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  1. The Czech season returned from the winter break at the weekend. Slavia lost a number of big players during the window and only made a few internal transfers, Patrik Hellebrand from Slovako, Lako Takacs from Mlada Boleslav, Lukas Provod from Viktoria Plzen and Mohamed Tjani, a Cote d'Ivoire National, signed from Jihlava. https://en.slavia.cz/clanek.asp?id=Squad-changes-in-winter-break-575 Viktoria Plzen, already a distant second didn't strengthen much during the window either. Sparta, currently in fifth sacked their manager after a defeat to mid-table Liberec at the weekend. Plzen returned with a 3-0 victory away to second bottom Opava. Slavia went in to Sundays "away" match against Bohemians having not lost a game in the league since the 21st of April last year and hadn't conceded a goal to Bohemians for 595 minutes..........................Slavia lost 1-0
  2. The away end has been open about 5 times this season so the view from the away end isn't a priority, basic sanitation is though. If people want to sit, they should be able to do so in a comfortable and dry manner, if people want to stand it should be the same. The amount of seats isn't an issue 90% of the time so I don't see the point personally of having a second stand built. The North terrace is at a different slope to the Somerset road end so it would have to be two separate roofs that would look stupid. Or we could go for the Sigma Olomuc model
  3. Somerset is easy to get to for away fans, standing is a novelty to most club at this level and Ayr isn't a bad day out for fans. There has to be a happy medium though,having an old rustic ground with charm doesn't mean you have to piss in a hole in the ground, where the only flush mechanism is fresh urine pushing old urine away. The main stand is suitable to sit in up to 5'6" and 12 stone. The car park has massive pot-holes in it. You have to offer a decent match day experience, comfortable seating, covered standing etc. I've often wondered why the disabled fans are housed where they are (other than the obvious access) and not in front of hospitality for example. There is room to improve Somerset without losing the rustic charm but it would take a lot of funding. The whole banking where the toilet portacabin is, is wasted space that could be developed in some way, the main stand could be modernised or re-built not the Newton yard is shut. Unless there is a sports grant or a fan wins Euromillions it can't happen. There would need to be a return, a way of making money out of development. Like Kilmarnock and the Park Hotel. But we have Western House and the Racecourse across the road so there would be no market for one. I think it may be small improvements year after year.
  4. Auchencruive is under offer, I heard form a good source it was Ayr that had purchased it for training facilities.
  5. Reading this, makes you wonder about all the players at Ayr over the last few seasons that dropped out the team to a mystery injury. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/sfa-chiefs-secret-gambling-ban-21412212
  6. I saw Brian Graham in a compromising position on his stag do in Prague, I may save this till the next time we play them.
  7. Graham is like Chris Templeman, if you have a referee that will give free-kicks every time he falls over and claims for one, he is a handful. Peter Murphy handled Templeman perfectly, actively held him up at every challenge and totally killed his game
  8. Thought Tiffoney was very poor when he came on, difficult conditions and a difficult game to make an impression but he did everything wrong. Drinan didn't have much of a game either. I think McCall would have had us watched over the last few weeks, this would have been a game he'd have wanted to win. maybe a change of shape tonight would have been in order. With the recent results for both clubs, it looks like a bad result but Thistle looked set up to stop us playing and when that happens, the worst thing you can do is go a goal behind. A month ago we'd probably have lost that game from being a goal down so I am quite happy with the draw.
  9. Good to see the small time seethe from Thistle fans tonight, League one is full of fans like that
  10. Watch the knees, stick on penalty. Did we deserve a draw, probably not, will it annoy McCall, hopefully.
  11. For two seasons we managed to avoid signing a disappointing has-been in the twilight of their career until Doolan came along. Just as well there isn’t anyone fitting that mould to fill his place......
  12. Doolan signing for Patrick and scoring against us live on TV tomorrow night would be the equivalent of McCall scanting Kerr on the touch line
  13. Prague residents are having a bit of a revolution against tourism just now, the sag parties are dwindling but city breaks are taking off which means prices are getting jacked up and locals are being pushed out to the fringes of the city. The city has changed a lot in ten years I have lived there full/part time and stag parties have become less and less, mostly to do with the cost and the city clamping down on the seedier side of the city. You'll be perfectly safe though. If you turn up in a large group, chances are you won't get in anywhere other than the main Irish pubs that will be full of other stag dos anyway, large groups are normally pounced on by the pick-pocket women about the two main squares and you won't manage to walk 10 feet without someone trying to sell you fake drugs or get you to go to a strip club. The police have very little sympathy if anything goes wrong with you either, if you get stopped for something and you don't have a passport, you will probably be jailed until someone can provide it to them. If you are not a shower of complete wanks you'll be fine. It isn't Magaluf.
  14. They asked him where the player was now and he said out on loan, McGuffie was at Raith at the time.
  15. Another player leaving Slavia this window, club captain and Czech international Tomas Soucek joined West Ham on an initial 6 month loan with a view to a permanent move in the summer. Slavia will receive an initial 4.5 million Euros + 16 million if the move becomes permanent. Massive loss to Slavia, best player, top scorer and club captain, joined the club at 17 and has 20 caps for the Czech national team.
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