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  1. I've deleted a couple of posts. Who knows, this might be a step too low.
  2. Where has your name been associated with kiddy porn?
  3. And the case you're going to make, for libel, is that an anonymous internet poster accused you, an anonymous internet poster, of being a previously banned anonymous poster who said some ghastly things about other anonymous internet posters? Shall I just send you the money now cause that seems pretty water tight to me ?
  4. In this entirely fictional meeting, would you be able to record the Lawyer's guffawing for me?
  5. I think you should report me, Mcspreader. If the outcome of that is that we need to drill down a little deeper to show that you are indeed, the afore banned, Mcspreader - then I'm sure that that is not beyond the wit and wisdom of the admins here. I will, of course, help as much as I can.
  6. 90% of the vote for Yes. UDI incoming. EU now put on the spot, so far they've been found wanting.
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