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  1. Domestically I don’t think anyone would be asking for improvement (recency bias of the last two games aside) as it has been perfection since 2016. But Europe wise the last 3 seasons it’s been nothing of the sort. Although this wasn’t under Lennon, the AEK tie was a poor home performance and then Boyata throwing the towel for the away leg, with the first goal we conceded over there being an absolute f**k up if I remember right with about 6/7 players in the box unable to pick up two men. Cluj last year we sign a LB but Lennon leaves him on the bench and shoehorns McGregor in there, that lead to their first goal - and we know how that night ended. Last night is almost identical to last season - £8 million worth of strikers on the bench and Lennon shoves Christie up front instead. Again we know how it ends. The facts are Lennon’s not learnt, or doesn’t want to learn, from his previous European mistakes. And on the point of not needing the CL money to win the league, entirely correct. But we do need it to keep our best players. Now we’re out of the CL I won’t be surprised at all to see Edouard sold to make up the £25/30 million shortfall of not making the groups. Happened last year with Tierney, year before with Dembele etc. Take Edouard out this team and I think the league will become a struggle this season, Lennon clearly doesn’t fancy Klimala and Griffiths is done now.
  2. Anyone know what the usual stage times are for the Summer Nights at Kelvingrove are? Got the Human League there on Saturday
  3. Apparently Charly Musonda from Chelsea is our 'top target'. Seems to be good reports about him, would be a great signing, although he definitely won't be cheap. Could be the biggest fee we've paid in a few years if we are going to sign him
  4. Great night, outstanding performance [emoji38]
  5. 'Best team in the world an that' is a poor excuse. We were horrific defensively. On the bright side, it can't get any worse
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