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  1. To be honest f**k all wrong with those posts it's his opinion.
  2. Sjfa actually still want to have a scottish junior cup after all the clubs leave to join the pyramid.......hahaha utter mental no wonder the grade has disintegrated.......also what happens to the hundreds of thousands pounds sitting in the Juniors fa bank.......my guess the shits retirement packages
  3. Time too move on ffs the Juniors are no more. Sjfa trying to cling on to anything it's embarrassing...money grabbing arsehole. That cup died of any relevance when half the clubs left. Time to moth ball it and place it in a museum where it belongs.
  4. The SFA should have made a decision across the board.....That's now too late as the highland league are 1st past the post in declaring a winner. Probably in typical scottish fashion we will make an arse of it and every league will have different outcomes some declaring winners some null and void. You just know an utter cluster fcuk is incoming
  5. No need for all the name calling in these troubled times. We could end up with no league to play in if this lasts till end of year as no clubs could survive such a lay off.
  6. Your club is going down the s.hitter and all you wanna to about is rangers fans... Aberdeen hearts won't be the only 1s.....Barcelona are asking players to take a 50% wage cut. 99.9% of teams all over the world will be up s.hit creek if football is still off come end of june
  7. We are all aware of the sickness flying around at the moment and if it's p9ssible just 1 player has it then 100% correct call to postpone it.
  8. McKenna and Hanley must start so we can get a right laugh
  9. I hope he refuses to play as all he needs to do is wait 18months and he can play for England.....hopefully they have his ear down south to hold off
  10. I used to be like that but the hatred in Scotland for anything British/the union has turned my country unrecognizable and as person who served 22yrs with my fellow Brits I find it indefensible a but like Scotland's back 4 against any fooker
  11. Scotland national team died 22 yrs ago time too let go
  12. Some reprobate? You saying 1 fan did. He was booed playing for his country because he was a rangers player simple......nose spite face god damn right on the plus side anyone but Scotland will give me plenty of happy times as they ain't doing anything for next 100yrs
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