't normally drink when I go home or away but there are a lot of people that do, so if clubs could capitalize on fans not being able to travel and make a few extra £ then now would be the time to plead a case to the government to relax laws. No away fans would reduce any chance of trouble.....not remove it obviously, some of our support could start a fight in an empty house without drink
  12. If they could relax the laws on alcohol slightly, where fans could arrive at the ground from noon for home games and have food and drinks right up till maybe 14:45 to make it almost an away game. If away games are being streamed by the home team, the hospitality or depending on numbers/social distancing, a suite at the race course could be used to show the game to a larger group with access to club merchandise and food available. You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.
  13. If McDaid had left for Dundee, for more money etc, no one would have cared. But, two years in a row, after having reasonable seasons he felt he needed to be paid what he was owed after Ayr weighed in Moore, Shankland, Moffat and a few others. McDaid is a mid-championship level player who has 1 good game in 5, but in his mind he is due a move to Serie A
  14. Willie Kinniburgh played for Ayr, was a decent prospect at one point.
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