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  1. Definitely think Jc will have a job lined up that will get him into the eos league. That is were he wants to be managing.
  2. Heard that club have been speaking to Iain Diack regarding the managers situation for next season!
  3. Who does he play for. What was the score in this match
  4. Can’t see many games on grass being on if any. Rain has to continue into tomorow so not many parks can sustain that amount of water!
  5. Watched the reserves on Monday night against Albion and noticed Kyle Doherty an old queens player playing for rovers think queens will be happy they got rid as he looked a big dumpling giving away a penalty.
  6. Think saturdays result shows they don’t have a clue how to pick a team as they lost 10.3. Committees should leave the football side of things to guys who no what they are doing and just keep out of it.
  7. I took the glencairn game in yesterday as our game was off. I think Clydebank could be in a bit of trouble they don’t look as though they are safe yet.
  8. He has struggled for years😂😂😂
  9. Sorry I meant Matty Flynn lol is he still at the club
  10. Is that the end of the protest dinsey
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