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  1. To be fair to the saints they were playing a team he drew away at villareal, tough task for them.
  2. Fixtures

  3. Fixtures

    Loook at me i,m an ex miner on the brooo
  4. Fixtures

    Because Darvel are dug meat and yer ground is a hovel.....should just about clear everything up for you.
  5. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    You obviously never played football if you think kicking a ball 35 yards into an empty net is difficult, amatuer level strikers to do this 9/10 times.
  6. Pollok or Pollock?

    I do have a short memory not as bad as your tv man who forgot what team he supportered and appeared at your place
  7. Pollok or Pollock?

    Your a good lad too, can just see you being the life and soul of the party at the miners reunion celebrating there closures.
  8. Jack Harper

    He has too much technical ability for scotland u21 it's a luxury they can't afford, he needs to work on running about harrying like a heedless chicken and be able to make 60 yard up and under passes.
  9. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    I suspect a million miles away he's an utter cart horse as far as strikers go in today's football his best chance to make it is convert to a CB or his destiny awaits in English league 1
  10. Pollok or Pollock?

    You don't half like flinging abuse out at other teams fans.......You've been a Talbot supporter all of 5 minutes and coming from a man who changes teams like his underwear I find it all rather repugnant.
  11. Scotland v Albania

    Get the thumb aff tae f**k
  12. Scotland v Albania

    Come on thumb heid
  13. Scotland v Albania

    Good beat Israel at home confident we can win over in albania then that's us in a play off so we get a free hit at the qualifiers
  14. Scotland v Albania

    1st time I've seen a player tackle himself lol
  15. Scotland v Albania

    That will be an extra tenner on the cost of the home game against israel now