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  1. The constant drivel and s***e you post is incredible.
  2. No need to buy 6... that’s panic buying, could you make do with 2 or 4??
  3. I think the clubs who will be negatively affected need to man up and deal with it, these are exceptional circumstances probably not to be repeated in the next 100 years. I don’t think they would complain if the circumstances arose due to WW3.
  4. Granted its a great idea but the old firm and the larger clubs in the premiership would moan about it, all they care about is themselves and not improving the Scottish game overall. Another problem could possibly Celtic fans moaning about not having 9 in a row if this season was cancelled, this is just another case of willy waving from old firm fans. Its the clubs in the championship below Dundee Utd who need help to close the gap with the premiership so this is probably the best way to go about it.
  5. 12 years later, I never thought the line "there is no goalkeeper, there is no goal keeper" would have me concerned
  6. El Bakhtaoui, Murray and Kilday not at their best today but we did enough to win. Dobbie played some brilliant football, with a sublime dummy on the left wing not long before we got the second. On another day Arbroath could have scored with some of there play being tidy with some neat touches. It would be good to sign Gaston for next season if we aren't extending McCrories loan. Slightly concerned in the last two games we seem to get a bit hot and bothered around the 70 minute mark and make things difficult for ourselves but we did enough to win today
  7. That is all it was, a rumour with no fact behind it.
  8. Glad Stephen has signed a new contract. Why are people gullible enough to believe he was linked with Partick?, which so happened to come about the week before we played them, these rumours were unfounded and probably started by a Partick fan. Dobbie has stated more than once he wants to finish his career at Queens.
  9. Jeezo I thought I’d managed to erase the following from my memory Mark Campbell Tam Brighton Ian McGrath(special mention for the header away to ayr)
  10. I would like to think he will be injured until January....
  11. It would help the thread if Utd and the Dee’s kept there willie waving to their own match threads not hijacking a Queens v Utd one.
  12. F**k you Northfield I’ve started the thread and predict queens will get a draw.... is that too much positivity for you???
  13. I would like to think AJ will bring in a left winger
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