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  1. ^^^^^^ creased our game ffs never happening
  2. For England it is yes
  3. Let me talk you through it..........Scotland are fu.cking dug meat and wont be in any group when it starts in the summer
  4. Meltdown you say.......ha ha. I wanted Norway away as the draw and that's what happened I am well pleased. The tie will be over in Oslo after 15mins if we fluke it past Israel. What if Israel win at hamdump does that mean big eck was the right man after all, sure hope so just for the scenes.
  5. That would be a pish laugh....scenes on here if Israel win
  6. Israel are worse than us, fully expect Norway to be the game. Hopefully haaland grabs his 1st international hat trick
  7. Yesss norway or Serbia away. I fully expect a resounding win for either. Utter joy
  8. Norway away in the final qualifier please
  9. See ya at the play offs ya roaster when the inevitable happens......
  10. Not after bites it what I.m hoping for. Love watching my national side get beat
  11. Get the red ash laid.....minimum of would stop cants rolling around
  12. Hoof it long and hope naismith wins a foul........ Lovely stuff
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