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  1. If we win on Saturday does it change anything anyone thinks about the manager? I tend not to knee jerk but even I think we need a change. And I also think it will compound the financial impact if he is still in charge on Saturday and we lose. I think we are far more likely to lose if he is there than if he is not so I would prefer he is out this week.
  2. 2 points dropped. Fucking freezing. Should have won by a canter. City not a patch on the last few seasons, thought the teams had swapped shirts.
  3. I have contemplated digging the jeans out for this one
  4. Agree with albion20’s assessment. 4-0 flatters Stirling I think. Not going to moan about the result though. Will moan about having to revert to 442 before half time again. Special mention for the lack of supervision for the crèche. And to the crèche themselves for knowing some of the words and phrases at their age even if they don’t actually know what half of it means. Made it a cringeworthy afternoon.
  5. I thought Clarke was all at sea especially when we were 3 at the back. On that subject hopefully that’s the 352 experiment ditched for good.
  6. If that doesn’t keep Mullen away from free kicks I don’t know what will
  7. Anyone know what the ref and the lino were in deep discussion about in the first half before speaking to the stenny bench
  8. Always think a game against Elgin is a measure of where you are at considering they are generally above half way every season. Thought we could and should have had more than 3 and it was good for the lad to score his first senior goal. First real chance in front of goal for him in the times he has come on and he took it well.
  9. Will league games now be pay at the gate for non season ticket holders or still online ticketing?
  10. I’ve never done it sober so it may have a bit of +/-
  11. Probably about 30mins walk from Cowdenbeath station. There is a path all the way. Done it plenty times drunk when lived in Kelty
  12. Fear a doing here. Just get this one out of the way and get on with the other 35 games.
  13. Are you able to park in the community centre on match days?
  14. A variation of PPG where weighting can be applied relevant to which teams you have or haven’t faced could work. If you are second in league having played one game less than the top team but the missing game is against the bottom team it is more likely to yield points than if it was against the team in third
  15. Do you get extra cash per point in the right said fred?
  16. I asked that in the context of him coming in as a coach last season
  17. Gutted that we didnt announce him as Harvest Swann but glad he and the others announced so far are back for another season
  18. I thought he was going to ask who the 14.00 people who live in Cowdenbeath are.
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