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  1. Kilbirnie 2 - 1 Rutherglen Glencairn finished
  2. Top lad and great around the dressing room. We'll have him back in a heartbeat.
  3. Have you guys heard anything about Mark McGuigan signing from Stenny? Was hoping he'd come back to us but looking unlikely.
  4. Most horrible strip I've seen in a long time. Wee Rovers new strip is far better.
  5. What a shitty strip. Designer should be ashamed. Gross.
  6. A few clubs hovering for Mcguigans signature I believe. Just saying we would take him back at Wee Rovers in a heartbeat.
  7. How do you know it's only Mcguigan who has the problem? Other players have already left but he was still under contract for at least another year.
  8. Mcguigan has now scored a hat trick, in my opinion he should never be out of that team but because of issues with coach brought in from juniors he's seemingly being allowed to leave. Shambles of a decision. By all accounts the coach in question has previous.
  9. Johnstone Burgh 2 St Rochs 3 FT . Burgh 5 yellow cards , 1 red .
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