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  1. Personally I think Neil Lennon is as to blame as anyone. And he has got out of jail a bit here. It would have been Lennons instruction 100% to goad Morelos. Lennon has previous himself at tynecastle for goading then going down clutching his face after being hit on the chest. Even his remarks in the paper the next day that the treatment of Scott Brown was disgraceful, smacked of playing the victim. Scott browns just an arse, the instruction came from his manager. You would never have got this kind of dark arts when Brendan was manager. But Lennon gets away Scott free because the media love him for the controversy he causes. f**k wanting to see good football, f**k the fact it causes problems after the game up and down the country. The media fucking love him for the stories. he was lucky, he used his 3 subs and Celtic picked up an injury. If rangers never gifted them the winner he would have had some serious questions to answer. But he gave his obligatory celebration up the touch line to endear himself to the green brigade. Morelos is stupid more than anything else. If anybody thinks goading a player then feigning injury to get them sent off is fair game they need to have a serious word with themselves. Brown acted like a c**t end of story. As Vinnie Jones said he deserved to be knocked out for his actions.
  2. Morelos has been a liability all season. Every man and his dog knew he would get sent off again for retaliation. Stevie G has to take some blame for failing to man manage and control his outbursts. Whats worrying though is everyone’s acceptance that the obvious game plan to get him sent off is fair play. Brown has obviously followed his managers instruction to the letter. Lennon has made goading people then playing the victim an accepted part of the game. the beautiful game indeed. The game turned out ok in the second half but for me the sending off spoilt the first half and possibly the game. This is what Lennon brings to our game. But The media love him for the controversy and the Celtic fans like him more than Rogers because of this too. Mental that brown and Celtic aren’t called out as much Morelos. He hit him on the chest ffs
  3. Scott Brown sums up everything about Scottish football.
  4. So did Lennon work his ticket at hibs with his convenient fall out? Discuss
  5. Logical answers are Lennon and Clarke. I would love to see lawell go for a cheap option Ronny style.
  6. If Celtic got beat from Hamilton under the same circumstances would they have reacted the same. Personally I think it’s a ploy to highlight alf Morelos behaviour and make sure he gets sent off next time. Rangers had suffered when he was not playing before. Which no doubt will happen because the boy can’t help himself. Luckily Stevie G had the foresight to Defoe.
  7. Sorry mate, one more. first man : " Excuse me sir, you've missed out an apostrophe" second man : " f**k off ya tit"
  8. Mind blown. You really are some machine. By the sounds of it. If I was really was rattled. It would have made your weekend which is really sad indeed. Listen mate I'm going to go. Your just too heavy. Plus your making me para about my grammar
  9. Any chance I can PM you mate. So you can proof read my posts and check them for any spelling or grammar mistakes? The worst of it is I'm using predictive texts. And I'm still fucking useless.
  10. I was being sarcastic mate. Is their no a emoticon thing for sarcasm or dry humour?
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