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  1. Stevie Nicks? Elliott Gould? Jean Pierre Papin? Ice Cold Steve Austin? Kevin Costner?
  2. Anyone know when the BBC will announce the next round of televised games? I think the last of the current batch is on Friday night. Will there also be a black-out during the world cup of league games ?
  3. They could have the meal at full time and a few drinks after it. It can all be adapted for the games it would happen in. I think it would be unreasonable for games where the away team has to travel in excess of 90 minutes. So Cove at home and Inverness at home for instance. It would probably only be the middle two quarters of the season, so potentially 8-10 home games.
  4. As a short term measure then it would be ok but streaming would be a must. if you can't get to Inverness for lunchtime on a train without an overnight stay, if there was a stream available then it would soften the blow. Maybe getting solar panels on the roofs at Somerset is something they could look at in the future.
  5. if it was a 12:30 kick-off, folk could be in there at half 2 till late. probably make more money
  6. This makes no business sense, when companies are moving out of the high street and moving to on-line sales. To pay rent and rates for a commercial property for a nice store would be a lossmaker from the very start. So aye, it'll open
  7. Inverness looked a very solid, unspectacular team today. Well organised defensively but had very little going forward. Maybe that was the intension. Ayr came out the traps flying, had a decent chunk of possession, played some lovely stuff and did almost nothing with it. As usual, we gifted a goal and Inverness managed it from there, killed the game, stopped us playing, crowded the 18 yard box every time we attacked and didn't look like conceding. It is where Bullen shows his inexperience, trying to work out how to draw inverness out and create space for the forwards, trying to stretch the defence, we just fired crosses in to the box with zero accuracy and hoped Dipo would crack one from somewhere. We could have played to 10pm tonight and still not scored.
  8. The Inverness CEO was on off the ball, they spoke about early kick-offs to allow streaming. He said early kick-offs would cost Inverness because every away game would become an overnight stay for them they have to meet up then go for a pre-match meal 2 hours before a game.
  9. 20 corners and 3 shots in target tells its own story first half hour we were great, nearly got caught a couple of times on the break but we dominated, game faded for the last 15 minutes. Needed changes at half time, it wasn’t happening for McKenzie and Ashford all afternoon, Mullens corners were mostly bad and he really didn’t do much. We concede another cheap goal and then make changes, Inverness killed the game and we didn’t threaten much. Chalmers did well when he came on, as did JML but Inverness packed their 18 yard box and we barely created anything. Disappointing result, not a bad performance.
  10. That picture looks like a generated likeness on a FIFA game
  11. In the week we won a community award, would be some laugh* *in many years time from now.
  12. Think Bangala can play CH as cover, 3 plus Bangala was probably the idea at the start of the season. I would think there will be players going out on loan, Ecripont, Hewitt, Billham, maybe even JML would be better spent out on loan than kicking about playing reserve games. But it would really depend on who we could bring in on loan, if they were better or more ready for first team football than we have currently.
  13. I always thought Renwick had a raw deal at Ayr, he played at right back and Hughes was right CH, Hughes regularly got himself in to a fankle and played hospital passes to Renwick and for some reason he got the abuse, from the crowd and Hughes. Hughes was out for a couple of weeks and Renwick turned in to a decent player. He was a bit like McCall era Craig Reid for that team, a bit player surrounded by big names but was largely fine, the only difference was that Renwick was expected to play every week.
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