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  1. Didn’t do us any harm against Ayr with him missing from the team!
  2. I just love our away kit [emoji837][emoji820][emoji837]
  3. Win our next 2 games and we’re through to the next round. Some other unconvincing performances tonight by so called big teams.....St Johnstone beaten by Montrose, ICT lose on penalties to Peterhead, Dundee Utd scrape past Stenny by the odd goal! The season hasn’t even started yet and it’ll take a few games for these players to gell and for Johnston to work his Magic!
  4. Morton have know for a few weeks which division they’ll be playing in next season!!
  5. What a difference a week makes. Maybe now all the knicker wetters over Magic’s appointment have got over themselves. Glad Dykes took JT’s advice and had his boots on the right feet this weekend. C’mon the South [emoji170]
  6. Raith finished 3rd in the league and 9 points above Montrose so hardly “a big step up from Montrose”!! I think you’re just miffed that you didn’t start the match tread for once!!!
  7. If we can’t overcome a one nil deficit at home on Saturday then we don’t deserve to stay up. Here’s hoping Dobbie is fit to start and can make an impact!! [emoji170]
  8. That’s the most animated I’ve seen him all season!!
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