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  1. A lot of vintage performances for Ayr, Moffat was outstanding the whole game, for a player many were doubting could last 90 min at this level was fantastic, even in the last 15 selling a united player an absolute dummy in the box like a matador or nutmegging Reynolds for the sheer hell of it. Kerr was also outstanding, his reading of the game and anticipation of where opponents were going was first class. McCowan had a shaky first 20 or so minutes but his run along the goal line was worth paying to see alone. Rosco though, missed headers against Morton and Stranraer and was dropped, to come back in against Shankland, probably the best forward in the league and restrict him to one shot at goal is a million miles away from his mistakes in earlier games. I thought, for the players they have in the team, Dundee United were very poor at the back, Reynolds, Brown and the left back were a car crash, Smith made mistakes that he never made in an Ayr jersey. With the exception of McMullen, there was little forward threat. Shankland had one of those games he would have for Ayr, bullied out the game by a centre half but for one noticeable difference, he didn't come for the ball deep and try to make something happen like he did for us. But with Shankland, if he didn't score in a game, it meant the next team we played was getting a hiding. I don't know why Neilson was on the park at the end having a go at Madden, he was dreadful all round.
  2. I normally take folk from work here https://kogohavelska.cz/en/ decent Italian, reasonable prices and fairly central
  3. Sigma Olomouc celebrated their centenary today with a legends game V. the Czech national team legends. The Czech legends ran out 9-2 winners with Jan Koller scoring 4
  4. See Alan Hutton is thinking about retiring after being released by Villa and doesn't have a club.....................Troon boy........................
  5. Wrexham have Adam Barton who was dreadful at Thistle and Leighton McIntosh who was at Dundee, Airdrie and Arbroath and scored a reasonable amount of goals
  6. Slavia have today sold Alex Kral to Spartak Moscow. one of the best players in the Czech league, he leaves for the second highest fee paid to a Czech club, 310,000,000 Kc, around 12 million Euros. Kral (Czech for King) has been at Slavia since the age of 13. He left for a season to join Teplice and returned in January this year where he helped Slavia to the league title, domestic cup and the Czechoslovak cup, he made his debut for the Czech national team. Slavia have been selling some of their top talent over the summer (making about 27 million Euros) and go in to one of the toughest groups in the Champions league history. Hopefully there will be some heavy investment in the next couple of days.
  7. The first red card, its not like he rode the top of the ball and caught McCowan on a follow-through, he was a good 4 to 6 inches over it.
  8. There is this one also He gets attacked by exchange scammers as well in one.
  9. One of my mates was going to Prague and asked me about a place he'd seen on one of the Honest guide videos, I hadn't seen any of them because these things are normally crap. and I am no longer a tourist or hang about in tourist areas. I've now watched a few of them and they are well worth a watch if you are travelling to Prague. They show all the tourist rip-offs and recommend some decent places to eat, if you are willing to travel outwith Prague 1-2 and 8. Probably more suited if you are going for a week sightseeing than a weekend getting fleeced by Ukrainian strippers. They are also as baffled as I am on the whole love lock pish on bridges, where folk attach padlocks to railings and throw the key in the river. The presenter can get a bit annoying but does get punched by a couple of taxi drivers. www.youtube.com/channel/UCt7oj318jVQi7vRbc1bNjJA/featured You'll have to copy and paste the link, for some reason it wont let me hyperlink to the channel homepage on youtube
  10. Slavia played in a green and yellow third strip in the Champions League qualifiers this week. Not sure if it was a trolling attempt at all the Celtic fans who misunderstood a tweet by the club and spat the dummy
  11. I went to see him at the fringe this year, I was to young to remember Bing Hitler but I remember the Ferguson theory from BBC Scotland. I've also watched a load of clips of his chat show. There are three clips in particular of his chat show that made him different from the norm. he eulogises both parents after they died and the one where he refused to make lazy jokes about Britney Spears. I read his new book, Riding the elephant before I went and it is excellent, mostly just stories from his youth. The show at the fringe was essentially him telling these stories aloud with extra stuff thrown in. I wasn't expecting much because comedians that become talk show hosts tend not to be very good comedians or at least can't sustain an act but the show was very good. On the America thing, his uncle moved to America in his youth and Craig went to visit him in his early teens and loved it, he also had an extended period there in his early 20's. He got his citizenship because he loved America, he worked there, his (ex)wife and kid are there. He now has a large house near Girvan.
  12. McGuffie played for our reserves last year while on loan to Raith I think. Murphy impressed me at the start of last season, as did McCowan. McCowan was very direct and Murphy looked like he had a bit more flair about him.
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