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  1. If we can, It'll only be players who haven't been registered since the last window.
  2. We had the same situation in January and did nothing about it so can't complain about it now if it derails the season.
  3. I think we are at the point of the season where other teams see Ayr as the Moral champions and start escorting us to victories rather than seeing Queens Park buy their way to success. it is a burden Ayr have to take on but a burden we accept.
  4. Was going to call this thread, That Dick Campbell Vs That Dick Bullen. But I don't think Bullen is a dick and the joke may be lost on some. Arbroath have been a bit of a bogey team for us in recent years, more so up there. 1-1 Akinyemi with a late equalizer.
  5. f**k off with your hope. Don’t you know what damage that causes ?
  6. Hello the Scottish championship you c***s! Arbroath 1 Ayr United 0
  7. They didn't have a run of games last season and looked promising which is what I posted. They have looked like passengers this season and quite rightly haven't been left to suffer in the team.
  8. Hewitt was a standout in the league cup games at the start of the season and then got injured, Smith was man of the match in the game against Thistle we won 3-1.
  9. If we lose Dipo in the summer, the rebuilding job next season will be even more difficult because we are very much a one trick pony now. To build on a 3rd-6th place finish next season will be a bigger challenge. We would need a big clear out in the summer and it doesn't look like it is happening.
  10. Are you going to start talking about my pyjamas and putting me to bed again? Calling me wee and petal, I feel like I am being groomed.
  11. I think the balance of the squad is poor and some players have regressed in the last 18 months. We re-signed most of the ones who have got worse over the last year, most notably Houston and Reading. So that's not down to bad recruitment. He has went through two periods of playing honking football, persisted with it and it hasn't worked either time. We are transparent to play against and have very little in terms of plan B, That's also on Bullen. Young players like Smith and Hewitt, who showed promise last season have been poor this season. We have shat ourselves in every big game this season. The only positives are Akinyemi and still (at time of writing) in a play-off place. If there is a belief that he can put most of this right in the next 6 months, then I don't have a problem with keeping him on, but going beyond that, he'll have proven himself not to be capable.
  12. He won't be first choice, but he will be a regular. The problem with the team just now is, when one thing isn't working, we don't have another thing. If Dipo isn't getting change out of a centre half, thats us for 90 minutes. On the rare occasion we take him off, we just play the same way with a lesser player up doing his job. McKenzie is a different option and we should use him as one.
  13. We would probably have a better chance against the team second bottom of the premier league than trying to beat Thistle or Dundee. But we would probably shite it again anyway.
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