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  1. Foster was a decent player in his day, coming in to Ayr to maybe do some coaching as a senior player and be back up to Houston. maybe. To come in as a first team player? No. Absolutely not. He'll be either at a League 1 full time team or even part time.
  2. It is so fucking hard to have any sympathy at all. I spoke to a Rangers fan I work with on Monday before he headed out. I asked him what he thought the result would be and he said, better than any result Ayr have had in Europe, then accused me of being a closet Celtic fan. I hope he was in tears last night.
  3. I meant the likes of Geggan, Moffat, Cammy Smith…even Muirhead etc, you knew they would benefit the team, even Hopkins Morton obsession you knew McAdams was a decent goalkeeper. The rest of his signings, aye, fair enough
  4. I think a lot of the signings this season will be along the similar lines as Dempsey and Kenyon, an initial who? Then a Google to see their background. Takes the excitement out of new signings a bit because there isn’t the immediate knowledge that you have signed a player you know is capable of doing a job.
  5. Play-offs haven’t finished yet so I’m not desperate for news on new signings. Once other teams round about start announcing names that indicate their intent for the following year is normally when you start to get concerned. It would be nice to have 1-2 in the new kits for the launch at the start of June though.
  6. A very congratulatory interview with Smith in the Record/post today. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Smith has spent a great deal of cash to make improvements, off the park in particular and deserved all the credit he gets. His decision to remove himself from the day to day running of the club has seen some practical benefits also. It can’t have been easy, It must have been a frustrating period where he realised he was failing and receiving heavy criticism. Credit to him for making the change quickly, I am not sure if we would have made the short term improvements we made had Mathie not come in. The interview doesn’t really have any substance though, no talk of future plans or ideas in the pipeline or anything new, all a bit fellatory.
  7. I remember Livi scored in front of the Ayr fans and Brian McPhee, who Ayr fans had no problem or history with, started flicking the Vs and giving w****r and GIRFUY gestures to the Ayr fans like we had been giving him pelters all afternoon. for most of the game, a group of about 100 8 year olds came round and stood along the boundary wall in front of the Ayr fans and flung abuse. It was a tense afternoon
  8. There was another boy who came on at Livingston and was taken off immediately, He maybe got 15 minutes as a sub before going off again. I thought it was Louis Donowa but according to wiki he played 9 games for us. The only Kelechi Okorie I can find is now a social media admin for UEFA and looks too young to have played in the late 90's early 2000 for Ayr.
  9. There was Okori the Nigerian who either Daziel or Stainrod signed that lasted minutes rather than games as well
  10. Reading an article on him, he suffered mental health issues after being released by West Ham, played for towns in England I didn’t know existed, was on trial in Romania and Croatia before playing for Biggleswade Town. Not a good CV but certainly an interesting one.
  11. It's not necessarily a lie, The club will incur more cost this year to last. Not just wages but other costs.
  12. Doesn't really say much in it on the playing or business side, mostly about community initiatives . I am not sure saying that we have benchmarked the price of season tickets and that is why the price has went up is the right thing to say. Maybe saying increased costs have hit the club and they have to adjust the price accordingly or something like that.
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