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  1. I thought he was going to ask who the 14.00 people who live in Cowdenbeath are.
  2. 2 points dropped. I have been critical of the keeper but not today he had no chance for the goal. Their keeper had a blinder or we would be sitting here discussing a cowden win today. And we should have been more clinical. Special mention for Cox. Majority of time you see a guy shoot in that situation but he had the selflessness to square to renton.
  3. Looking back at that the free kick for mullens goal looked like the boy got the ball
  4. An awful second half is a frequent feature of our play
  5. When ref ref went to his pocket to pull a card i was thinking a yellow seems a bit harsh and it was red so i must have missed something. Game was gone by then anyway so didn’t change the result but might influence a few comingup
  6. Interesting one this one. Been good at home this season but always wary of Stirling. Home win unless Dennis wins.
  7. Apart from the first few minutes until Spence scored Cowden bossed it
  8. Stenny fans thinking a draw was the right result today are on the smack. Two points dropped after gifting goals and not taking chances. I was expecting a potential doing today all things considered but I haven’t decided what was more shit - Stenny who offered nothing or Harkins who was an absolute passenger. Keeper bottled it for me for Spence’s goal. I havent seen him make a save since he got here.
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